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  • What is the Potential for Digital Twins in Healthcare?

    David Talby, CTO, John Snow Labs Digital twins are virtual representations of an object or system that spans its lifecycle, is updated from real-time data, and use simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help decision-making (IBM). In most cases, this helps data scientists understand how products are operating in production environments and anticipate how they […]

  • The Twin Toll of Peripheral Artery Disease and Diabetes on Minority Communities

    Elizabeth Hogan Hamacher, MHL, BSN, RN, VP of Clinical Services and Support, Podimetrics Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in the United States, with more than 34 million individuals living with the condition.   It’s hard enough to manage this condition on a daily basis — and it gets even harder with the […]

  • The Benefits of Supporting Medical Information Teams with AI Agents

    Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer at ConversationHEALTH Simon Johns, Director of Medical Information and Marketed Product Safety at IQVIA Life science organizations field a wide range of requests for medical information from the healthcare providers and patients they serve. Addressing these inquiries is important from numerous perspectives, from customer support and pharmacovigilance to post-market surveillance, […]

  • Executive Roundtable: Can Innovation Alleviate Clinician Burnout?

    The U.S. Surgeon General’s recent advisory about clinician burnout cited numerous societal, cultural, structural, and organizational causes—including excessive workloads, administrative burden, and lack of organizational support. The potential fallout of this trajectory is alarming: The advisory cites the Association of American Medical Colleges’ estimate on clinician demand outpacing supply, with an anticipated shortage of between 54,100 and 139,000 physicians predicted by 2033. No one would argue that […]

  • 3 Lessons Learned to Build A More Resilient Pharmacy

    Dennis Wright, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Omnicell Winston Churchill had great insight when he said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Although he was talking about seizing opportunities during the darkest hours of World War II, there are parallels to today, especially when thinking about the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare organizations have […]

  • Teladoc Health Expands Whole-Person Primary Care Offering

    What You Should Know: – Today, Teladoc Health announced the expanded capabilities available to Primary360 users to remove barriers to access and offer comprehensive primary care that meets people where they are. – Primary360 members will now receive health plan in-network referrals and care coordination support; free, same-day medication delivery from Capsule, the leading national digital […]

  • Reimagining The Future of Pharmacovigilance (PV): Regulations, Tech, Public Perceptions

    Barry Mulchrone, Senior Director& Head of Pharmacovigilance Oversight and Analytics, IQVIA Annette Williams, VP & Global Head, Lifecycle Safety, IQVIA Monitoring the safe and effective use of medicines has now been an essential part of public health policy for several decades. New advances in technology (e.g., ICH E2B for the electronic exchange of case reports) […]

  • Personalize the Healthcare Experience for Improved Outcomes, Happier Patients

    John Nash, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Redpoint Global A consumer desire for a personalized experience is converging with the healthcare consumerism trend to alter patient expectations for their relationships with caregivers. Wearable devices, IoT data, and healthcare apps that track sleep, diet, and exercise give consumers more insight and control of their overall […]

  • Lessons from the Pandemic and the Smart Facilities of Tomorrow

    Charlie Meyer, Senior Vice President of Sales, QLess  As much as we all wish it were otherwise, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim lives and upset stability around the world. If this worldwide disaster has a narrow silver lining, it is the many lessons it has to teach us moving forward. These lessons cover every […]

  • 3 Ways Health Plans Can Improve Sleep Health for their Members

    Dr. Melissa Lim, Chief Medical Officer at Somnology Getting a good night’s sleep should have nothing to do with having a great health plan — but it often does.  While some individuals can improve their sleep by making small changes, many who suffer from serious, chronic sleep disorders need a higher level of care and […]

  • How IoT Data Integration Helps Deliver Improved At-Home Healthcare in 2022

    Patricia (Pat) Black, Director of Technical Solutions at Cardinal Peak When it comes to your health and treatment, hospitals leverage a variety of sensors and instruments to collect the necessary information to monitor and diagnose your health status. With essential health data integrated into one platform, healthcare professionals are able to quickly and easily monitor […]

  • Akili + Roblox Form First of Its Kind Digital Treatment Partnership

    What You Should Know: – Akili’s EndeavorRx, the first and only FDA-cleared video game ADHD treatment for kids, is uniting with Roblox’s global virtual universes forming a first-of-its-kind partnership.  – Initially, the partnership will establish an exclusive Roblox reward exchange for patients that complete their medically prescribed EndeavorRx treatment. The rewards will enable patients to redeem items via the exchange […]

