Medcity Pivot Podcast

MedCity Pivot Podcast: A conversation with Dr. Robert Pearl about how best to transform physician culture

In this episode, Dr. Pearl who led the Permanente Medical Group for almost two decades and is the author of a new book on physician culture, reveals how doctors may be unintentionally harming the healthcare system and how that culture needs to be transformed for the betterment of all involved.

MedCity Pivot Podcast: The stakes are high for getting AI right in healthcare, says Duke Forge director

It’s important for clinicians to consider AI recommendations with a critical eye, the same as they would for any other test, said Dr. Erich Huang, Director of Duke Forge. In our latest podcast episode, he spells out the stakes for implementing algorithms in healthcare, which can potentially affect thousands of patients.

In MedCity Pivot podcast, Glen Tullman says other care navigation firms aren’t really taking risks

Livongo’s founder has created a new care navigation venture because he believes that both the experience that people undergo as they look for care and the level of risk that vendors are willing to take when they work with self-insured employers leave much to be desired.

In MedCity Pivot podcast, biopharma researcher talks about protein degradation, recent success tied to Covid-19 [Sponsored]

Ho Sung Cho, senior vice president of Biodiscovery Therapeutics at Bristol Myers Squibb, talks about lessons learned from drug discovery, recent success tied to Covid-19, and how the company is leveraging its expertise in protein degradation to develop novel therapies for blood cancers, solid tumors and other important therapeutic areas.

MedCity Pivot Podcast: An interview with Bari Kowal, vice president of global clinical operations, Regeneron

Bari Kowal, vice president of global clinical operations at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, gives an update on the clinical trials ongoing to develop drugs to fight Covid-19 and provides insights on how the clinical trials landscape and pharma overall must change in the next episode of MedCity Pivot Podcast.