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How ICER will conduct it’s “Barriers to Fair Access” Assessment

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Last fall, ICER published a white paper titled “Cornerstones of ‘Fair’ Drug Coverage: Appropriate Cost-Sharing and Utilization Management Policies for Pharmaceuticals.” To paraphrase, ICER’s goal is to limit access restrictions (e.g., cost sharing, coverage limitations, prescriber restrictions, step therapy) when a drug is deemed to… Read More »How ICER will conduct it’s “Barriers to Fair Access” Assessment

Bagging it

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How do you get your prescription drugs? For most people, it involves going to your local pharmacy and picking up your pills. But what if the drugs you needs are infused treatments that have to be administered at a physician’s office? Typically, you just show… Read More »Bagging it

Health Insurer Financial Performance in 2020

This analysis examines insurers’ financial data across markets through the end of 2020. It finds that average margins remained relatively high compared to recent years, suggesting many insurers remained profitable even as health spending rebounded and COVID-19 cases surged in the fall and winter.