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  • Philips Launches First At-Home, 12-Lead ECG Integrated Solution for Decentralized Clinical Trials

    What You Should Know: – Philips introduced the industry’s first full-service, at-home, 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) solution for use in decentralized clinical trials. – The solution is the most advanced patient-centric ECG offering within the company’s cardiac monitoring portfolio, pairing data readings comparable to clinical, site-based ECGs with Philips leading cloud-based data collection and analysis services. […]

  • Implementing Responsible AI to Drive Innovation in Clinical Research & Precision Medicine

    Prakriteswar Santikary, Ph.D., VP of Engineering and Technology at ConcertAI Researchers might be skeptical and, with people’s lives at stake, that’s understandable. Here’s how to take advantage of the advances while ensuring safeguards are in place. As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning drive innovation and disruption in clinical trials and precision medicine, questions around […]

  • Alphabet’s Verily + L’Oréal Partner to Advance Precision Skin Health

    What You Should Know: – Today, Alphabet’s Verily, a world leader in personalized medicine, and L’Oréal, the world leader in beauty, joined forces to lead a new era of precision skin health. – The first-of-its-kind partnership in the beauty industry aims to break down barriers to dermatology care and bring new insights to dermatologists that […]

  • Theranica Publishes Largest Ever Real-World Study of a Migraine Device

    What You Should Know: – Theranica, a prescribed digital therapeutics company developing advanced electroceuticals for migraine and other pain conditions, announced today the publication of a new peer-reviewed study analyzing the efficacy, safety and sustainability of remote electrical neuromodulation (REN) as a standalone, and medication adjunct, treatment of migraine. – The real-world evidence study published […]

  • Platform Launches to Help Eliminate Biases in Decentralized Trials

    What You Should Know: – Obviohealth, a decentralized clinical trial platform, has launched a new AI-assisted clinical raters platform to eliminate biases from trials. The platform Augmented ePRO (electronic patient-reported outcomes), has been designed to assist clinical raters to better score patient outcomes, without biases. Why It Matters As more trials take place virtually or […]

  • 7 Burning Questions from Life Sciences Companies on Using AI Agents

    Troy Lase, Associate Director, Commercial Strategic Planning, IQVIA Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer, ConversationHEALTH Each day life science companies respond to numerous medical information inquires – many of which are similar in nature or can be simply addressed. However, as we have seen in the news reports with the Great Resignation and many workers searching […]

  • Spatial Omics: The Next Wave in the Biological Research Revolution

    Josh Ryu, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Rebus Biosystems For decades, biomedical researchers pursued a reductionist strategy, investigating DNA, RNA, proteins and other cellular players in isolation. These studies have been critically important, providing vital parts lists to guide further exploration. Now, however, biology has entered a new age, in which scientists must adopt more […]

  • Decentralized Clinical Trials Can Achieve Net Financial Benefits of 5X to 14X

    What You Should Know: – New data from Tufts and Medable reveal on average, decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) are associated with reduced clinical trial timelines and can achieve net financial benefits ranging from five to 14 times for Phase II and Phase III trials, respectively.  – The findings are based on financial modeling and analysis […]

  • GSK Launches Accelerated Clinical Trial with Tempus

    What You Should Know: – Tempus and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) announced an accelerated phase II study evaluating the efficacy and safety of niraparib, an oral, once daily PARP inhibitor, for patients with breast and pancreatic cancers. The study, titled “Niraparib in the Treatment of Patients With Advanced PALB2 Mutated Tumors” (the PAVO study, NCT05169437) is sponsored by Tempus and […]

  • PostEra Secures $24M, Forms $260M AI Lab Collaboration with Pfizer

    What You Should Know: – PostEra, a biotechnology company specializing in machine learning for preclinical drug discovery, today announced $24M in equity financing to accelerate medicinal chemistry and bring new cures to patients. – PostEra will use the proceeds to advance a series of partnered drug discovery programs, initiate its own internal drug discovery, and […]

  • Protai Nabs $8M for AI-Powered Drug Discovery Platform

    What You Should Know: – Protai, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based AI-powered drug discovery startup, today announced its emergence from stealth, along with an $8 million seed financing round co-led by Grove Ventures and Pitango HealthTech. – Protai empowers drug discovery with proteomics and artificial intelligence to unlock new layers of biological insights and to combat […]

  • Illumina and Syapse Partner on Biomarker Testing Research Across Oncology Practices

    What You Should Know: – Syapse, a real-world evidence company that informs cancer care, announced a partnership with Illumina aimed at assessing the real-world uptake and actionability of comprehensive genomic profiling in the community oncology health system setting. – Together, the two companies will work to better understand biomarker testing patterns among clinicians, which have […]

  • COVID-19: As Omicron Variant Spreads, Let’s Not Repeat Rookie Mistakes

    No one should be surprised there’s another COVID variant on the loose, and yet seemingly, everyone is. The variant, named Omicron (the fifteenth letter in the Greek alphabet), was first reported to the World Health Organisation (WHO) by South Africa on November 24th. Unlike its name would suggest, Omicron is the seventh COVID-19 variant of […]

  • Quidel Corporation Acquires Ortho Clinical Diagnostics for $6B

    What You Should Know: – Quidel Corporation (NASDAQ: QDEL) (“Quidel”) and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Holdings plc (NASDAQ: OCDX) (“Ortho”) jointly announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement in which Quidel will acquire Ortho. – The acquisition will create a global leader in diagnostics, bringing together two highly complementary portfolios with world-class technologies and […]

  • How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing Orthotics for Patients and Providers

    Philipp Jung, GM of Arize and Global Head of Orthotic Solutions at HP Inc. For the 77% of Americans who suffer from foot pain,1 seeking relief has included a litany of options: medications, exercises, insoles and even surgery to name a few. But relief is often hit-or-miss, and insoles that are customized traditionally include a very […]

  • 70% of US Oncologists Are Wrong About Clinical Trial Diversity

    What You Should Know: – COTA’s study reveals that 70 percent of oncologists believe patient populations enrolled in clinical trials for cancer research are representatively diverse. COTA, Inc., an oncology real-world data and analytics company, announced insights from a study of practicing oncologists that reveals 83 percent of oncologists surveyed believe real-world data is critical […]

  • Mind the gap: Are you delivering what HCPs value or what you want them to have?

    Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, life science companies have acted quickly to address the evolving digital needs of healthcare professionals, with mixed success (see graph 1). In the age of information overload, we all know that it is essential to add ‘value’ if we are to cut through the noise. And therein lies […]

  • AWS and Pfizer Accelerate Drug Development and Clinical Manufacturing

    What You Should Know: Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced it is working with Pfizer to create innovative, cloud-based solutions to accelerate drug development and clinical manufacturing for testing in clinical trials. Today, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) announced that it is working with Pfizer to create innovative, cloud-based solutions with the potential to improve how […]

  • The booming life sciences sector needs dynamic real estate support

    Bruntwood SciTech is the UK’s leading property provider dedicated to driving the growth of the science and technology sector. UK life sciences are buoyant with the success of the COVID-19 vaccine programme and a stream of innovation and investment marking it out for a starring role in the UK’s economic future. The government has pledged […]

  • Biotech R&D Platform Benchling Closes $100M at $6B Valuation

    What You Should Know: Biotech R&D platform Benchling raises $100M at a $6B valuation, co-led by Franklin Templeton and Altimeter Capital to expand product development and global footprint, particularly in EMEA. More than 200,000 scientists at over 600 companies and 7,000 research institutions globally have adopted Benchling’s R&D Cloud to make breakthrough discoveries and bring […]

  • 77% of Sponsors, CROs Plan to Run Agile Clinical Trials in Next Months

    What You Should Know: – Today Science 37 published a new report suggesting a momentous shift in the way that clinical trials are conducted. – For the first time, more research sponsors and CROs are planning to run Agile/Hybrid Clinical Trials than ever before. Findings show that the vast majority or 77% of respondents plan […]

  • Overcoming Key Hurdles in Decentralized Trials with Better Education

    Robert Geckeler, ScienceMedia Product Director As with countless global industries, clinical trials were forced to move key functions online as COVID-19 swept the world in early 2020. Clinical research operations had to rapidly deploy remote approaches that were previously in the planning or pilot stages. While the uptake was rushed, the results have been largely […]

  • Decentralized Clinical Research Will Be A Paradigm-Shifting Trend

    Zeenia Framroze, Director of Strategy and Business Operations at Sharecare The field of clinical research is on the precipice of change, and for good reason. Traditional clinical trials and processes are primarily confined to sterile, isolated clinical settings that are often narrow in scope and provider-centric. Researchers of tomorrow, however, already are identifying accurate and […]

  • Notable Labs Launches by Acquiring Rights to Volasertib – Will Use Data, AI to Fast-Track Cancer Treatment

    Thomas Bock, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Notable What You Should Know: – Coming out of stealth, Notable Labs, a pioneer and developer of predictive precision medicines, is acquiring worldwide development and commercial rights to volasertib, a PLK-1 inhibitor in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) from Oncoheroes. – Notable will leverage its high-fidelity Predictive Precision Medicines Platform to identify […]

  • 3 Barriers to Decentralized Clinical Trials Adoption

    It’s official. Decentralized clinical trials have disrupted the clinical trial process for good. The COVID-19 pandemic elevated many digital innovations, proving that virtually connecting with patients is not only convenient but necessary when it comes to providing equitable access to cutting-edge treatments and clinical research. Historically, traditional clinical trials have always experienced recruitment and retention […]

  • Decentralized Clinical Trials: Keys to Optimizing Diversity and Inclusion

    The U.S. pharma industry and research intuitions have long struggled with increasing clinical trial diversity in an effective, sustainable, and scalable fashion. Clinical research, in general, acknowledges the universal struggle of recruiting enough participants from various demographic groups. For example, racial and ethnic minorities have been historically underrepresented in clinical trials—a problem that still persists […]

  • Cerner Enviza aims to accelerate therapies and improve patient outcomes

    Combining decades of healthcare, life sciences and collaborative research to transform the way care is delivered Kansas City, Mo. — Oct. 26, 2021 — Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ: CERN), a global healthcare technology company, announces the launch of a new operating unit, Cerner EnvizaSM, that offers data-driven solutions and research services to help bring clarity to multi-dimensional data through real-world […]

  • Medable Secures $304M at $2.1B Valuation for Decentralized Clinical Trials Platform

    What You Should Know: – Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) leader Medable, today announced a $304M Series D funding round today – the company’s largest and fourth funding round in 18 months, bringing total capital raised to $521M – and valuation to $2B+. The funding round was co-led by new investors Blackstone Growth and Tiger Global and existing investor GSR Ventures. The round […]

  • Cerner Enviza Launches to Accelerate Therapies and Improve Patient Outcomes

    What You Should Know: – Today, Cerner announced the launch of Cerner Enviza, a new operating unit that offers solutions to help bring clarity to multi-dimensional data through real-world evidence and insights. – Cerner Enviza℠ aims to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of extraordinary insights and therapies to improve everyday health for all people globally. […]

  • 3 Ways to Address Gender and Racial Bias in Clinical Trials

    Jennifer Jones-McMeans, Ph.D., Divisional VP of Global Clinical Affairs at Abbott’s Vascular Business I have dedicated my career to clinical research and making strides to advance modern medicine. In the work I do as a clinical researcher, we are addressing racial and gender biases that exist today in clinical trials. For example, in cardiovascular disease—my […]

  • Lightship Raises $40M to Bring Decentralized Clinical Trials at Scale

    What You Should Know: – Lightship, a virtual-first provider of clinical trials, today announced that it has raised $40M to create access to clinical research for all patients and improving diversity among patient groups taking part in clinical trials around the world led by Define Ventures and Brook Byers, with participation from Khosla Ventures, McKesson […]

  • 3 Ways Digital Health is Transforming Decentralized Clinical Trials

    Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) have been gaining steam over the last decade, but it was the COVID-19 pandemic that cast its advantages into the limelight. Sponsors benefit by creating efficiencies virtually throughout drug discovery, research, and treatment phases. However, the greatest long-term benefactors will ultimately be the patients.  Many aspects of traditional clinical trials are […]

