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  • What to Watch in Medicaid Section 1115 Waivers One Year into the Biden Administration

    Section 1115 demonstration waivers provide states an avenue to test new approaches in Medicaid and generally reflect changing priorities from one presidential administration to another. This issue brief summarizes waiver priorities and actions under the Biden Administration as well as pending waiver themes and other issues to watch. If the Build Back Better Act (BBBA) […]

  • Georgia Bill Aims to Limit Profits of Medicaid Managed-Care Companies

    ATLANTA — Georgia lawmakers will consider a bill that could force the state’s Medicaid managed-care insurers to repay millions of dollars if their spending on medical care doesn’t reach a certain threshold. The bipartisan bill, introduced Jan. 26 by the powerful Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, a Republican, is focused on improving the state’s mental […]

  • State Laws Aim to Regulate ‘Troubled Teen Industry,’ but Loopholes Remain

    Five days after Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed a law meant to provide stronger oversight of the more than 100 residential youth treatment programs operating in the state, a 12-year-old boy arrived at one of them, Provo Canyon School. Before long, he was forced into seclusion, denied communication with his family and given antipsychotic medication […]

  • Blue Shield of California Adds Ginger to Expand Mental Health Support

    What You Should Know: – Blue Shield of California today announced that its health plan members who are enrolled in the Wellvolution program now have access to Headspace Health’s Ginger on-demand, personalized mental health support that can be accessed on their smartphone. – Ginger is an on-demand mental health platform that can help individuals manage […]

  • The Intersection of 911 and 988: Decriminalizing Mental Health Crises

    By BEN WHEATLEY Effective July 2022, a new three-digit telephone number (988) will become the number to call in the case of mental health emergencies. Currently, 911 serves as the default number for people to call, placing the acutely mentally ill on a direct track toward police involvement. The new system is meant to ensure […]

  • Digital Mental Health Clinic Mantra Health Secures $22M to Support University Students

    What You Should Know: – Mantra Health, the preeminent digital mental health clinic focused on young adults, today announced a $22 million Series A investment, led by VMG Partners. The round includes new investors New Market Venture Partners, Elements Health Ventures, 14W, and Alumni Ventures. Returning investors included Canaan Partners, Global Founders Capital, Baleon Capital, […]

  • Otsuka backs GrayMatters’ digital wearable tech for mental disorders

    Japanese pharma group Otsuka has led a $10 million first-round financing of GrayMatters Health, an Israeli company developing a digital health approach to the management of mental illness. Otsuka Medical Devices is also taking some rights to GrayMatters’ platform – called Prism – in Japan and some other Asian countries in connection with the financing, […]

  • Headspace Acquires AI Mental Health Startup Sayana

    What You Should Know: – Headspace Health, today announced the acquisition of Sayana, an AI-driven mental health and wellness company. With this acquisition, Headspace Health is expanding its ability to provide highly-personalized mental health care and content to its millions of users in 190+ countries.  – The acquisition comes approx. 6 months after the $3B […]

  • A Catch-22 Trips Up Some in Legal Guardianship Who Try to Regain Independence

    Ten years ago, Nicholas Clouse was riding shotgun in his friend’s Camaro when the car jerked and he felt himself flying through the air. Clouse’s head slammed against the passenger-side window. The traumatic brain injury he sustained in the wreck led to severe memory loss, headaches and insomnia. Clouse, who was 18 then, didn’t recognize […]

  • Little Otter Raises $22M to Expand Pediatric Mental Health Platform

    Dr. Helen Egger & Rebecca Egger, Little Otter Founders What You Should Know: – Little Otter today announced a $22 million Series A raise – one of the largest rounds for a children’s mental health company at this stage – led by CRV. – The mental health startup provides a full umbrella of services to […]

  • Predictions for behavioral health in 2022 and beyond

    There will be more pilots and programs of value-based reimbursement contracts between payers and providers. The traditional fee-for-service model won’t disappear for years to come, but there will be thoughtful pilots of reimbursement programs that reward providers for quality of care and clinical outcomes.

  • 4 digital health trends for 2022

    Funding for digital health is blowing up, and the sky’s the limit for a healthcare world suddenly, and solidly, committed to tech innovations. Here’s what we can expect to see more of next year.

  • Pandemic Poses Short- and Long-Term Risks to Babies, Especially Boys

    The pandemic has created a hostile environment for pregnant people and their babies. Stress levels among expectant mothers have soared. Pregnant women with covid are five times as likely as uninfected pregnant people to require intensive care and 22 times as likely to die. Infected moms are four times as likely to have a stillborn […]

  • UpLift Raises $8M to Integrate Psychiatry with Mental Healthcare Delivery Platform

    What You Should Know: – UpLift, a vertically integrated mental healthcare delivery platform raises $8M in secondary funding which they plan to allocate to expand their hybrid model services to include psychiatric treatments in an effort to close the behavioral healthcare gap and optimize the appropriate plan of care. UpLift, the first vertically integrated mental […]

  • Wartime Trauma Hits Close to Home for Scholar of Dementia

    Oanh Meyer was a postdoctoral fellow studying the experiences of caregivers for those with dementia in 2012 when her research took a very personal turn. That year, her mother, a Vietnamese immigrant, began to show signs of dementia and paranoia that seemed to be linked to the trauma she had suffered during the long war […]

  • Sex Apps for Gay Men Join Forces to Fight Online Insults

    Editor’s note: This article contains references to racial and ethnic slurs. Corey Baker, a gay man in Columbus, Ohio, has seen many dating app profiles that include phrases like “Blacks — don’t apply.” Sometimes when he declines invitations, he said, men lash out with insults like “you’re an ugly Black person anyway.” And some of […]

  • State Policies Expanding Access to Behavioral Health Care in Medicaid

    On KFF’s 21st annual Medicaid budget survey, all responding states reported at least one initiative to expand behavioral health care in Medicaid, including crisis service and other benefit expansions, initiatives to expand telehealth and address equity, and managed care changes.

  • KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: November 2021

    This report shows an increasing share of the public are frustrated about the status of COVID-19 vaccinations in the U.S.. The share of fully vaccinated adults who report receiving a booster dose has more than doubled in the last month, though vaccine uptake overall is little changed. The poll also explores attitudes towards federal mandates […]

  • Watch: No Extra Resources for Children Orphaned by Covid

    The number of U.S. deaths from covid-19 has surpassed 778,000. Left behind are tens of thousands of children — some orphaned — after their parents or a grandparent who cared for them died. In this report, co-produced with PBS NewsHour, KHN correspondent Sarah Varney looks at the risks these grieving children face to their well-being, […]

  • ‘I Can Go Anywhere’: How Service Dogs Help Veterans With PTSD

    It was supper time in the Whittier, California, home of Air Force veteran Danyelle Clark-Gutierrez, and eagerly awaiting a bowl of kibble and canned dog food was Lisa, a 3-year-old yellow Labrador retriever. Her nails clicking on the kitchen floor as she danced about, Lisa looked more like an exuberant puppy than the highly trained […]

  • California Joins States Trying to Shorten Wait Times for Mental Health Care

    When Greta Christina fell into a deep depression five years ago, she called up her therapist in San Francisco. She’d had a great connection with the provider when she needed therapy in the past. She was delighted to learn that he was now “in network” with her insurance company, meaning she wouldn’t have to pay […]

  • UK digital health firm Ieso raises $53m for US expansion

    Ieso has raised $53 million in second-round financing that will be used to bring its digital therapeutics (DTx) through to market in its home market of the UK, as well as the US. The company’s artificial intelligence-powered software uses cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to help patients suffering from a range of mental health issues, including […]

  • Etching the Pain of Covid Into the Flesh of Survivors

    It was Saturday morning at Southbay Tattoo and Body Piercing in Carson, California, and owner Efrain Espinoza Diaz Jr. was prepping for his first tattoo of the day — a memorial portrait of a man that his widow wanted on her forearm. Diaz, known as “Rock,” has been a tattoo artist for 26 years but […]

  • 988: A New Lifeline for Mental Health Emergencies

    By BEN WHEATLEY Miles Hall, a 23-year-old Black man experiencing a psychotic episode, was shot and killed by police after 911 received calls of a disturbance in his Walnut Creek, California neighborhood. His mother Taun Hall had taken steps to warn the local police that her son had been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and that […]

  • What Happens After a Campus Suicide Is a Form of Prevention, Too

    If you or someone you know is in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to the Crisis Text Line at 741741. CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Ethan Phillips was 13 years old when he first heard the term “suicide contagion.” It’s the scientific concept that after one person dies by […]

  • Texas Abortion Law Harms Survivors of Rape and Incest, Activists Say

    The Safe Alliance in Austin, Texas, helps survivors of child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence. Before Texas’ new abortion law took effect, the organization counseled a 12-year-old who had been repeatedly raped by her father. Piper Stege Nelson, chief public strategies officer for the Safe Alliance, said the girl’s father didn’t let her leave […]

  • KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Why Health Care Is So Expensive, Chapter $22K

    Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen on Acast. You can also listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Congress appears to be making progress on its huge social spending bill, but even if it passes the House as planned the week of Nov. 15, it’s […]

  • Millions of Years of Healthy Life Lost Due to Cannabis

    Every year, cannabis is estimated to result in two million years of healthy life lost due to disability. How much is that compared with alcohol and tobacco? “The popular notion seems to be that marijuana is a harmless pleasure,” but what are the potential adverse effects of marijuana use? That’s not an easy question to […]

  • As Workers Struggle With Pandemic’s Impact, Employers Expand Mental Health Benefits

    As the covid-19 pandemic burns through its second year, the path forward for American workers remains unsettled, with many continuing to work from home while policies for maintaining a safe workplace evolve. In its 2021 Employer Health Benefits Survey, released Wednesday, KFF found that many employers have ramped up mental health and other benefits to […]

  • 2021 Employer Health Benefits Chart Pack

    This slideshow captures key data from the 2021 KFF Employer Health Benefits Survey survey, providing a detailed look at trends in employer-sponsored health coverage, including premiums, employee contributions, cost-sharing provisions, offer rates, wellness programs, and employer practices.

  • 2021 Employer Health Benefits Survey

    This annual survey of employers provides a detailed look at trends in employer-sponsored health coverage, including premiums, worker contributions, cost-sharing provisions, offer rates, and more. This year’s report also looks at how employers changed their mental health, telemedicine and other benefits in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Average Family Premiums Rose 4% This Year to Top $22,000; Employers Boost Mental Health and Telemedicine amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Benchmark KFF Survey Finds

    Annual family premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance rose 4% to average $22,221 this year, according to the 2021 benchmark KFF Employer Health Benefits Survey released today. On average, workers this year are contributing $5,969 toward the cost of family coverage, with employers paying the rest. This year’s survey also assesses how the pandemic affected workplace…More

  • A Judge Takes His Mental Health Struggles Public

    In 1972, just 18 days after he was selected to run for vice president with Democratic Sen. George McGovern, Thomas Eagleton was forced off the ticket. The issue? Years earlier, Eagleton had been hospitalized and treated with electroshock therapy for depression. The disclosure of his mental health history was a blow from which the Missouri […]

  • Nov. 10 Web Briefing to Release the 2021 Employer Health Benefits Survey Capturing Trends in Offer Rate, Premiums, Cost Sharing and Benefit Changes Related to COVID-19

    KFF will release its 2021 benchmark Employer Health Benefits Survey via a public web briefing on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at 1 p.m. ET. This 23rd annual survey provides a detailed look at the current state of employer-based coverage and trends in private health insurance for both large and small firms. Fielded among a nationally representative…More

  • California Law Aims to Strengthen Access to Mental Health Services

    The number of people with symptoms of depression and anxiety has nearly quadrupled during the covid pandemic, which has made it even more maddeningly difficult to get timely mental health care, even if you have good insurance. A California law signed Oct. 8 by Gov. Gavin Newsom could help. It requires that mental health and […]

  • Journalists Explore Shadow Pandemics of Hospital Violence and Grieving Children

    KHN Midwest correspondent Bram Sable-Smith discussed how the pandemic has exacerbated violence in hospitals on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “The Morning Show” on Wednesday. Click here to hear Sable-Smith on “The Morning Show“ Read Sable-Smith’s “‘Are You Going to Keep Me Safe?’ Hospital Workers Sound Alarm on Rising Violence” KHN chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner discussed […]

  • Understaffed State Psychiatric Facilities Leave Mental Health Patients in Limbo

    Many patients dealing with mental health crises are having to wait several days in an ER until a bed becomes available at one of Georgia’s five state psychiatric hospitals, as public facilities nationwide feel the pinch of the pandemic. “We’re in crisis mode,’’ said Dr. John Sy, an emergency medicine physician in Savannah. “Two weeks […]

  • Is Ro taking the business-to-business route next?

    By all accounts, Ro is a successful direct-to-consumer telehealth and pharmacy services startup. At the recently-concluded HLTH conference, Ro’s chief medical officer speculated on how it might enter the business-to-business healthcare world.