  • CVS Health Launches New Virtual Primary Care Platform

    What You Should Know: – CVS Health launches of its new Virtual Primary Care solution on a single digital platform for a more coordinated and consumer-centric health care experience. – The new offering, which is being sold to Aetna fully-insured, self-insured plan sponsors, and CVS Caremark clients now, will become effective for eligible Aetna members starting January 1, 2023, and for eligible […]

  • Pfizer and Sidekick Health Launches Digital Therapeutics Solution for Eczema

    What You Should Know: – Sidekick Health today announces the launch of an integrated digital therapeutics solution for improving the outcomes of patients with Atopic Dermatitis (AD) in conjunction with Pfizer Inc., one of the world’s premier innovative biopharmaceutical companies. – Sidekick and Pfizer will be rolling out their integrated digital therapeutics offering, launching first […]

  • Hyundai Motor Group to Pilot Autonomous Vehicles for Medication Delivery

    What You Should Know: – Hyundai Motor Group (the Group), the global scale mobility provider including Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation has partnered with tech-powered pharmacy NowRx on a pilot project to explore autonomous vehicles for medication delivery – The pilot project will test and develop automated dispatch, fleet management, and other last-mile optimization technologies for same-day prescription delivery, with the […]

  • StimScience Launches Wearable Sleep Aid That Actually Improves Sleep

    What You Should Know: – StimScience, the company using personalized neuroscience to improve sleep, today announces its new consumer sleep product, Somnee. Somnee is the first-ever electronic sleep aid headband to use personalized non-invasive brain stimulation to improve the wearer’s sleep quality. – In a 1,500-night home pilot study, Somnee cut the time it took […]

  • Hello Heart Raises $70M to Expand Heart Health Solutions

    What You Should Know: – Hello Heart, the only digital therapeutics company focused exclusively on heart disease, announced a $70M Series D funding round led by Stripes to support its rapid growth in the employer market  – The funding round will specifically support the increase in employer market demand for Hello Heart’s technology as a […]

  • Physicians Say Access Challenges Impact Their Care Plans for Up to 33% of Patients

    What You Should Know: – Physicians would make a different therapy choice for 33% of patients if medication access was not a factor, and physicians had to change their treatment plan for 26% of patients due to medication access challenges, according to recent survey findings from OptimizeRX Corp. – The results of a survey of […]

  • Free Market Health Secures $13.5M for Advance Specialty Pharmacy Ecosystem

    What You Should Know: Free Market Health, a Pittsburgh-based healthcare technology company transforming the specialty pharmacy ecosystem with a care-driven marketplace platform, today announced its $13.5M in Series A financing led by Alta Partners and with participation from existing investors Highmark Ventures and 653 Investment Partners. – The capital will enable the company’s team of […]

  • Why Digital Transformation is Imperative to Combat Healthcare’s Labor Crisis

    Juan Pablo Segura, Co-founder of Babyscripts As the coronavirus pandemic first spread across the globe, health systems turned to technology and virtual care while focusing their efforts on COVID-19 and its consequences. Physicians deployed digital tools to keep the worried well out of hospitals, to keep beds open for COVID-19 patients, and to support and […]

  • At-Home Digital Health Innovations Transforming Diabetes Care

    Mark Clements, MD, PhD, CPI, FAAP, Chief Medical Officer, Glooko, Inc. If you’re looking for a silver lining in the COVID-19 dark cloud still enshrouding the world, consider this: The pandemic has turbocharged widespread acceptance of at-home digital health solutions. Forced to function in a world of social distancing, healthcare providers and physicians have quickly […]

  • Why Telemedicine Isn’t A Temporary Fix — It’s The Future

    Doug McDonald, Director of Technology in the Office of the CTO at Extreme Networks In March 2020, many office workers packed up their bags under the mandate of their employers, assuming they’d be working from home for a few weeks so the coronavirus could “blow over.” Fast-forward two years: many of those same employees have […]

  • Brightside Health Raises $50M for Personalized Anxiety & Depression Care

    What You Should Know: – Today, Brightside Health announced it raised a $50M Series B, led by ACME Capital and Mousse Partners, bringing its total funding to $75M to date. – The funding will help Brightside expand access to high-quality mental healthcare to more people across the country, enhance the platform, forge new partnerships, and […]

