Medically Home Group

Mayo, Kaiser, Medically Home launch advocacy effort to extend hospital-at-home flexibilities

Eleven health systems have joined the coalition, which aims to extend and expand the existing federal hospital-at-home waivers and create an advanced acute care-at-home delivery model at the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation.

Consumerism is driving a bold new vision for home healthcare

Consumers want the healthcare industry to meet them where they are, and this shift in patient mindset has expanded the definition of home healthcare and who benefits from it, according to a panel at MedCity INVEST Digital Health conference.

Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic invest $100M in hospital-at-home company

The health systems are sinking a combined $100 million into Medically Home Group, which enables clinicians to provide hospital-level care in patients’ homes. The funds are intended to scale the company’s operations and expand access to its care delivery model.