  • Health Innovators: Healios’ Richard Andrews

    In the latest Health Innovators video chat, pharmaphorum’s founder, Dr Paul Tunnah, chats with the founder and CEO of digital mental health pioneer Healios. Rich Andrews explains his background in big pharma and his inspiration for moving into the start-up space with Healios and its focus on mental health and neurodiverse conditions for children and […]

  • ‘No Mercy’ Bonus Episodes: More From Fort Scott, Kansas

    Searching for the Nuns Who Ghosted Fort Scott Host Sarah Jane Tribble sets out on a mission to learn more about the Sisters of Mercy, the nuns who founded Fort Scott’s Mercy Hospital and were once prominent leaders of the community. Tribble’s first glimpse into their lives takes her to an old convent. To learn […]

  • California’s Mental Health Crisis: What Went Wrong? And Can We Fix It?

    Gov. Gavin Newsom is steering a major transformation of California’s behavioral health care system, with much at stake in the years ahead. On Oct. 6, the Sacramento-based publication Capitol Weekly invited KHN’s Angela Hart to moderate an expert panel tackling the origins of the state’s broken system and potential solutions ahead. The lively discussion featured […]

  • Most Women May Experience at Least One False-Positive Mammogram

    Odds are most women will get at least one false-positive mammogram, but, thankfully, most women who are called back for further testing of a suspicious mammogram finding do not end up having cancer after all.  In response to the Swiss Medical Board’s recommendation against women of any age getting routine mammograms, critics suggested that instead […]

  • Headspace and Ginger finalise $3bn digital mental health merger

    Headspace and Ginger have completed their $3 billion combination to create Headspace Health, a new frontrunner in the rapidly growing digital mental health and wellbeing sectors. The company will be led by Ginger’s former CEO Russell Glass, while Headspace’s co-founders Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson will sit alongside him on Headspace Health’s new board of […]

  • Q&A: How Will California’s New 988 Mental Health Line Actually Work?

    NEED HELP? If you or someone you know is in a crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741. In September 2020, Congress passed bipartisan legislation creating a three-digit national suicide hotline: 988. Think of it as an alternative to 911 […]

  • Trabajadores de salud alertan sobre el aumento de la violencia en hospitales

    El departamento de emergencias del Hospital San Leandro, en California, donde trabaja la enfermera Mawata Kamara, se cerró de urgencia cuando un visitante, preocupado por no poder ver a un paciente por las restricciones de covid-19, amenazó con volver con un arma. No fue la primera vez que el departamento se enfrentó a una amenaza […]

  • ‘Are You Going to Keep Me Safe?’ Hospital Workers Sound Alarm on Rising Violence

    The San Leandro Hospital emergency department, where nurse Mawata Kamara works, went into lockdown recently when a visitor, agitated about being barred from seeing a patient due to covid-19 restrictions, threatened to bring a gun to the California facility. It wasn’t the first time the department faced a gun threat during the pandemic. Earlier in […]

  • Limbix’ digital therapeutic cuts depression symptoms in young people

    Limbix is moving ahead with plans to file for FDA approval of its SparkRx digital therapeutic (DTx) for adolescents with symptoms of depression after reporting positive results in a clinical trial. SparkRx uses a programme of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) that is designed to be used alongside treatment by a clinician, and to provide a […]

  • Preparing for a pandemic starts with creating a mentally resilient society

    Janssen UK & Ireland’s managing director Gaëtan Leblay discusses the importance of maintaining the spotlight on our mental health post-pandemic, and why we must hone our mental resilience for possible future health crises. Our day-to-day life now looks significantly different compared to two years ago – without question, the pandemic has affected us all. One […]

  • Sonde says vocal biomarker tech could detect mental health

    Sonde Health has launched a new version of its vocal biomarker technology – which aims to diagnose diseases from a person’s voice patterns – that it says can be used to monitor mental health and wellbeing. The new Sonde Mental Fitness system is being made available as a standalone app as  well as an application […]

  • Sonde Health Launches Vocal Biomarker Tech to Monitor Mental Health and Well-Being

    What You Should Know:  – Sonde Health has unveiled Sonde Mental Fitness, a voice-enabled mental health detection and monitoring technology that uses a brief voice sample to evaluate mental well-being. Available as an application programming interface (API) for health systems, employers, and wellness service providers, Sonde Mental Fitness is an easy and affordable way for […]

  • Solitary Confinement Condemns Many Prisoners to Long-Term Health Issues

    ATLANTA — Sometimes, Pamela Winn isn’t sure how to connect with people, even those she loves, like her 9-month-old granddaughter. When the baby is in her arms, “I sit there quietly, and I don’t know what to say. What to do,” she said, her eyes filling with tears. “My socializing skills are just not there […]

  • Youthful Advisers Help Shape a Mental Health Program for Their Peers

    Phebe Cox grew up in what might seem an unlikely mental health danger zone for a kid: tony Palo Alto, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. But behind its façade of family success and wealth, she said, is an environment of crushing pressure on students to perform. By 2016, when Cox was in middle […]

  • Smartphones could be used to detect depression, Verily finds

    A study published by Verily researchers showed that some smartphone metrics, such as sentiment in weekly voice diaries, matched up with the severity of users’ depression as determined by PHQ-9 scores. Even if these technologies could be used to track mental health, it’s not clear how they will fit into physician workflows or how comfortable […]

  • La parte del drama de Britney Spears que miles de personas están sufriendo

    La última vez que Britney Spears compareció ante un juez, en junio, se enfureció cuando contó como la obligaron a recibir atención psiquiátrica que le costaba $60,000 al mes. Aunque las circunstancias de la estrella pop y su tutela financiera son inusuales, cada año cientos de miles de otros pacientes psiquiátricos también reciben atención contra […]

  • The Part of the ‘Free Britney’ Saga That Could Happen to Anyone

    When Britney Spears last went before a judge, in June, she bristled as she told of being forced into psychiatric care that cost her $60,000 a month. Though the pop star’s circumstances in a financial conservatorship are unusual, every year hundreds of thousands of other psychiatric patients also receive involuntary care, and many are stuck […]

  • Alzheimer’s Drug Targets People With Mild Cognitive Impairment. What Does That Mean?

    The approval of a controversial new drug for Alzheimer’s disease, Aduhelm, is shining a spotlight on mild cognitive impairment — problems with memory, attention, language or other cognitive tasks that exceed changes expected with normal aging. After initially indicating that Aduhelm could be prescribed to anyone with dementia, the Food and Drug Administration now specifies […]

  • Behavioral health startup Spring Health valued at $2B 

    The company, which offers mental health solutions for employers and health plans, recently closed a $190 million series C round, that included both equity and debt. It also brought on Guardian Life as a strategic investor.