  • Researchers Develop AI Method for Personalized Diabetes Treatment

    What You Should Know: – Hitachi, U of U Health, and Regenstrief researchers partnered to develop and test a new AI method to improve personalized care for diabetes patients needing complex drug treatment. – The new AI method can now be used to help determine an optimal drug regimen for a specific patient. Hitachi, University […]

  • Telemedicine-Supported Medication-Assisted Treatment Should Remain Available After Pandemic

    What You Should Know: – A staggering 100% of patients believe that telemedicine-supported Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) should remain available even after the pandemic comes to an end, according to new findings from a survey conducted by Bicycle Health. – The comprehensive survey studied over 900 patients suffering from opioid use disorder (OUD), and their attitudes about critical topics […]

  • Recora Raises $20M for Virtual Cardiac Recovery Platform

    What You Should Know: – Recora today emerged from stealth to announce $20M in Series A funding led by SignalFire with participation from Valor Equity Partners and existing investor Pear VC. – In addition, the company while also unveiled its Cardiac Recovery Program for health systems, medical groups and health plans. Redefining the Future of Heart Health Recora is redesigning […]

  • Day 3 HIMSS Roundup: Glooko Acquires DIABNEXT, GE Healthcare/AliveCor Integration

    Venture Capital, Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Activity Glooko Acquires DIABNEXT® to Expand Diabetes Offerings in France Glooko, a leading provider of remote patient monitoring and data management solutions for diabetes and related chronic conditions, today announced the acquisition of DIABNEXT, a Paris-based company whose digital health platform helps people with diabetes better manage […]

  • HIMSS22 Day 2 Roundup: Google Partners with MEDITECH, Microsoft’s Health Cloud Strategy Expansions

    Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Activity OptimizeRx Acquires EvinceMed, a Specialty Drug Prescription Initiation Platform OptimizeRx, a provider of point-of-care technology solutions helping patients start and stay on therapy announced a definitive agreement to acquire the EvinceMed platform and related assets. EvinceMed is a provider in delivering end-to-end automation for specialty pharmaceutical transactions. The acquisition includes […]

  • House Rx Secures $30M to Optimize the Specialty Pharmacy Experience for Patients and Their Care Teams

    What You Should Know: – Today House Rx, a health technology platform that empowers oncology and rheumatology physician practices with medically integrated dispensing, announced they’ve secured $30 million in financing. – Founded by two former Flatiron Health executives, Ogi Kavazovic and Tesh Khullar the company has partnered with four medical practices and 30 prescribers since March 2021. House Rx, a […]

  • BrightInsight & UCB Partner to Build Digital Care Solutions for Rare Diseases

    What You Should Know: – BrightInsight, provider of the leading global platform for biopharma and medtech regulated digital health solutions, announced a partnership with global biopharma, UC to build digital care solutions for rare diseases. – BrightInsight will build and bring to market a digital disease management solution to support patients with Myasthenia Gravis (MG), […]

  • GoodRx Acquires Pharmacy Services Platform VitaCare for $150M

    What You Should Know:– GoodRx announced that it will acquire vitaCare Prescription Services, a tech-enabled pharmacy services platform that expands GoodRx’s offering to pharma manufacturers while improving patient access and adherence to affordable brand drugs.   – Over 500 million brand prescriptions are written every year, yet only half are ever filled. This acquisition will give GoodRx the tools […]

  • 2022 Infusion Industry Outlook: Adapting Care Delivery to Meet New Realities

    Roger Massengale, Chief Commercial Officer, Eitan Medical January 2022 marked two years since the outbreak of COVID-19, with the healthcare system still working to adjust to a very challenging new reality. However, these challenges have served as a catalyst for important shifts within the healthcare industry, some of which are poised to be a significant […]

  • Bamboo Health & Bicycle Health Partner to Enhance Telehealth Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

    What You Should Know: – Bamboo Health today announced an expanded partnership with Bicycle Health to enhance care collaboration for treating opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment, ahead of their upcoming participation at ViVE and HIMSS. – Bicycle Health will leverage the company’s Pings™ and Spotlights™ solutions for real-time insights into the emergency department (ED) and acute inpatient care utilization for […]

