Emulate CEO shares the organ-chip maker’s vision to understand and predict drug response

Each Organ-Chip is a transparent, flexible microenvironment that contains two parallel chambers that can be configured to grow human cells from an organ of interest, such as the liver, kidney proximal tubule, intestine, lung and brain

Serimmune CEO: Leveraging the functional antibody repertoire will transform healthcare

In response to emailed questions, the CEO and CTO talk about the immune intelligence startups’ Human Immunity Map — a growing database of immune interactions that can support the development of multiplex diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics.

Founders of molecular diagnostics company ChromaCode share ambitions for their business

ChromaCode’s founders seek to break the paradigm of limited access to the most powerful diagnostic tools by deploying inexpensive reagent kits and software using traditional PCR detection systems so physicians can initiate testing using the most informative diagnostics without having to worry about access or cost.