  • Under Pressure, Montana Hospital Considers Adding Psych Beds Amid a Shortage

    Gary Popiel had to drive more than 200 miles round trip to visit his adult daughters in separate behavioral health facilities as they received psychiatric and medical treatment.   It was 2000, and the family’s only options for inpatient psychiatric beds were in Helena and Missoula — far from their Bozeman, Montana, home and from each […]

  • Ginger Adds Spanish to On-Demand Mental Healthcare Offering

    What You Should Know: – Ginger, a provider of on-demand mental healthcare, today announced Spanish language capabilities of Ginger’s entire on-demand mental health offering. The added capabilities aligns perfectly with the company’s recent decision to commence supporting those members utilizing Medicaid (starting in certain markets). Ginger members who prefer to receive care in Spanish will […]

  • Violación y pérdida de memoria, lo que la policía debería saber

    Annie Walker se despertó una mañana de 2019 con pocos recuerdos de la noche anterior. Tenía moretones en los brazos, las piernas, la muñeca y el bajo vientre. “Pero literalmente no tenía ni idea de lo que había pasado”, dijo. “Y durante días, estuve intentando armar las piezas”. Sabía que había ido a un bar […]

  • Ellipsis Health Secures $26M to Power AI-Powered Voice Biomarker for Mental Health

    What You Should Know: – Ellipsis Health, a San Francisco-based pioneer of the first voice vital sign to quantify and manage depression and anxiety at scale has raised $26M in Series A funding led by SJF Ventures with participation from several investors. The Series A investment round brings Ellipsis Health’s total funding to $31 million. […]

  • How Much Lead Leaches Into Organic Chicken Bone Broth?

    “Lead poisoning still occurs in the United States despite extensive prevention efforts and strict regulations.” Ayurvedic supplements specifically marketed to pregnant women, for example, exceeded safety levels by up to 4 million percent, making Ayurvedic medicine use and lead poisoning “a continued concern in the United States.” In fact, “heavy metals are added intentionally to […]

  • The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on LGBT+ People’s Mental Health

    The COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted the lives of people across the globe, has negatively impacted LGBT+ people’s mental health in disproportionate ways. In this data note, we pull together data from nationally representative surveys, adding to a small but growing evidence base on the impact of the pandemic on LGBT+ people.

  • Digital mental health firms Headspace and Ginger in $3bn merger

    A merger between two digital mental health companies – Headspace and Ginger – will create a $3 billion giant in a category that has been growing at breakneck speed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The deal brings together Headspace’s meditation and mindfulness app – used by millions of people around the world – […]

  • Pandemia revela una creciente crisis de suicidios en comunidades de color

    Rafiah Maxie ha sido trabajadora social clínica en el área de Chicago durante una década. En todo ese tiempo, vio al suicidio como un problema más frecuente entre los hombres caucásicos de mediana edad. Hasta el 27 de mayo de 2020. Ese día, su hijo de 19 años, Jamal Clay, a quien le encantaba tocar […]

  • Ginger and Headspace Merge to Form Headspace Health to Support Mental Health

    What You Should Know: –Headspace, a global leader in mindfulness and meditation, and Ginger, a leader in on-demand mental healthcare, today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement to merge. – The combined entity, Headspace Health, will provide the full spectrum of proven, effective virtual support – from mindfulness and meditation to text-based behavioral […]

  • K Health Acquires Mental Health App Trusst for On-Demand Text-Based Therapy

    What You Should Know: – KHealth, a data-driven virtual primary care platform providing affordable, personalized healthcare to millions of adults and children, today announced its acquisition of Trusst, the mental health app connecting people and providers for on-demand text-based therapy. Financial terms of deal were not disclosed. – Trusst has built a proprietary, simulated way […]

  • Pandemic Unveils Growing Suicide Crisis for Communities of Color

    This story is a collaboration between KHN and “Science Friday.” Listen to the conversation between KHN national correspondent Aneri Pattani and John Dankosky, Science Friday’s director of news and radio projects. Rafiah Maxie has been a licensed clinical social worker in the Chicago area for a decade. Throughout that time, she’d viewed suicide as a problem […]

  • It takes a pandemic: Mental Health parity may finally have its day!

    By EMILY EVANS Emily Evans is the health policy guru at equity research company HedgeEye. She sends out these reports in emails to her clients regularly but (since I asked nicely) she allowed me to publish this one from late last week on THCB. You can catch Emily in person on the “How Much Are These […]

  • How a Hospital and a School District Teamed Up to Help Kids in Emotional Crisis

    In 2019, the Rockville Centre school district in Long Island, New York, was shaken by a string of student deaths, including the suicides of a recent graduate and a current student. “When you get these losses, one after the other, you almost can’t get traction on normalcy,” said Noreen Leahy, an assistant superintendent at the […]

  • Veterans Push for Medical Marijuana in Conservative South

    RALEIGH, N.C. — Each time Chayse Roth drives home to North Carolina, he notices the highway welcome signs that declare: “Nation’s Most Military Friendly State.” “That’s a powerful thing to claim,” said Roth, a former Marine Corps gunnery sergeant who served multiple deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now he says he’s calling on the […]

  • Substance Use Issues Are Worsening Alongside Access to Care

    Drug overdose deaths rose during the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, with some of the biggest jumps occurring among people of color. This analysis breaks out drug overdose deaths by race and ethnicity for the first nine months of 2020, to the same period in each of the two prior years. It also looks […]

  • Music’s Impact on Cognitive Health

    Music’s Impact on Cognitive Health Music can have a tremendous impact on healthy aging – most critically, a person’s cognitive health. It can be the best medicine, and unlike nearly any other medication, it has no bad side effects. The Doctor Weighs In

  • As Holdout Missouri Joins Nation in Monitoring Opioid Prescriptions, Experts Worry

    Kathi Arbini said she felt elated when Missouri finally caught up to the other 49 states and approved a statewide prescription drug monitoring program this June in an attempt to curb opioid addiction. The hairstylist turned activist estimated she made 75 two-hour trips in the past decade from her home in Fenton, a St. Louis […]

  • KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Delta Changes the Covid Conversation

    Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen on SoundCloud. You can also listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts or wherever you listen to podcasts. The resurgence of covid cases in the U.S. — largely attributable to the much more contagious delta variant — has given policymakers the jitters. The Biden administration […]

  • Digital mental health specialist Woebot raises $90m

    Investments in digital health firms are running high at the moment, and a $90 million round for four-year-old Woebot and its artificial intelligence-powered platform for people with mental health ties firmly into that trend. The California-based startup has now raised $114 million from investors, and says it will use the new cash injection to further […]

  • With a Diagnosis at Last, Black Women with ADHD Start Healing

    Miché Aaron has always been a high achiever. The 29-year-old is in her third year of a planetary sciences doctoral program at Johns Hopkins University, where she researches minerals found on Mars. She’s a former NASA space grant scholar and hopes to become an astronaut one day. But last year, Aaron was barely keeping it […]

  • Ginger expands mental health app to teens

    Ginger, a startup that provides therapy, coaching and other mental health services through an app, is expanding its service to teens ages 13-17. The company plans to roll out the service to some of its members starting next month.