  • CVS Health Releases Drug Trend Report

    What You Should Know: – CVS Health released their Drug Trend Report, examining the drivers of overall and specialty drug trend through the first three quarters of 2021. Data were calculated on a cohort of 1,014 PBM clients—employers and health plans—covering approximately 22 million lives. – The report details how CVS Health delivered an overall drug trend of 2.4% for commercial PBM clients, with 35.9% having a negative trend. Key […]

  • Force Therapeutics and Xealth Integrate to Drive Remote Care Management

    What You Should Know: – Today, Force Therapeutics and Xealth are partnering to bring remote management of postoperative recovery and care plans into clinicians’ EHR workflows. – The Force platform delivers provider-prescribed digital education and video content for patients recovering from injury or surgery at home. The partnership integrates the Force platform with a provider’s electronic health record, enabling care teams […]

  • Story Health Secures $22.6M for AI-Driven Virtual Specialty Care Platform Across Cardiology

    What You Should Know: – Story Health, a health technology and services company that extends specialty care into patient’s homes raises $22.6M in Series A funding co-led by Northpond Ventures and B Capital Group. The round also included participation from new investor LRVHealth and existing investors Define Ventures and General Catalyst, bringing the company’s total […]

  • Medisafe Launches Digital Document Exchange to Speed Up Medication Approvals

    What You Should Know: – Today, Medisafe, a leading digital therapeutics and patient engagement company launches its new Digital Document Exchange module to streamline the medication approval process. – The solution enables patients to upload and submit required documentation directly through the company’s app — speeding complex medication approval processes from an average of 24 days to […]

  • VillageMD Acquires Patient Education Platform Healthy Interactions

    What You Should Know: – VillageMD announced it has acquired Healthy Interactions, which helps patients manage chronic conditions through interactive educational programming as part of a stronger patient-provider relationship. – The Healthy Interactions program, which offers virtual, in-person and hybrid sessions, will be available from Village Medical and Village Medical at Walgreens providers in 14 […]

  • Wheel Integrates with GoodRx for Real-Time Medication Pricing & Discounts

    v What You Should Know: – Wheel, the digital health company putting great care within everyone’s reach, today announced a new integration with GoodRx, America’s digital resource for healthcare, to help people save on their prescription costs and follow their treatment plans. Now Wheel clients and their millions of patients can seamlessly access discounts on […]

  • CareDx Acquires Medication Adherence Platform MedActionPlan

    What You Should Know: – CareDx, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDNA), a precision medicine company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of clinically differentiated, high-value healthcare solutions for transplant patients and caregivers, today announced it has acquired MedActionPlan®, a New Jersey-based provider of medication safety and adherence technology and patient education. – MedActionPlan programs have been […]

  • Arine Raises $11M to Scale AI-Driven Medication Optimization Platform

    What You Should Know: – Arine, a San Francisco-based AI-driven platform that optimizes medication management, reduces costs and improves outcomes for health plans and providers today announced that it closed $11 million in an oversubscribed Series A round co-led by 111° West Capital Partners and Katalyst Ventures, with strategic investments from Magellan Health Inc. and SCAN […]

  • We Use Too Many Medications: Be Very Afraid of Interactions

    By HANS DUVEFELT I happened to read about the pharmacodynamics of parenteral versus oral furosemide when I came across a unique interaction between this commonest of diuretics and risperidone: Elderly dementia patients on risperidone have twice their expected mortality if also given furosemide. I knew that all atypical antipsychotics can double mortality in elderly dementia patients, but […]

  • CareDx To Acquire Transplant Hero Medication Management App – M&A

    What You Should Know: – CareDx, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDNA), a leading precision medicine company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of clinically differentiated, high-value healthcare solutions for transplant patients and caregivers, today announced it has acquired Transplant Hero LLC, a New York-based provider of a mobile app supporting the needs of transplant patients. – The acquisition of Transplant Hero builds on AlloCare, the comprehensive CareDx mobile […]

  • Telehealth Startup PursueCare Raises $11M for Virtual Medication-Assisted Program

    What You Should Know: – Telehealth addiction treatment provider PursueCare announced it has raised a total of $11 million in Series A funding after an oversubscribed $7 million Series A2 capital raise. The round was led by OCA Ventures, Seyen Capital, Wasabi Investors and a syndicate of experienced healthcare investors. -Founded in 2019, PursueCare, has […]