  • RWE: Supporting Regulatory Submissions with Real-World Evidence

    Tiffany Siu Woodworth, Director, Analytic Solutions, Panalgo In 2016, the 21st Century Cures Act was signed into law, mandating that the FDA “establish a program to evaluate the use of real-world evidence (RWE) to help support the approval of new indications for a drug and to help to support or satisfy post-approval study requirements.” Along […]

  • Medidata, Labcorp Partner to Expand Decentralized Clinical Trials for Digital Biomarker Discovery

    What You Should Know: – Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, today announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with Labcorp using the Medidata Sensor Cloud to introduce a new model to advance the use of medical-grade sensors in clinical trials and accelerate biomarker discovery. – As part of the partnership, Medidata will receive and process medical-grade sensor data within drug, vaccine […]

  • EHR Data Reveals COVID-19 Vaccines Effective in Preventing Hospitalizations, ER Visits

    What You Should Know: – Real world evidence from electronic medical records (EHR) data reveals the COVID-19 vaccines  are highly effective at preventing hospitalizations, emergency department visits and intensive care admissions due to the virus, according to a study just published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).  – The study, “Effectiveness of COVID-19 […]

  • Cedars-Sinai Cancer Launches ‘Molecular Twin’ Initiative for Precision Cancer Treatment

    What You Should Know: – Cedars-Sinai Cancer and Tempus, a provider of artificial intelligence and precision medicine, are harnessing the power of big data and AI to design personalized cancer treatment options by creating virtual replicas of patients’ DNA, RNA, protein and other information to help identify the most effective approach to each individual’s disease. […]

  • Clinical Trials: 4 Strategies to Maximize Patients Referrals

    Jai Singh, SVP of Growth at Reify Health Clinical trials were front and center in 2020, as pharma companies raced to develop and prove the safety and efficacy of their COVID-19 vaccines. Despite this increased awareness, many potential participants and referring clinicians remain unaware of available trials and how to become involved. This negatively impacts […]

  • Fresenius Medical Invests Additional $25M in Biotech Platform Humacyte

    What You Should Know:  Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) today announced its plans to invest an additional $25 million in clinical-stage biotechnology platform company Humacyte following the extension of its collaboration in June. Fresenius Medical Care acquired a stake in Humacyte in 2018 for $150M as part of a strategic partnership. Following the merger of Humacyte with a special […]

  • Ontada, Merck Partner to Facilitate Real World Evidence Studies for Cancer Care

    What You Should Know: – Ontada, McKesson’s oncology and insights business, announced a strategic agreement with Merck, known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, that will facilitate the development of real-world research excellence and innovation. This agreement enables the two healthcare leaders to harness the power of real-world evidence (RWE) towards the common […]

  • Why We Need a Personalized Approach to COVID-19 Immunity Testing

    Shahrokh Shabahang, Ph.D. is Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Aditxt Therapeutics To date, the battle against COVID-19 has been waged largely in the field of public health, using a series of binary, black-and-white thresholds to measure progress. The number of positive cases per 100,000 people, yes/no results on PCR tests, absence or presence of […]

  • Curebase, AppliedVR Partner on Multiple VR Therapy Clinical Trials

    What You Should Know:  – Curebase, a company committed to democratizing access to clinical studies, and AppliedVR, a pioneer advancing the next generation of digital medicine, today announced a one-year partnership where AppliedVR will deploy the Curebase platform to run five clinical trials assessing the effectiveness of virtual reality-based (VR) therapy to treat chronic pain. […]

  • ConcertAI, Janssen Partner to Address Health Disparities in Clinical Trials

    What You Should Know: – ConcertAI, a leader in RWD and enterprise AI tech for oncology, announced the expansion of its multi-year collaboration with Janssen. The expanded collaboration aims to further the novel work that the two companies’ are doing to broaden access to trials in new sites and strengthen trial diversity. – This expanded […]

  • AllStripes Secures $50M to Advance Global Rare Disease Research PlatforM

    Nancy Yu, CEO and Co-founder, AllStripes – AllStripes, a San Francisco-based healthcare technology company dedicated to unlocking treatments for people affected by rare diseases, today announced it has raised $50 million in Series B funding led by Lux Capital, a current investor, joined by JAZZ Venture Partners, Spark Capital, Medidata Solutions, McKesson Ventures, and Maveron. The round also […]

  • Colgate Taps Verily’s Baseline Platform for Oral Health Research

    What You Should Know: – Verily and Colgate, today announce a new oral health study as part of Verily’s ongoing Baseline Health Study that will aim to improve understanding of the connections between oral health and overall human health. The study will assess how oral health practices affect health more broadly. – The study’s goal […]

  • American Conference Institute’s Premiere Conference on Life Sciences Antitrust

    * Pay-for-Delay Lawsuits * * Price Fixing Investigations * * M&A Scrutiny in the U.S. and Abroad * * New Antitrust Enforcement Policies * Now more than ever, life sciences companies must remain abreast of the emerging enforcement trends as well as the government’s antitrust analysis for evaluating anticompetitive behavior. As we proceed through 2021, […]

  • GSK unveils plan for life sciences cluster at Stevenage campus

    GlaxoSmithKline wants to sell more than a third of the space at its R&D campus in Stevenage, UK, to a new bioscience cluster that it says could become one of the largest in Europe. The drugmaker says it is seeking a development partner for the project, and hopes to unlock £400 million ($553 million) in […]

  • NVIDIA Launches UK’s Fastest AI Supercomputer for Healthcare Research

    What You Should Know: – NVIDIA launched the UK’s fastest supercomputer — Cambridge-1, the world’s first collaborative, industry-wide system dedicated to accelerating healthcare and digital biology research using powerful combination of AI and simulation. – At the virtual inauguration, NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang discussed what NVIDIA’s $100 million investment will mean for the […]

  • Dementia, cancer headline UK’s 10-year plan for life sciences sector

    The UK’s long-awaited Life Sciences Vision strategy has been published, setting out the government’s stall as it tries to deliver on its promise to keep the country at the forefront of the sector. The document published today lays out seven healthcare “missions” for the UK’s industry as it tries to double down on the success […]