  • How ERs Fail Patients With Addiction: One Patient’s Tragic Death

    Jameson Rybak tried to quit using opioids nearly a dozen times within five years. Each time, he’d wait out the vomiting, sweating and chills from withdrawal in his bedroom. It was difficult to watch, said his mother, Suzanne Rybak, but she admired his persistence. On March 11, 2020, though, Suzanne grew worried. Jameson, 30 at […]

  • CMS proposes to cover mental health virtual visits through 2022

    In the 1,747-page rule, which will be finalized later this year, CMS proposes expanding access to telehealth for behavioral healthcare, including for the first time allowing Medicare to pay for mental health virtual visits when they are provided by rural health clinics and federally qualified health centers and letting providers offer audio-only telehealth visits for […]

  • Digitisation key to improving mental health services in England; report

    Faced with a looming mental health crisis, the UK government has been urged to invest in the digitisation of service provision across the NHS in England in a new report from think tank Future Care Capital. The study’s author – FCC’s head of policy and research Dr Peter Bloomfield, argues that there has been a […]

  • Why We May Never Know Whether the $56,000-a-Year Alzheimer’s Drug Actually Works

    The Food and Drug Administration’s approval in June of a drug purporting to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease was widely celebrated, but it also touched off alarms. There were worries in the scientific community about the drug’s mixed results in studies — the FDA’s own expert advisory panel was nearly unanimous in opposing its […]

  • Doctores sopesan pros y contras de recetar la nueva droga para el Alzheimer

    Mientras médicos y expertos en políticas de salud debaten los méritos de Aduhelm, el primer fármaco para el Alzheimer aprobado en 18 años, los pacientes simplemente quieren saber: “¿me ayudará?”. Los médicos no tienen una respuesta definitiva. “En cada persona, será absolutamente imposible de predecir”, dijo el doctor Allan Levey, director del Centro de Investigación […]

  • Doctors Weigh Pros and Cons of Prescribing Hot-Button Alzheimer’s Drug

    As physicians and health policy experts debate the merits of Aduhelm, the first new drug for Alzheimer’s disease approved in 18 years, patients want to know: “Will this medication help me — and how much?” Doctors explaining the pros and cons of Aduhelm won’t have a definitive answer. “On an individual basis, it will be […]

  • How to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age

    How to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age The brain has the potential to stay sharp even as we get older if we give it a workout. Taking care of your brain is the core of taking care of yourself. The Doctor Weighs In

  • MAP Health Management Acquires Behavioral Health Provider CARMAhealth – M&A

    What You Should Know: –  MAP Health Management, LLC., a provider of virtual peer support services announced the acquisition of CARMAhealth (CARMA), a primary care and behavioral health management service organization to expand its capabilities to virtual and in-person primary medical and behavioral healthcare. – The acquisition will enable MAP to leverage its peer-led support […]

  • For Toddlers, Pandemic Shapes Development During Formative Years

    CASTLE POINT, Mo. — Lucretia Wilks, who runs a small day care out of her home in north St. Louis County, is used to watching young children embrace, hold hands and play together in close quarters. But the covid-19 pandemic made such normal toddler behavior potentially unsafe. “It’s weird that they now live in a […]

  • Lyra Health Completes $200M at $4.6B Valuation for Digital Mental Health Platform

    What You Should Know: – Lyra Health, a provider of comprehensive mental health care benefits for employers, today announced it has completed a $200M financing led by Coatue and joined by new investor Sands Capital, along with existing investors. – Lyra plans to accelerate its delivery of evidence-based mental health benefits for companies with employees located […]

  • The Role of Digital Mental Health in the Healthcare Journey

    Alison Darcy, PhD, President and Founder, Woebot Health With more than 20,000 apps available to address myriad mental health challenges with varying degrees of support, it’s clear that digital mental health is experiencing a boom. But there seems to be little consensus regarding the true role that digital therapeutics can and should play within the […]

  • Scottish dads set for mental health app, thanks to Movember funding

    A Scottish charity has been awarded funding from the Movember men’s health campaign to develop an app to support fathers with mental health concerns. Father’s Network Scotland (FNS) has claimed a share of a £1.86 million ($2.6 million) funding pot earmarked for the development of digital and tech ideas that can help men tackle the […]

  • En crisis de salud mental, el 911 ahora no siempre responde con policías

    Cuando Kiki Radermacher, terapeuta de salud mental, llegó a una casa de Missoula, Montana, por una llamada de emergencia al 911 a fines de mayo, el hombre que había pedido ayuda estaba atrincheado en una esquina, gritándole a los policías.  La casa que estaba alquilando iba a venderse. Había llamado al 911 cuando el miedo […]

  • In Western Europe, hospitals look to quell the mental health epidemic among staff

    The Covid-19 pandemic pushed healthcare workers to their breaking point worldwide. In Western Europe, hospitals responded by offering free counseling and sharing videos on meditation and relaxation techniques, among other resources. But these efforts need to continue as it is likely the mental health epidemic will grow from here on out.

  • KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Our 200th Episode!

    Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen on SoundCloud. You can also listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts or wherever you listen to podcasts. The Food and Drug Administration found itself in the hot seat this week when it approved a controversial new drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease with scant evidence […]

  • Hoy, las mujeres toman tanto como los hombres, pero sufren las consecuencias antes

    Victoria Cooper pensaba que su consumo de alcohol en la universidad era como los de los demás. Shots en las fiestas, cervezas mientras jugaba al bowling. Tomaba más que otros y las resacas le hacían perder clases, pero así y todo pensaba que no tenía ningún problema. “Según la imagen que tenía del alcoholismo —viejos […]

  • Women Now Drink as Much as Men — And Are Prone to Sickness Sooner

    Victoria Cooper thought her drinking habits in college were just like everyone else’s. Shots at parties. Beers while bowling. Sure, she got more refills than some and missed classes while nursing hangovers, but she couldn’t have a problem, she thought. “Because of what my picture of alcoholism was — old men who brown-bagged it in […]

  • The ‘Grief Pandemic’ Will Torment Americans for Years

    Cassandra Rollins’ daughter was still conscious when the ambulance took her away. This story also ran on USA Today. It can be republished for free. Shalondra Rollins, 38, was struggling to breathe as covid overwhelmed her lungs. But before the doors closed, she asked for her cellphone, so she could call her family from the […]

  • Report: State of Black Mental Health Before and After George Floyd’s Death

    What You Should Know: – Hurdle, a Washington D.C.-based digital mental health company, announced the publication of a white paper on Black mental health before and after George Floyd’s death. – Co-authored by leading mental health researchers Dr. Harold “Woody” Neighbors, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan School of Public Health, and Dr. Norma L. Day-Vines, Associate Dean […]

  • The Pandemic’s Impact on Children’s Mental Health

    The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the nation’s mental health, and a new issue brief shows that children are also facing worsening emotional and cognitive health. The brief examines factors contributing to worsening mental health and substance use outcomes among children and adolescents during the pandemic, looking closely at those who are at…More

  • Digital health firm Hello Tomo snapped up by ICAS World

    A UK tech firm with an NHS-commissioned mental health app – Hello Tomo – has been acquired by ICAS World, a company specialising in providing employee health and wellbeing services.  Hello Tomo is described as a behaviour change tool for mental health and wellbeing that aims to help users maintain healthy habits, and according to […]

  • No-Cancel Culture: How Telehealth Is Making It Easier to Keep That Therapy Session

    When the covid-19 pandemic forced behavioral health providers to stop seeing patients in person and instead hold therapy sessions remotely, the switch produced an unintended, positive consequence: Fewer patients skipped appointments. This story also ran on NBC News. It can be republished for free. That had long been a problem in mental health care. Some […]

  • Amazon Offers Mental Health Benefits for US Employees & Their Families

    What You Should Know:  – Amazon today launched a new mental health benefit, Resources for Living, that provides every U.S. employee, their family, and their household with a single place to start for personalized, convenient, and confidential support for mental health and daily life assistance. These services are available 24 hours a day, seven days […]

  • The Online Safety Bill: a step towards digitally safe mental health support

    The UK government’s Online Safety Bill has been a hot and contentious topic of discussion over the past year, but last week it was finally announced and included in the Queen’s Speech. For Mental Health Awareness Month, Tim Barker looks at why a new bill could be a step towards digitally safe mental health support.  […]

  • Racism Derails Black Men’s Health, Even as Education Levels Rise

    More education typically leads to better health, yet Black men in the U.S. are not getting the same benefit as other groups, research suggests. This story also ran on NPR. It can be republished for free. The reasons for the gap are vexing, experts said, but may provide an important window into unique challenges faced […]

  • Healios raises £7m to expand digital mental health services

    Digital therapy specialist Healios has raised £7 million in new financing that will be used to expand its suite of mental health services, at a time when demand is soaring in the NHS. The London-based company has developed a virtual care platform that delivers a range of services targeted at children and young people with […]

  • Frontline Workers Need New Approaches to Treat COVID-19-Related Mental Health Issues

    Robert Cuyler, PhD, Chief Clinical Officer at Freespira We’ve long known that the coronavirus pandemic would dramatically impact the mental health of health care professionals and the general population. But just how many of us have been impacted is stunning. Fully 41% of Americans reported at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition associated […]

  • Why health tech is a win for mental health

    For Mental Health Awareness Week (10 May 2021 – 16 May 2021) myGP discusses the benefits of the healthcare system becoming digitised and the impact this will have on mental health care.  The UK government has pledged an ambitious programme of revolutionising mental health over the next three years, seeing all mental health service providers […]

  • Is digital mental health the key to tackling a deepening crisis?

    In an exclusive feature for pharmaphorum, British Liberal Democrat politician, solicitor and mental health campaigner Sir Norman Lamb discusses why digital mental health services can help tackle the escalating mental health crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe negative effect on the population’s mental health across the globe. We know that government measures like […]

  • Covid Fears Keep Many Latino Kids out of Classrooms

    EAST LOS ANGELES — For the past year, 13-year-old twins Ariel Jr. and Abraham Osorio have logged on to their online classes from their parents’ flower shop. Ariel nestles in a corner among flowers, bows and stuffed animals. Abraham sets up on a small table in the back, where his dad used to work trimming […]

  • Mental Health App Forms Bond with Users, Marking Key Evolution in Digital Therapeutics

    What You Should Know: – Digital therapeutics company Woebot Health announced its findings to an unprecedented and large-scale industry study that sought to understand whether users of its cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)-based conversational agent, Woebot, formed therapeutic alliances (or bonds) with the agent compared to traditional face-to-face therapy and other digital interventions that do not deploy […]

  • Riding Herd on Mental Health in Colorado Ranching Country

    [Editor’s note: If you or someone you know is in a crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741. In Colorado, you can also contact Colorado Crisis Services at 1-844-493-TALK (8255) or text TALK to 38255.] KIOWA, Colo. — The yellow-and-green […]

  • How a lack of mental health diagnosis is affecting young men

    As lockdown gradually eases, things are starting to look up but the lasting impact COVID-19 has had on our wellbeing remains. During Mental Health Awareness Month we look at the mental health stigma amongst men. To say we’re in the midst of a mental health crisis is not an exaggeration. Mental health concerns have been […]

  • Walmart Health Signs an Agreement to Acquire MeMD for its Telehealth Services

    Shots: The acquisition will expand Walmart’s services to provide access to virtual care including urgent, behavioral, and primary care. The acquisition is expected to close in the coming mos. The acquisition supports the Walmart to integrate omnichannel health delivery that leverages data and technology to improve engagement and health outcomes, providing early and equitable access […]

  • How Schools Can Help Kids Heal After the Pandemic’s Uncertainty

    Kai Humphrey, 9, has been learning from home for more than a year. He badly misses his Washington, D.C., elementary school, along with his friends and the bustle of the classroom. This story is part of a reporting partnership that includes NPR and Illinois Public Media. It can be republished for free. “I will be […]

  • Trouble Managing Money May Be an Early Sign of Dementia

    After Maria Turner’s minivan was totaled in an accident a dozen years ago, she grew impatient waiting for the insurance company to process the claim. One night, she saw a red pickup truck on eBay for $20,000. She thought it was just what she needed. She clicked “buy it now” and went to bed. The […]

