Ochsner Health

How providers are tackling a crisis within a crisis — the opioid epidemic

As the pandemic rages on, the other major public health crisis in recent history has not ebbed. The opioid epidemic is worsening, but providers have kept their eye on the ball and are continuing their efforts to treat opioid use disorder and curb unnecessary prescriptions. Here is a snapshot of those efforts.

Epic-Humana partnership enters new phase focused on prior authorizations

The partnership between the insurer and EHR giant — announced a year and a half ago — will now focus on streamlining prior authorizations and offering providers enhanced insights about their patients. Ochsner Health will be among the first to implement the new capabilities offered by the companies.

The provider’s IT playbook for efficient, equitable Covid-19 vaccine distribution

The vaccine distribution process has begun and providers are figuring out how to make sure the doses are administered quickly, equitably and in a coordinated manner. Here is a snapshot of the IT strategies that providers are employing to achieve their vaccine administration goals.