  • UK biotech ‘booming’ as sector rakes in £1.6bn in Q2 financing

    The UK’s biotechnology sector is going through a purple patch, attracting almost £1.6 billion ($2.2 billion) in financing in the three months to end-May – which is a record for the industry. The new figures – from the BioIndustry Association and Clarivate – were dominated by more than £1 billion in venture capital funding for […]

  • 4G Clinical Secures $230M for Randomization and Trial Supply Management

    What You Should Know: – 4G Clinical, a cutting-edge randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) company, today announced it has entered into an agreement to receive a growth equity investment of over $230MM from Goldman Sachs Asset Management (“Goldman Sachs”). – Founded in 2015, 4G Clinical’s Prancer RTSMⓇ enables life sciences companies to reach First […]

  • Medidata Announces Decentralized Clinical Trials Program

    What You Should Know: – Today Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, announced the launch of the Medidata Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) Program, the most comprehensive set of unified, secure technologies that enable full decentralization across the clinical trial continuum. For the first time ever, drug, vaccine, and medical device developers (sponsors) and contract research organizations (CROs) can take advantage of the only platform offering on […]

  • Hawthorne Effect Secures $20M to Decentralize Clinical Trials

    What You Should Know: – Hawthorne Effect, a San Francisco-based solution for decentralizing clinical trials, today announced it has raised $20M in Series A funding led by Northpond Ventures with participation from SignalFire and P5 Health Ventures. – Founded in 2015, Hawthrone Effect alleviates key issues related to patient recruitment and retention via its tech-driven […]

  • Medidata Launches New Tech to Transform the Patient Clinical Trial Experience

    What You Should Know: – Today Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, launched myMedidata Registries – a new technology that expands and strengthens the company’s myMedidata patient portal to engage patients before and after (i.e., long term follow-up/safety surveillance) a clinical trial. – The offering, which redefines Medidata’s end-to-end technology solutions and represents a major advance for the life sciences industry, empowers patients to learn […]

  • PE Firm Thoma Bravo Acquires Clinical Trial Financial Platform Greenphire – Health M&A

    What You Should Know: – Thoma Bravo, a private equity investment firm focused on the software and technology-enabled services sector announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Greenphire, a financial lifecycle management software for clinical trials, from The Riverside Company. Financial details were not disclosed for the pending transaction. – The acquisition, which […]

  • US Orthopedic Alliance Taps 2bPrecise to Power Precision Medicine Program

    What You Should Know:  2bPrecise, a precision medicine company, announced that the US Orthopedic Alliance (USOA) is leveraging 2bPrecise’ pharmacogenomics (PGx) solution to help physicians identify potentially dangerous drug-gene interactions. – The 2bPrecise platform will deliver workflow, data management and clinical decision functionality to USOA providers ordering pharmacogenomic tests (PGx). Specifically, doctors can leverage test results to […]

  • UPS Healthcare Expands Specialty Pharmaceutical Offerings with End-to-End Cold Chain Capabilities

    What You Should Know: – UPS Healthcare today announced it is enhancing its specialty pharmaceutical offerings by establishing UPS Cold Chain Solutions, a comprehensive suite of cold chain technologies, best-in-class capabilities to support healthcare customers.  – UPS Cold Chain Solutions is purpose-built to provide pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and laboratories a full, end-to-end cold chain service offering, including […]

  • AcuityMD Nabs $7M for Targeting Platform for Medical Device Companies

    What You Should Know: –  AcuityMD, a platform for commercializing and improving medical devices with data announced it has raised $7M in funding led by Benchmark with participation from Ajax Health. Eric Vishria, General Partner at Benchmark will also join AcuityMD’s board of directors. – Since launching commercially in 2020, AcuityMD has become a trusted […]

  • CVS Health Launches Clinical Trial Services Business for Investigational COVID-19 Vaccines & Treatments

    What You Should Know:  – Today, CVS Health announced the launch of a new Clinical Trial Services business, driving greater access to clinical trials across the communities CVS Health serves and creating a more efficient, convenient experience to improve participant retention and research effectiveness. – CVS Health collaborated with the pharmaceutical industry to help facilitate clinical trials […]

  • CVS Health Expands Return Ready Vaccine Clinics to Accommodate Small Business & Schools

    What You Should Know: – Today, CVS Health announced that it will expand Return Ready, the company’s comprehensive COVID-19 solution that helps employers and schools return and maintain healthy communities, with scalable vaccine clinics to accommodate smaller workplaces/communities and schools given the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) emergency use authorization of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for adolescents ages 12 to […]

  • UK highlights life sciences’ key role in post-COVID recovery

    The UK government used the Queen’s Speech to set out its ambition to make the country a leader in life sciences, garnering a warm response from industry groups.  The speech – an opportunity for Boris Johnson’s government to set out its plans for the year ahead after consolidating its position in last week’s local elections […]

  • Florence Raises $80M to Expand Connectivity Platform for Clinical Trials

    What You Should Know: – Florence, a site connectivity platform in clinical trials, today announced the close of a $80 million Series C funding round led by Insight Partners, a global venture capital and private equity firm focused on investing in ScaleUp software companies. Existing investors Fulcrum Equity Partners, Bee Partners, and Flashpoint also joined […]

  • Cancer Centers: Here’s How We Can Restart Clinical Trials Today

    Marie E. Lamont, President and COO of Inteliquet Biopharmaceutical companies developing cancer treatments need to restart the clinical trials shut down or delayed during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. Some are holding back, however, due to a lack of confidence that sufficient eligible patients can be recruited and enrolled in the trials. Recruiting […]

  • CVS Health Launches Employer-Based COVID-19 Vaccination Program

    What You Should Know: Today, CVS Health announced it recently began administering COVID-19 vaccines at employer-based vaccination clinics through Return Ready, the company’s comprehensive COVID-19 solution that helps employers return and maintain healthy workforces. – With vaccine hesitancy on the rise, federal and state governments are looking to partners, like employers and CVS Health, to help by making […]

  • Carevive, COS Ink Partnership to Improve Cancer Care with RWE

    What You Should Know: – Carevive and Clinical Outcome Solutions (COS) announced a new partnership to improve the cancer patient experience using RWE and RWD. The partnership will leverage Carevive’s innovative digital oncology platform to capture the patient experience, and COS’ deep experience in analyzing data, ultimately providing valuable insights for life science companies and […]