  • Mental Health Services Wane as Insurers Appear to Skirt Parity Rules During Pandemic

    Therapists and other behavioral health care providers cut hours, reduced staffs and turned away patients during the pandemic as more Americans experienced depression symptoms and drug overdoses, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office. Use Our Content It can be republished for free. The report on patient access to behavioral health care […]

  • KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: 100 Days of Health Policy

    Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen on SoundCloud. It’s been a busy 100 days for the Biden administration on health policy. The promise Joe Biden made as president-elect to get 100 million covid vaccinations in arms was doubled, reopened to those without insurance, and steps were taken to undo a raft of […]

  • Cigna covers Ginger’s mental health app as in-network benefit 

    Insurer Cigna plans to cover mental health startup Ginger’s coaching services as a covered benefit. Investors are pouring more funds into mental health startups as they companies and insurers alike look for more ways to meet people’s care needs during a challenging year. 

  • ‘Red Flag’ Gun Laws Get Another Look After Indiana, Colorado Shootings

    On New Year’s Eve 2017, sheriff’s deputies in the Denver suburb of Highlands Ranch responded to a domestic disturbance. Before the night was over, four officers had been shot and Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Zackari Parrish III was dead. This story also ran on U.S. News & World Report. It can be republished for free. […]

  • To help tackle healthcare worker burnout, start talking about it

    Healthcare staff are working through immense loss, grief and uncertainty to provide care during the Covid-19 pandemic. As organizations think about how to support their staff, speakers at a MedCity INVEST panel said they must first talk about it openly and provide a safe space for workers to discuss their feelings.

  • The Shock and Reality of Catching Covid After Being Vaccinated

    Robin Hauser, a pediatrician in Tampa, Fla., got covid in February. What separates her from the vast majority of the tens of millions of other Americans who have come down with the virus is this: She got sick seven weeks after her second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Use Our Content It can be republished […]

  • Magic mushroom compound matches antidepressant in clinical trial

    The active compound in magic mushrooms – psilocybin – seems to be at least as effective as a commercially-available antidepressant in a phase 2 trial, and may work more quickly.  Researchers at Imperial College London’s Centre for Psychedelic Research also say that psilocybin may have a stronger effect and was more likely to help patients […]

  • Airports Step Up Mental Health Assistance as Passenger Anxiety Soars

    ATLANTA — Robin Hancock gently worked her steel tongue drum with a pair of mallets, producing a set of soothing, mystical tones. They blended with the soft sound of chirping birds and bubbling creeks pouring from a Bluetooth speaker. Her warm voice invited the two visitors in the dimly lit room to slip into a […]

  • Q1 2021 Health IT/Digital Health PC/VE, M&A, IPOs/ SPACs Activity

    The first quarter of 2021 has been one of investor optimism as the vaccine rollout continues ahead of expectations and economic activity begins to accelerate in response.  Within the Health IT industry, the already strong investment and M&A trends seen in 2020 have only accelerated.  Over the course of the quarter, we observed $7 billion in private […]

  • KFF/The Washington Post Frontline Health Care Workers Survey

    This partnership survey with The Washington Post examines the experiences and attitudes of frontline health care workers during the coronavirus pandemic. The spread of COVID-19 throughout the country overwhelmed many health care settings with intensive care units at capacity and other facilities struggling to keep both patients and employees safe. With three COVID-19 vaccines currently […]

  • An Indie Artist’s Plea to Look Beyond Algorithms and Curated Playlists

    When the pandemic hit, Debórah Bond, like many artists, was caught off guard. “I thought I’d be juggling gigs and touring,” said the independent R&B/soul musician. Use Our Content It can be republished for free. A full-time artist, Bond, 44, made a living through a patchwork of vocal gigs — performing live at weddings, bars […]

  • Key Lessons from COVID-19 & How We Can Better Support our Healthcare Provider

    Peter Ziese PhD, MD, Business Leader, Monitoring and Analytics, Philips COVID-19 has been a novel pandemic in many ways beyond the actual virus itself – from the irreparable impacts it’s having on society, to the immense strain it’s put on the healthcare industry. A recent report stated that 93% of healthcare professionals reported experiencing stress, […]

  • Older Gay Men and the Risk of Suicide

    Older Gay Men and the Risk of Suicide Suicidal thinking is a common but treatable problem in older gay and bisexual men. Choosing the right therapist is critical. The Doctor Weighs In

  • Family of Dr. Lorna Breen pushes for mental health protections for physicians

    The family of Dr. Lorna Breen, an emergency physician working on the front lines of the pandemic who died of suicide, is working with Congress to introduce legislation that would make it easier for phyiscians to seek out mental healthcare. At the state level, licensing boards are also reevaluating application questions to not discourage physicians […]

  • Suicide and the malpractice myth

    It may seem intuitive to avoid telehealth or remote care to avoid increased liability and malpractice exposure. But remote behavioral health assessment tools, real-time data-driven insights, and adaptive treatment plans are actually the things that protect clinicians from civil liability in instances of patient suicide.

  • Ofer Leidner, Happify Health

    by MATTHEW HOLT Happify Health is a online mental health company that is focused almost exclusively on scaling care by offering self-service tech solutions across the patient journey. After R&D starting in 2012, they’ve been scaling since 2017 and now are working with large employers and big health plans. What they don’t do is have […]

  • For Spring Season, Young Athletes Get Back in the Game Despite Covid Risk

    This story also ran on USA Today. It can be republished for free. This spring, high school senior Nathan Kassis will play baseball in the shadow of covid-19 — wearing a neck gaiter under his catcher’s mask, sitting 6 feet from teammates in the dugout and trading elbow bumps for hugs after wins. “We’re looking […]

  • Pharma poised to cash in on ‘long COVID’ symptoms

    While there’s hope that vaccination campaigns may bring the pandemic under control, “long COVID” side effects may continue to affect patients for some time. According to analysts from Jefferies, several pharma companies could stand to benefit with products that could help with issues such as mental health, lung scarring, kidney disease and heart failure. Although […]

  • City of Milwaukee Taps NowPow to Improve Health Equity & Outcomes

    What You Should Know: – IMPACT, a designated provider of 211 information and referral services in Southeastern Wisconsin, today announced a groundbreaking collaboration with local health systems, community organizations and NowPow to power one of the nation’s most comprehensive, community-wide systems to connect health and social care and track outcomes. – As part of the […]

