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  • Fitbit to Provide Onduo Members with Fitbit Devices/Services to Help Manage Holistic Health

    What You Should Know:  – Today, Onduo and Fitbit announced a collaboration to provide Onduo members with Fitbit devices and services to help take a more proactive approach to managing their holistic health.  – By offering the Fitbit experience alongside Onduo’s multi-condition platform, that supports people managing one or more chronic health conditions like diabetes, […]

  • Spotting and rooting out bias in AI algorithms for healthcare

    Algorithms are everywhere and so are the biases behind them. As algorithms find greater use in healthcare, a panel at MedCity News’ INVEST Digital Health virtual conference addressed how and why algorithms are biased, how that bias affects clinical care, and some possible solutions to bias.

  • #Healthin2Point00, Episode 189 | DispatchHealth, TytoCare and Highmark Health

    Today on Health in 2 Point 00, we’re wishing Jess a happy belated birthday! On Episode 189, Jess asks me about DispatchHealth raising a massive $200 million Series D, bringing their total up to $403 million, providing in-home urgent care. TytoCare raises another $50 million for their Series D, bringing their total up to $155 […]

  • Highmark Health Taps Verily to Build Digital Health Tools for Living Health Model

    What You Should Know: – Highmark Health has engaged Verily to build out digital health tools for patients and analytics solutions for Highmark’s clinicians as part of its Living Health model. This marks the first collaboration of its kind for Verily, Google Cloud and a partner.   – Highmark Health is a Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan based in […]

  • Verily’s Onduo Virtual Care Solution Expands to Multi-Condition Platform

    What You Should Know: – Verily’s Onduo, known for its tech-based solution for virtual diabetes management, is launching a new multi-condition platform that matches the right care to the right consumer at the right time. The expanded virtual care platform is designed to support patients managing type 2 diabetes and hypertension, with plans for further expansion into mental […]

  • Google’s Verily eyes 2021 growth after £700m funding round

    Verily is planning “significant and focused growth” in 2021 after closing a $700 million funding round from investors including its parent company, and Google holding firm, Alphabet. The capital injection will support wide-ranging plans for the new year that include several life sciences programmes in surgery, pathology and immunology, which would add to the digital […]

  • How Verily plans to use $700M in new funding

    Alphabet and other investors poured $700 million in funding into Verily last week. The company, which is Alphabet’s life sciences subsidiary, plans to pour some of the funds into supporting Covid-19 vaccine studies and programs for businesses.