  • Health2047 Spins Out SiteBridge Research Launches to Improve Clinical Trial Access for Small and Community Physician Practices

    What You Should Know: – Health2047, the innovation arm of the American Medical Association, today announced the spinout of a new company, SiteBridge Research, that offers a more accessible way for a broader set of physicians and their patients to participate in clinical research. – SiteBridge Research creates a network of independent, small practice physicians to gather […]

  • Streamlining Biospecimen Procurement: Avoid These 8 Common R&D Mistakes

    Jill Mullan, Chief Operating Officer, iSpecimen Long before a clinician administers a drug or runs a new test, there is the arduous R&D cycle. Unfortunately, it’s rarely as streamlined as the one that just delivered COVID-19 vaccines in record-shattering time. For most Americans, vaccines and drugs seem to spring wholly formed from clinical trials, which […]

  • Google Cloud Expands Intelligent Vaccine Impact Solution to Support Vaccine Equity

    What You Should Know: – Google Cloud today launched an expanded virtual agent as part of its Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution (IVIs). People will be able to schedule vaccine appointments and ask common questions through a virtual agent, Contact Center AI. – Contact Center AI (CCAI), one core component of the Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution, scales […]

  • C2i Genomics Raises $100M for Whole-Genome Cancer Treatment Intelligence Platform

    – Cancer intelligence company, C2i Genomics announced it has raised $100M in financing from Casdin Capital, NFX, Duquesne Family Office, Section 32, iGlobe Partners, Driehaus Capital and others. – Funds will be used to accelerate clinical development and commercialization of the company’s C2-Intelligence Platform, a cancer diagnostics service, that uses AI pattern recognition and whole-genome […]

  • Medable Raises $78M to Expand Decentralized Clinical Trials Platform for Patient-Centered Drug Development

    What You Should Know: – Medable, Inc., a Palo Alto, CA-based global platform for decentralized clinical trials today announced $78M in new funding to fuel advances in the delivery of digital and decentralized clinical trials, accelerating the industry’s shift to patient-centered drug development. The funding was led by Sapphire Ventures, along with new investor Obvious Ventures and follow-on investment […]

  • Led by Sequoia, Benchling Raises $200M to Accelerate R&D Cloud Platform

    – Today Benchling, the leading life and sciences R&D cloud, announced a $200M Series E raise led by Sequoia Capital Global Equities and joined by Altimeter Capital, Byers Capital, and Elad Gil. This funding will be used to aggressively invest in product development and global expansion to support enterprise customers. The raise is also joined […]

  • Komodo Health Launches Next-Gen AI to Accelerate Innovation and Close Gaps in Care

    What You Should Know: – Today, Komodo Health is capping off a month-long flurry of activity by announcing the launch of its Prism and Sentinel solutions — opening up access to its Healthcare Map to drive the next generation of AI innovation.  – Prism and Sentinel allows life sciences teams to tap into detailed patient behaviors and treatment patterns […]

  • Q1 2021 Health IT/Digital Health PC/VE, M&A, IPOs/ SPACs Activity

    The first quarter of 2021 has been one of investor optimism as the vaccine rollout continues ahead of expectations and economic activity begins to accelerate in response.  Within the Health IT industry, the already strong investment and M&A trends seen in 2020 have only accelerated.  Over the course of the quarter, we observed $7 billion in private […]

  • Why the Digital-First, Patient-Centered Care is Critical to Healthcare

    Michael D. Robinson Vice President, Healthcare North America at VMware In the turmoil of one of the hardest years the healthcare industry has experienced, many healthcare organizations innovated nearly overnight, transforming bedside tablets into virtual care providers and parking garages into field hospitals. Through the help of agile, flexible technology, healthcare has empowered providers to […]

  • Beyond Reference Management: How Literature Management is a Win for the Life Science Organization

    Scientific literature is a critical component to virtually all aspects of a life science enterprise, including Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and R&D. However, the process of curating and sharing literature can lead to significant challenges in organizing content, facilitating collaboration and enforcing copyright compliance. In many cases, reference management tools (e.g. EndNote, Zotero) are used to […]

  • Janssen Taps Komodo Health to Optimize Site Selection and Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

    What You Should Know: – Komodo Health today announced a new client engagement with Janssen solidifying its role as the leading life sciences patient data analytics platform. Janssen Research & Development, LLC (Janssen) will be using Komodo’s real-world data and AI software to accelerate clinical development. Janssen plans to use Komodo’s services to optimize feasibility, site selection and […]

  • COVID Exposed The Dire Need for Real-Time Healthcare Data Sharing

    Birju Shah, Head of Product for Uber Health & Communities Nick Jordan, Founder and CEO, Narrative In a world where technology and Big Data can provide us with instantaneous access to our banking transactions, and our financial information and credit reports can be retrieved with a few keystrokes when applying for a mortgage — trying to […]

  • Next-Generation Cloud Storage: Enabling Collaboration & Analytics for Pharma Research

    Russ Kennedy, Chief Product Officer, Nasuni Pharmaceutical companies today are distributed, global organizations, with research centers, manufacturing facilities, and regulatory management hubs spread all over the globe. To develop new treatments and bring them to market, all of these different functions need to collaborate more closely than ever. Using traditional, on-premises storage technologies, however, makes […]

  • Novo Nordisk, TetraScience Partner on Cloud-Based Instrument Data Platform

    What You Should Know: – Novo Nordisk A/S, a leading global healthcare company, and TetraScience, the leading global Life Sciences R&D Data Cloud, announce a new partnership to design a cloud-based instrument data platform for drug R&D, built natively on Amazon Web Services. – Novo Nordisk will leverage the TetraScience Platform for automated instrument data […]

  • Komodo Health Secures $220M for Life Sciences Data Platform at $3.3B Valuation

    What You Should Know: – Komodo Health announces $220M Series E investment to advance its enterprise healthcare and life sciences platform. At a $3.3 billion valuation, the investment underscores the company’s rapidly growing role as a foundational enterprise technology platform helping to drive digital transformation across the healthcare industry.  – Founded in 2014, Komodo Health’s Healthcare Map™ is the industry’s […]