  • Why we need research into the mental health impact of a rare disease diagnosis

    Rare diseases impact between 3.5%-5.9% of the world’s population. This Rare Disease Day, RBW Consulting’s Emma Thorp discusses why the consultancy is taking revenue earned from its rare disease clients and using it to fund research into the mental health impact of a rare disease diagnosis. Rare diseases are often chronic and life-threatening, and with a […]

  • New California Law Makes It Easier to Get Care for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

    USE OUR CONTENT It can be republished for free. Karen Bailey’s 20-year-old daughter has struggled with depression and anxiety for years. Since 2017, she’s been in three intensive group therapy programs and, each time, the family’s insurer cut her coverage short, says Bailey. “At a certain point, they would send us a form letter saying: […]

  • DeSantis Advances Questionable Link Between Lockdowns and Despair

    The result of lockdowns “has been the destruction of millions of lives across America as well as increased deaths from suicide, substance abuse and despair without any corresponding benefit in covid mortality.” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Feb. 2, 2020 For months, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has boasted about his state’s “open for business” strategy in […]

  • KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Open Enrollment, One More Time

    Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen on SoundCloud. An estimated 9 million Americans eligible for free or reduced premium health insurance under the Affordable Care Act have a second chance to sign up for 2021 coverage, since the Biden administration reopened enrollment on and states that run their own marketplaces followed suit. […]

  • 98point6 Launches New Virtual Behavioral Health Offering

    What You Should Know: – 98point6 announces the launch of its new virtual behavioral health service – 98point6 Primary Care Plus Behavioral Health. – With primary care at the center, 98point6’s new single-stop virtual care solution helps ensure that every patient is fully supported in their mental health treatment journey. – Currently available to commercial […]

  • Report: 40% of chronically ill Americans delayed care during pandemic

    As of September 2020, about a third of Americans said they delayed or avoided medical care due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new report. That figure shoots up to 40% among Americans with chronic conditions, which means providers need to work harder to assuage patient fears, the authors wrote.

  • Modern Health’s CEO on Becoming Digital Mental Health’s Latest Unicorn

    By JESSICA DaMASSA, WTF HEALTH Digital mental health startup Modern Health just closed a $74M Series D, bringing their funding total to $170M, and earning the company a $1.17B valuation that makes it the FASTEST-EVER female-founded company to hit unicorn status. CEO Alyson Watson explains what sets Modern Health apart in the incredibly crowded, well-funded, […]

  • How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Affecting People’s Mental Health and Substance Use

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis, about 4 in 10 adults nationwide have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder – a four-fold increase from pre-pandemic levels. Drawing on the latest national survey data, KFF polling and other research, an updated brief explores what’s known about the pandemic’s impact on people’s mental health…More

  • Why Empathy Is More Important Today In Corporate Culture Than Ever?

    It is all about finding echoes of others within us! Holler folks! Welcome to Let’s Hear It. Today, we bring you the second post of our series Let’s Hear It. Earlier, we had a beautiful piece authored by our COO that highlighted the importance of Mental health. In this fast-paced life, we often forget or […]

  • Evaluating COVID-19’s Behavioral Health Impact on the Economy

    Irv Lichtenwald, President & CEO of Medsphere Systems Corporation We’re now in a new year and new presidential administration. At least three companies are producing effective COVID-19 vaccines, which are being administered to healthcare workers, teachers, and the elderly. By summer, hopefully a large majority of the population in most countries will be vaccinated. From […]

  • Modern Health buys mental health startup Kip

    Mental health and wellness platform Modern Health has bought the San Francisco-based mental health startup Kip for an undisclosed sum. Founded in 2015, Kip connects users with qualified therapists and arms them with the tools to track observations, feedback, and outcomes about their mental health journey. By combining therapy with a mobile app that allows […]

  • Modern Health Acquires Mental Health Startup Kip to Expand Data-Driven Capabilities

    What You Should Know: – Modern Health acquires San Francisco-based mental health startup Kip to expand the data-driven capabilities of its mental health and wellness platform supporting 200+ enterprises globally. – Founded in 2015, Kip connects users with qualified therapists and arms them with the tools to track observations, feedback, and outcomes about their mental […]

  • Almirall, Happify partner on digital tool for psoriasis mental health

    It’s well recognised that people with psoriasis can develop depression or anxiety, particularly in moderate or severe cases where a sizeable part of the body can have skin lesions. Now, drugmaker Almirall and digital health firm Happify are working on a tool to support mental health in these patients. Almirall is a specialist in psoriasis […]

  • Mental health startup Lyra passes $2B valuation

    Mental health startup Lyra Health raised $187 million in funding, giving it a post-money valuation of about $2.3 billion. The company also struck a partnership with EAP-provider ICAS, which would expand its mental health benefit to employees in other countries.  

  • What we’re expecting in 2021, and beyond…

    From telehealth to digital trials, customer engagement to healthcare data, Healthware Group outlines the key trends that are expected to shake up digital health this year. Well, it goes without saying, COVID-19 has resulted in a rapid adoption of digital technologies across all industries, most notably in healthcare. There are several important aspects to these […]

  • Hurdle Secures $5M for Digital Mental Health Platform for People of Color

    What You Should Know: – Washington, D.C.-based Hurdle raises $5M in seed funding to accelerate its digital mental health platform for people of color. – Hurdle aims to provide an innovative teletherapy solution for employers and insurers; aims to remove barriers to mental health care for People of Color by rooting its services in evidence-based […]

  • We’re all in this together!

    Overcoming Anxiety in the pandemic times!! The year has been a tough journey for all of us. It has taught us many lessons that are going to stay with us for the whole of our lives. Thus, DelveInsight has decided to take you all on a ride full of experiences – some bitter and some […]

  • The Burden And The Impact Of Mental Health Issues In Today’s Time

    Mental health today is a global burden causing a significant number of deaths. It is rapidly increasing and contributing to ill health in both developed and developing countries.  According to Jürgen Rehm et al., “mental and addictive disorders affected more than 1 billion people globally in 2016. They caused 7% of all global burden of […]

  • FCC Unveils 14 Initial Projects Selected for $100M Connected Care Pilot Program

    What You Should Know: – FCC announces initial 14 pilot project selected for $100M Connected Care Pilot Program that will support connected care service across the country and focus on low-income and veteran patients. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today announced an initial set of 14 pilot projects with over 150 treatment sites in 11 […]

  • KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: On Capitol Hill, Actions Have Consequences

    Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen on SoundCloud. The reverberations from the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump continue. A broad array of business groups, including many from the health industry, are halting contributions to Republicans in the House and Senate who voted against certifying the […]