  • PHINs: Addressing the Fundamental Flaws that Have Broken Healthcare

     Brad Bostic, CEO, hc1 The fundamental problem with healthcare can be summed up in one sentence:  We expect healthcare services that cater to our individual needs, yet the health care system operates under a one-size-fits-all, trial-and-error model. It is a model that results in missed diagnoses, protracted illnesses, and even premature death and wastes $935 […]

  • Time and Goals Should Drive Your Post-COVID-19 Care Management Strategy

    Jessica Scruton, BSN, RN, CCM, VP of Clinical Transformation for Lightbeam Health Solutions COVID-19 forced many health systems to reassess and reconfigure their care management processes and staffing models so that clinicians could better manage more of their acute, complex, and otherwise healthy patients remotely to limit in-person care.  During this time, health systems likely […]

  • How the Pandemic is Accelerating the Shift to Alternative Care Delivery Models

    Mark Prather MD, MBA, CEO & Co-founder at DispatchHealth The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we interact with one another, with businesses, and with the world around us. From social distancing to hand sanitation to remote working, its impact on society is immense. And among the various industries that are experiencing significant change as a […]

  • Quality Virtual Care Matters for Patients – Even More Than Telehealth

    Rick Halton, Vice President of Marketing, Lumeon The COVID-19 pandemic made healthcare visits over video or phone the norm, likely turning telehealth into a permanent fixture within the U.S. healthcare system. In fact, the majority of patient access leaders at large hospitals believe 20-30 percent of appointments will happen over video in 2021, according to […]

  • First Databank Clinician Addresses COVID-19 Vaccine Skepticism – Q/A

    Joan Kapusnik-Uner PharmD, FCSHP, FASHP, VP of Clinical Content for First Databank (FDB) As the Biden administration ramps up its efforts to increase the access of COVID-19 vaccines to more Americans, there are a large number of Americans who are skeptical about of the COVID-19 vaccine. About 1 in 3 Americans stated they definitely or probably […]

  • Data-Driven Future: Impact of Machine Learning on Diabetes Management

    Athar Siddiqui:  Global Strategy Lead, Digital Connected Solutions –  Ascensia Diabetes Care “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other” – Bill Gates wrote this in 1999 and, nowadays, the same can certainly be said about information technology and healthcare.  […]

  • VR and AR Simulation Medical Training Can Reduce Medical Errors

    Adam Dougherty, MD, MPH Chief Medical Officer, SimX Human error is an inevitable event in the practice of any trade, including healthcare and medicine. The errors made in medicine can have many negative effects for patients and healthcare providers. A study out of Johns Hopkins in 2016 found that medical errors accounted for over 250,000 […]

  • 3 Ways to Boost Patient Confidence with Real-Time Contactless Communication

    Ford Blakely, SVP & GM, Medallia Zingle Although the vaccine’s rollout is slowly underway, Covid cases worldwide are continuing to reach all-time highs as new mutations make the virus even more contagious than ever before. Not surprisingly, patients’ concerns about visiting their healthcare providers in the midst of this global pandemic persist, pushing demand for […]

  • 98point6 Launches New Virtual Behavioral Health Offering

    What You Should Know: – 98point6 announces the launch of its new virtual behavioral health service – 98point6 Primary Care Plus Behavioral Health. – With primary care at the center, 98point6’s new single-stop virtual care solution helps ensure that every patient is fully supported in their mental health treatment journey. – Currently available to commercial […]

  • ECRI Institute: Top 10 Health Technology Hazards to Watch in 2021

    What You Should Know: – ECRI Institute identified the complexity of managing medical devices with COVID-19 emergency use authorization as the number one technology hazard in its Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2021 report. ECRI Institute’s Top 10 Health Technology Hazards, now in its 14th year, identifies top health technology concerns that warrant attention from healthcare leaders. The […]

  • Telehealth Helped Me Beat COVID-19, But It’s Just A Start

    Lisa Romano, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer at CipherHealth I was the voice of social distancing, a proponent of mask-wearing from the very start. Still, after months of keeping distance from loved ones, the idea of a quick, safe, outdoor family gathering on a beautiful fall day, even if we weren’t going to be wearing […]

  • Verily’s Onduo Virtual Care Solution Expands to Multi-Condition Platform

    What You Should Know: – Verily’s Onduo, known for its tech-based solution for virtual diabetes management, is launching a new multi-condition platform that matches the right care to the right consumer at the right time. The expanded virtual care platform is designed to support patients managing type 2 diabetes and hypertension, with plans for further expansion into mental […]