  • Exscientia Secures $100M To Expand AI Drug Discovery Platform

    What You Should Know: – Exscientia, leading AI drug discovery company, today announced that it completed its $100 million Series C financing round, with a further $30 million investment from Blackrock. – This new capital, which will be used to support Exscientia’s platform development and proprietary pipeline, follows Exscientia’s demonstrated high growth, having announced earlier this year […]

  • Health Gorilla Nabs $15M to Expand FHIR-based APIs for Digital Health

    What You Should Know:  – Health Gorilla raises $15M to scale its FHIR-based API solutions for digital health and expand into new markets.  – Health Gorilla will introduce new APIs to enable consumer access to medical records, payer-to-payer data sharing, and data quality assessments.  Health Gorilla, a Sunnyvale, CA-based provider of healthcare APIs, today announced […]

  • Life Sciences Firm OrbiMed Raises $3.5B Across Private Investment Funds

    What You Should Know: Life sciences investment firm OrbiMed announced $3.5 billion in commitments for its latest private investment funds, including $1.5 billion for OrbiMed Private Investments VIII, $800 million for OrbiMed Asia Partners IV, and $1.2 billion for OrbiMed Royalty & Credit Opportunities III. The three new funds include a broad range of medical […]

  • Innovaccer Reaches $1.3B Valuation, Launches Health Cloud Platform

    What You Should Know: – Innovaccer closes Series D round of growth capital bringing Innovaccer at a total valuation of $1.3 billion. – In addition, the company has launched the Innovaccer Health Cloud, a platform as a service that combines the company’s Data Activation Platform and application suite with an extensive set of platform services […]

  • Microsoft, UCB Launch Collaboration to Accelerate Drug Discovery and Development

    What You Should Know: – Global biopharma company UCB and Microsoft announced today a new, multi-year strategic collaboration to advance UCB’s digital transformation, change the way care is delivered, and accelerate better outcomes for people living with severe diseases. – The partnership builds on the companies’ joint work as part of the COVID Moonshot project which sought to create […]

  • What Were the Biggest Advances in Life Sciences in 2020?

    As we settle into a new year, it’s always good to take a moment to consider what was accomplished in the previous one. That’s why we asked members of Elsevier’s Life Sciences team what they felt were among the most noteworthy advances in the life sciences in 2020. Not surprisingly, the science around the coronavirus […]

  • Carlyle Group, Brighton Park Capital Invest $200M in Indian Health Tech Provider Indegene to Fuel Global Expansion

    What You Should Know: – The Carlyle Group and Brighton Park Capital invests $200M in Bangalore, India-based Indegene to accelerate company’s global expansion and consolidate its industry-leading position in healthtech solutions. – Founded in 1998 by five first-generation entrepreneurs, Indegene has emerged as the leading digital transformation partner to the global life sciences industry. With […]

  • Syapse Lands $68M to Expand Global Precision Oncology Data Sharing Network

    What You Should Know: – Syapse raises 68M in equity investment  led by Ally Bridge Group (ABG), with Northpond Ventures to expand delivery of real-world evidence  through Syapse’s Learning Health Network. – The Syapse Learning Health Network is a global precision oncology data sharing network, improving cancer care across communities by using real-world data to […]

  • Illumina, Sequoia Capital China Launches Genomics Incubator in China

    What You Should Know: – Illumina and Sequoia Capital will collaborate to build an ecosystem for life science startup companies advancing breakthrough applications in genomics. – Sequoia Capital China Intelligent Healthcare Genomics Incubator, Powered by Illumina will leverage the expertise of Illumina for Startups in building genomics companies with the unparalleled track record of Illumina […]

  • Cellino Closes $16M Seed Financing led by The Engine and Khosla Ventures to Automate and Scale Stem Cell Manufacture

    What You Should Know: – Cellino, a Cambridge, MA-based personalized regenerative medicine company developing an AI-guided laser editing platform for autologous cell-based therapies, today announced the closing of a $16M Seed financing round. The round was co-led by The Engine and Khosla Ventures, with participation from Humboldt Fund and 8VC. – The company’s platform solves a time-consuming, major bottleneck of […]

  • How Automation is Key to the Future of Healthcare Operations

    Giri Rajaiah, Executive Leader, Vice President, Healthcare & Life Sciences, DISYS As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. A similar correlation is seen in the quest to leverage innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to address key problems facing the healthcare industry. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought the immense pressure the U.S. healthcare […]

  • West Virginia Launches Nation’s First Statewide COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

    What You Should Know: – West Virginians will now have access to a COVID-19 vaccination pre-registration tool available statewide.  – West Virginia is the first state in the nation to deploy this new system through Everbridge, a global provider of critical event management technologies. The tool enables West Virginians to pre-register for COVID-19 vaccination and receive […]

  • Biden administration – What can the healthcare industry expect?

    As Joe Biden takes the reins at the White House, pharmaphorum asks experts how his presidential tenure may influence the global healthcare industry. “I think the Biden administration will have only an incremental impact on the healthcare industry as a whole,” said Maxim Jacobs, CFA, managing partner and director of research at Edison Group. “With […]

  • Therma Fisher Acquires Rapid COVID-19 Test Provider Mesa Biotech for $450M

    What You Should Know: – Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Mesa Biotech, Inc., a San Diego, CA-based molecular diagnostic company, for approximately $450 million in cash. Under the terms of the agreement, Thermo Fisher will pay up to an additional $100 million in cash upon the completion of […]

  • Uber, Moderna Partner to Increase Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

    What You Should Know: – Moderna and Uber announced a partnership to work together initially to provide accessible, credible information on COVID-19 vaccine safety through Uber’s in-app messaging. – The two companies will also work with public health and other organizations to identify additional opportunities to support ongoing efforts to broaden access to COVID-19 vaccines. […]

  • CVS Health to Provide In-Home Chemotherapy with Cancer Treatment Centers of America

    What You Should Know: – Today, CVS Health announced a collaboration with Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) to provide in-home chemotherapy for clinically eligible and fully insured patients. – The program, which leverages CVS Health’s home infusion service, Coram, and CTCA’s expertise as a top oncology care provider, aims to minimize immunocompromised patients’ exposure […]

  • Komodo Health Acquires Cloud-Based Life Sciences Platform NEVIS- M&A

    What You Should Know: – Komodo Health announces the acquisition of Nevis, a cloud-based platform for life sciences to expand its software capabilities. – The acquisition of NEVIS offers customers a cloud-based platform with a suite of software that ends reliance on fragmented data and expensive single-point solutions. Komodo Health today announced its acquisition of NEVIS, […]

  • Verily, Broad, Microsoft Partner to Expand Life Sciences Research with Azure Cloud

    What You Should Know: – Verily and The Broad Institute have partnered with Microsoft to expand health and life sciences research utilizing the Microsoft Azure cloud. – The new partnership brings together Microsoft’s cloud, data, and AI technologies, and a global network of more than 168,000 health and life sciences partners to accelerate the development […]

  • 20 COVID-19 Predictions and Trends for 2021 – Executive Roundup

    Dr. Justin Graham, Chief Medical Officer, GYANT The rapid development of a COVID-19 vaccine is a monumental achievement, but it does nothing to address our extremely fragmented healthcare system. In 2021, policymakers must create and extend incentives to providers to work together to keep patients healthy rather than maximize profit. The pandemic has devastated the […]

  • 12 Telehealth & Virtual Care Predictions and Trends for 2021 Roundup

    Dr. Paul Hain, Chief Medical Officer of GoHealth Telehealth is Here to Stay in 2021 Prior to the pandemic, telehealth was a limited ad-hoc service with geographic and provider restrictions. However, with both the pandemic restrictions on face to face interactions and a relaxation of governmental regulations, telehealth utilization has significantly increased from thousands of […]

  • 2020’s Top 20 Digital Health M&A Deals Totaled $50B

    Teladoc Health and Livongo Merge The combination of Teladoc Health and Livongo creates a global leader in consumer-centered virtual care. The combined company is positioned to execute quantified opportunities to drive revenue synergies of $100 million by the end of the second year following the close, reaching $500 million on a run-rate basis by 2025. […]

  • CIO: 3 Rules for Meeting ONC/CMS Interoperability, While Improving Cybersecurity

    Scott Galbari, CTO, Lyniate Drew Ivan, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Lyniate Healthcare data security has been a growing concern for CIOs for the last year or so, as hackers are increasingly targeting health information. Now, with a global pandemic forcing a shift to telemedicine and remote work, and new rules from the ONC and […]

  • 30 Executives Share Top Healthcare Predictions & Trends to Watch in 2021

    As we close out the year, we asked several healthcare executives to share their predictions and trends for 2021. Kimberly Powell, Vice President & General Manager, NVIDIA Healthcare Federated Learning: The clinical community will increase their use of federated learning approaches to build robust AI models across various institutions, geographies, patient demographics, and medical scanners. The sensitivity and […]

  • Gladskin’s President Skyler Stein Talks Endolysin Technology – Q/A

    Skyler Stein, President of Gladskin We recently spoke with Skyler Stein, President of Dutch biotechnology company Gladskin to learn more about its global endolysin technology that uses its science to improve inflammatory skin conditions by rebalancing the skin microbiome. Gladskin’s parent company, Micreos, raised about $36.7M in funding last year for its endolysin technology that […]

  • Vaccine Safety Expert Shares 5 COVID-19 Vaccine Facts to Protect 2021

    Dr. Noam Tau of Sheba Medical Center Now more than ever, public confidence is key. It’s our job as medical professionals, the FDA’s job, and public figures’ job to convince the population to vaccinate by presenting the real results of studies. The current vaccine hesitancy, which might result in a large proportion of people refusing vaccination, […]

  • Verily Nabs $700M to Expand Baseline, Verily Health Platforms

    What You Should Know: – Verily, a subsidiary of Alphabet focused on life sciences and healthcare announced it has raised $700M from current investors, including Alphabet, Silver Lake, Temasek, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and others. – The company plans to use the capital to support rapid expansion of some of Verily’s leading commercial businesses including […]

  • Cerner to snap up Kantar’s health division for $375M

    The EHR giant is planning to buy Kantar Health, which provides data, analytics and research to the life sciences industry. Through the acquisition, Cerner aims to provide its clients with more access to data analytics and research expertise and engagement with life sciences companies.

  • How Hackers Are Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Chain – Q/A

    With the US and other major countries poised to begin national distribution of multiple FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines, the cybersecurity threats to secure COVID19 vaccine distribution is imminent. Earlier this month, IBM released a report on malicious cyber actors targeting the COVID-19 cold chain—an integral part of delivering and storing a vaccine at safe temperatures. Impersonating […]

  • M&A: Cerner to Acquire Health Division of Kantar for $375M in Cash

    What You Should Know:  – Cerner announces it will acquire Kantar Health, a leading data, analytics, and real-world evidence and commercial research consultancy serving the life science and health care industry. – This acquisition is expected to allow Cerner’s Learning Health Network client consortium and health systems with more opportunities to directly engage with life […]

  • FDA Authorizes First Fully Over the Counter COVID-19 Home Test

    What You Should Know: – FDA grants Emergency Use Authorization for Ellume COVID-19 Home Test for non-prescription home use in symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals – The first fully over-the-counter COVID-19 Home Test demonstrated 96% accuracy in a multi-site US clinical study of both adults and children 2 years and above – Ellume is ramping up […]

  • Abbott Receives CE Mark for its COVID-19 IgG Quantitative Antibody Blood Test

    What You Should Know: – Abbott Receives CE Mark for its COVID-19 IgG Quantitative Antibody Blood Test that specifically detects levels of IgG antibodies that attach to the virus’ spike protein, which can be helpful to evaluate a person’s immune response to vaccines. – Abbott plans to submit its test for the U.S. Food and […]

  • Amazon Launches HealthLake for Healthcare Orgs to Aggregate & Structure Health Data

    What You Should Know: – Amazon today announced the launch of Amazon HealthLake, a new HIPAA-eligible service enables healthcare organizations to store, tag, index, standardize, query, and apply machine learning to analyze data at petabyte scale in the cloud. – Cerner, Ciox Health, Konica Minolta Precision Medicine, and Orion Health among customers using Amazon HealthLake. […]