  • Epic, Galen Healthcare, Chartis Group Named 2020 Overall Best in KLAS Awards

    What You Should Know: – Epic was named the top Overall Software Suite for the eleventh consecutive year in the Best in KLAS 2021 Software & Services report, released today, which reports on the top vendors for 2020. Epic was also named the top Overall Physician Practice Vendor. Galen Healthcare Solutions was named the top Overall IT Services Firm. […]

  • Challenges of Operationalizing Remote Patient Monitoring Data

    Roberto Martinez, President, Mexico, Encora Among the many evolving technologies in the healthcare industry, there may be none more important or impactful than remote patient monitoring (RPM) hardware and software solutions. This technology is opening up new possibilities in extended healthcare – saving patients money, limiting visits to the doctor’s office, and providing healthcare professionals […]

  • Shields Health Solutions, ExceleraRx Announce Specialty Pharmacy Merger – M&A

    What You Should Know: – Shields Health Solutions and Excelera announce a major specialty pharmacy merger that will form a combined company that consults with 700+ hospitals in 43 states, including Mass General Brigham, Yale New Haven, Intermountain Healthcare and Henry Ford. – The network of hospitals is designed to improve patient care through an […]

  • Why A Patient-First Strategy for Specialty Rx Pharmacists Is Critical to Optimize Outcomes

    Dr. Brandon Salke, PHARM.D, Pharmacist-in-charge, Optime Care One of the biggest challenges for biopharmaceutical companies of rare and orphan disease patient populations is optimizing disease management in a way that enhances the patient journey and improves outcomes. As these companies seek innovative solution partners, a patient-first approach that offers specialty Rx pharmacist expertise is critical […]

  • Death by Ransomware: Poor Healthcare Cybersecurity

    Babur Khan, Technical Marketing Engineer at A10 Networks If hackers attack your organization and you’re in an industry such as financial services, engineering, or manufacturing your risks are mostly monetary. But when it comes to healthcare cybersecurity, not only is there significant financial jeopardy, people’s health and wellbeing are also at risk so the stakes […]

  • 2020’s Top 20 Digital Health M&A Deals Totaled $50B

    Teladoc Health and Livongo Merge The combination of Teladoc Health and Livongo creates a global leader in consumer-centered virtual care. The combined company is positioned to execute quantified opportunities to drive revenue synergies of $100 million by the end of the second year following the close, reaching $500 million on a run-rate basis by 2025. […]

  • 30 Executives Share Top Healthcare Predictions & Trends to Watch in 2021

    As we close out the year, we asked several healthcare executives to share their predictions and trends for 2021. Kimberly Powell, Vice President & General Manager, NVIDIA Healthcare Federated Learning: The clinical community will increase their use of federated learning approaches to build robust AI models across various institutions, geographies, patient demographics, and medical scanners. The sensitivity and […]

  • Patient-First Model: High Tech Meets High Touch for Individuals with Rare Disorders

    Donovan Quill, President and CEO, Optime Care Industry experts state that orphan drugs will be a major trend to watch in the years ahead, accounting for almost 40% of the Food and Drug Administration approvals this year. This market has become more competitive in the past few years, increasing the potential for reduced costs and broader patient accessibility. […]

  • For Better Patient Care Coordination, We Need Seamless Digital Communications

    Catherine Thomas: Co-Founder and VP, Customer Engagement, careMESH  Peter Tippett MD, PhD: Founder and CEO, careMESH A recent Advisory Board briefing examined the annual Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Readmission penalties.  Of the 3,080 hospitals CMS evaluated, 83% received a penalty for payments to be made in 2021, based on expected outcomes for a […]

  • GoodRx Adds Telehealth, Mail Order to Subscription Program

    What You Should Know: – GoodRx, today announced the addition of telehealth and mail order benefits to its subscription program, GoodRx Gold. – GoodRx Gold Savings Program members can now receive exclusive discounts on online doctor visits and free mail delivery via the GoodRx app, in addition to the exclusive lower prices on prescription drugs […]

  • Cerner, Banner Health, Xealth Partner to Simplify How Clinicians Prescribe Digital Health

    What You Should Know: – Cerner Corporation today announced with Xealth new centralized digital ordering and monitoring for health systems, starting with Banner Health, to foster digital innovation. – Health systems can prescribe digital therapeutics, smartphones, and internet apps directly within the EHR to address areas such as chronic disease management, behavioral health, maternity care, […]

  • Ensuring Telehealth Providers’ Virtual Care Dollars Make Sense

    Don Godbee Don Godbee, Mobile Solutions Architect at Stratix Don Godbee Telehealth and virtual care are not brand-new phenomena suddenly cobbled together as a rapid response to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the average US patient could be forgiven for thinking that it is. Indeed, virtual visits to care providers and remote patient […]

  • M&A: Ro Acquires On-Demand, In-Home Platform Workpath

    What You Should Know: – Ro announced it has acquired Workpath, a technology platform that powers on-demand, in-home healthcare and diagnostics services nationwide. – Through this acquisition, Ro’s platform will now uniquely bring together a patient’s doctor, pharmacy, and diagnostics/lab–offering a personalized, end-to-end experience with no insurance required. – Ro is also announcing a partnership […]

  • Innovaccer Launches COVID-19 Command Center to Help Healthcare Organizations Manage Their COVID-19 Operations

    What You Should Know: – Innovaccer launches COVID-19 Command Center to assist healthcare organizations in optimizing their COVID-19 operations.   – The solution offers a unified information hub to manage COVID-19 resources and operations and empower teams with unprecedented visibility into their environment. Innovaccer, Inc., a San Francisco, CA-based healthcare technology company, today announced the […]

  • M&A: CarepathRx Acquires Pharmacy Operations of Chartwell from UPMC for $400M

    What You Should Know: – CarepathRx will acquire the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s pharmacy operations in a $400M deal. – The company fully integrates pharmacy operations, expands healthcare services, improves ambulatory access, minimizes clinical variation and creates new health system revenue streams. – CarepathRx serves more than 15 health systems and 600 hospitals, with […]

  • NLP is Raising the Bar on Accurate Detection of Adverse Drug Events

     David Talby, CTO, John Snow Labs Each year, Adverse Drug Events (ADE) account for nearly 700,000 emergency department visits and 100,000 hospitalizations in the US alone. Nearly 5 percent of hospitalized patients experience an ADE, making them one of the most common types of inpatient errors. What’s more, many of these instances are hard to […]

  • COVID-19: How Can Payers Prepare for Mandates and Support Pandemic Relief Efforts

    Elizabeth Bierbower, Former President of Humana’s Group & Specialty Division Healthcare can achieve optimum efficiency when patients are at the center of care. When patients have the necessary information to navigate their care journey, they will choose the path to high-quality care at the lowest costs. Cost-sharing and insurance premiums are rising consistently since the […]

  • UCB Taps Medisafe to Develop Branded Digital Drug Companions for Antiepileptic Medications

    What You Should Know: – UCB has selected Medisafe to develop branded digital drug companions for antiepileptic medications, marking the company’s official entry into the digital therapeutics space. – The initial collaboration will primarily be focused on their antiepileptic medications, but they are exploring its use for additional brands.  Medisafe, a leading digital therapeutics company […]

  • Study: Asthma Patients Maintain High Medication Adherence Using Propeller Health’s Platform

    What You Should Know: – New study out from Propeller and Chicago’s NorthShore University HealthSystem shows that asthma patients maintain higher medication adherence and decrease their rescue inhaler use when using a digital health platform. – The study looked at 100 patients recruited from NorthShore practices, half of whom used Propeller to manage their condition […]

  • 4 Ways to Combat Hidden Costs Associated with Delayed Patient Care During COVID-19

    Matt Dickson, VP, Product, Strategy, and Communication Solutions at Stericycle COVID-19 terms such as quarantine, flatten the curve, social distance, and personal protective equipment (PPE) have dominated headlines in recent months, but what hasn’t been discussed in length are the hidden costs of COVID-19 as it relates to patient adherence.   The coronavirus pandemic has amplified […]

  • Aptar Pharma Acquires the Assets of Respiratory Startup Cohero Health

    What You Should Know: – Apstar Pharma acquires the assets of respiratory health company Cohero Health to expands its digital portfolio with a focus on respiratory disease management. – Cohero Health develops digital tools and technologies to improve respiratory care, reduce avoidable costs, and optimize medication utilization. AptarGroup, Inc., a global leader in consumer dispensing, […]

  • Epic Pharmacy Progress Made But Gaps Remain, KLAS Report Finds

    What You Should Know: – Despite pressure to take an Epic-first approach to software decisions, many pharmacies at Epic organizations have held on to third-party products due to the relative immaturity of some of Epic’s more recently developed pharmacy solutions. – Latest KLAS report explores medication inventory management (MIM) and IV workflow management—the two areas […]

  • Cerner Releases Open Call for EHR-Integrated Voice Assist Testing Partners

    Cerner announces an open call for additional health systems to sign on as testing partners of their EHR-integrated Voice Assist technology. Voice Assist will allow clinicians to interact with the EHR by just using their voice. Clinicians will be able to issue voice commands to complete a range of tasks that can save significant time […]

  • Consumers Cite Trump as Leading Driver of COVID-19 Vaccine Skepticism

    What You Should Know: – 65% of patients say they will wait to receive the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine even if it becomes available before the end, according to a new Medisafe survey. – Consumers cited greater trust in Dr. Anthony Fauci and established protocols as a leading factor in determining whether to take the vaccine, […]

  • Cleveland Clinic Names Top 10 Medical Innovations For 2021

    Cleveland Clinic’s top clinicians and researchers present the top 10 medical innovations transforming medical advancements and new awards to recognize healthcare innovation. The list of breakthrough technologies was selected by a committee of Cleveland Clinic subject matter experts, led by Will Morris, M.D., executive medical director for Cleveland Clinic Innovations, and Akhil Saklecha, M.D., managing […]

  • Digital Behavioral Health: Addressing The COVID-19 Behavioral Health Crisis

    Victor Siclovan, Director of Medicaid Transformation Project at AVIA Living through a pandemic is stressful and anxiety-inducing. Stay-at-home measures are compounding this stress, resulting in social isolation and unprecedented economic hardship, including mass layoffs and loss of health coverage. Fully understanding the impact of these pernicious trends on overall mental health will take time. However, […]

  • Nuance Advances Virtual Assistant Tech for Customers Using Epic EHR

    What You Should Know: – Nuance advances conversational AI with Dragon Medical virtual assistant for Hey Epic! virtual assistant in Epic Hyperspace. – Building upon Nuance’s Dragon Medical solution already used by more than 550,000 physicians, this integration with Hey Epic! enables clinicians to conversationally navigate the EHR, search for information, place orders, and seamlessly […]

  • Brightline Raises $20M for Virtual Pediatric Behavioral Health Platform

    What You Should Know: – Brightline raises $20 million to bring its virtual behavioral healthcare platform to kids and families across California and beyond. – Brightline delivers integrated care through innovative technology, virtual behavioral health services, and a collaborative care team focused on supporting children across developmental stages and their families. Brightline, a Palo Alto, […]

  • Same-Day Pharmacy Delivery NowRx Raises $20M to Expand into Additional Territories

    What You Should Know: – Same day pharmacy delivery startup NowRx raises $20 Million in Series B funding to expand into new U.S. territories and accelerate its technology roadmap, transforming the way consumers get their prescriptions.  – NowRx’s competitive advantage is its proprietary pharmacy management system, which leverages AI and robotics to fill and deliver prescriptions in record time, […]

  • Enhancing Patient Care With a Touchscreen EMR Interface

     Jeff Fountaine, Director, Healthcare Vertical Market, Elo A clinician’s mission is to deliver the best possible care to his or her patients. However, when technology gets in the way of the workflow, clinicians are obligated to spend valuable time making sure data inputs are accurate and complete across disparate systems. Nowhere is this more prevalent […]

  • New CVS Pharmacy App Feature Can Read Prescription Labels Out Loud for Visually Impaired

    What You Should Know: – CVS introduced Spoken Rx™, a new feature of the CVS Pharmacy app that can read important prescription information out loud. It is vitally important for patient safety and adherence that prescription labels are clear and visible, but for patients with visual impairments or those who can’t read standard print labels, that’s not […]

  • Propeller Health, Novartis Co-Package Asthma Medication in Europe for Prescription

    What You Should Know: – Propeller Health announced it will co-package a new asthma medication from Novartis, which was approved by the European Commission this week for use in the EU. – Enerzair® Breezhaler® plus Propeller Health sensor is the first asthma medication to be co-packaged and co-prescribed with a digital health platform. – Propeller’s […]