  • Kleva Health Launches FDA Authorized Saliva At-Home COVID-19 Test Kit for $149

    What You Should Know: – Digital health startup Kleva Health launches FDA authorized saliva at-home COVID-19 test kit and raises $1.5 million in seed funding. – Kleva Health’s At-Home COVID-19 Saliva Test Kit will be available for orders on its website,, and will retail for US$149. Test results will be reported on and […]

  • PRISYM 360 Achieves SAP® Certification as Integrated with Cloud Solutions from SAP

    PRISYM 360 Achieves SAP® Certification as Integrated with Cloud Solutions from SAP The latest version of the PRISYM 360 intelligent data import connector now has SAP-certified integration using SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite Wokingham, United Kingdom — 7 December 2020 — PRISYM ID, a leading provider of regulated content and label management solutions for the life […]

  • NLP is Raising the Bar on Accurate Detection of Adverse Drug Events

     David Talby, CTO, John Snow Labs Each year, Adverse Drug Events (ADE) account for nearly 700,000 emergency department visits and 100,000 hospitalizations in the US alone. Nearly 5 percent of hospitalized patients experience an ADE, making them one of the most common types of inpatient errors. What’s more, many of these instances are hard to […]

  • Recent Executive Hires: CVS Health New President, Cleveland Clinic/Amwell Joint Venture Leadership, Others

    Neela Montgomery, EVP & President at CVS Pharmacy/Retail CVS Health Corporation names Neela Montgomery Executive Vice President and President of CVS Pharmacy/Retail, effective November 30, 2020. Montgomery will oversee the company’s 10,000 pharmacies across the United States. Montgomery, currently a Board Partner at venture capital firm Greycroft, most recently served as chief executive officer of […]

  • UCB Taps Medisafe to Develop Branded Digital Drug Companions for Antiepileptic Medications

    What You Should Know: – UCB has selected Medisafe to develop branded digital drug companions for antiepileptic medications, marking the company’s official entry into the digital therapeutics space. – The initial collaboration will primarily be focused on their antiepileptic medications, but they are exploring its use for additional brands.  Medisafe, a leading digital therapeutics company […]

  • COTA Lands $34M to Drive Innovation in Oncology Using Real-World Data

    What You Should Know: – COTA, Inc., a healthcare technology company that uses real-world data to bring clarity to cancer care, has secured $34M in funding. – Access to over one million patient data records and additional funding support enhanced real-world data and analytics services in oncology. COTA, Inc., a Boston, MA-based healthcare technology company […]

  • FDA Authorizes First At-Home COVID-19 Test, Results in 30 Mins or Less

    What You Should Know: – FDA approves emergency use authorization (EUA) for Lucira Health’s all-in-one-test kit for COVID-19 self-testing at home. – The streamlined Lucira COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit, which fits in the palm of a hand, extracts genetic material from the virus and amplifies it. This process takes up to 30 minutes, but a […]

  • Change Healthcare Unveils Social Determinants of Health Analytics Solution

    What You Should Know: – Change Healthcare launches national data resource on social determinants of health (SDoH) for doctors, insurers and life sciences organizations to better understand the connection between where a person lives and how they live their life to the care a patient receives and their health outcome. – 80% of U.S. health […]

  • 8 Ways Advanced Analytics Can Help You Decide If Telehealth Should Be Temporary or Permanent

    Prasad Dindigal, Vice President, Healthcare & Life Sciences, EXL. Over the past few months, primarily as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has gone from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” for healthcare providers. The surge of COVID-19 patients in the spring, coupled with “stay-at-home” orders in many states, meant that many patients in need […]

  • AstraZeneca, CCT Partner to Conduct COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials in Arizona

    What You Should Know: – AstraZeneca and CCT announce a partnership to conduct COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials in Arizona with 1,500 participants. CCT Research (CCT), a leader in community-based, embedded clinical research, today announced its partnership with AstraZeneca to advance COVID-19 research. Together with local healthcare providers, CCT will facilitate clinical trials for the AZD1222 COVID-19 VACCINE, an investigational vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19. CCT is recruiting eligible study participants who are 18 years […]

  • Peregrine Ventures Launches $300M VC Fund for Late-Stage Life Science Companies

    What You Should Know: – Israeli-based Peregrine Ventures launches a new $300 million venture capital fund named Peregrine Growth to focus on late-stage life science companies. – Peregrine Growth will invest $20 to $30 million per funding round, with a strong emphasis on companies that are on the verge of an IPO or M&A.  Peregrine […]

  • Healthcare execs going all-in on AI, survey shows

    The survey, conducted by Optum, shows that healthcare executives’ confidence in AI is high, and most expect to soon see cost savings from implementing the technology. Further, a majority are looking to hire talent with experience developing AI.

  • Cytek Biosciences Raises $120M To Expand Spectral Cell Analysis Systems

    What You Should Know: – Cytek Biosciences raises 120M in Series D funding – underscoring the company’s growing momentum and significant contributions to the field of cell analysis. – Cytek, whose innovative flow cytometers represent the first big technological leap in flow cytometry in decades, is currently transitioning into a complete solution provider for the […]

  • Kyowa Kirin backs €125m life science fund closed by Fountain Healthcare

    Ireland-based Fountain Healthcare Partners has raised another €125 million ($131 million) for its third life sciences fund – 25% ahead of its target – and says it will pump most of the money into European therapeutics and medical device companies. The latest cash injection adds to the €118 million initially raised by Fountain Healthcare for […]

  • Mammoth Lands 2 Major Partnerships to Use CRISPR to Solve COVID19 Testing Shortage, At Scale

    What You Should Know: – Mammoth Biosciences signs agreements with MilliporeSigma and Hamilton company targeting commercialization of high-throughput CRISPR-based SARS CoV-2 Test. – These partnerships will help Mammoth bring a turnkey CRISPR-based sample-to-answer solution for commercial laboratories to enable a multi-fold increase in a testing capacity. Mammoth Biosciences, Inc., announced that it has signed agreements […]

  • Mission Bio Launches Single-Cell Multi-Omics System for Precision Cancer Therapies

    What You Should Know: – Mission Bio launches industry’s first and only single-cell multi-omics platform, is announcing the launch of its most comprehensive instrument to-date, to save the industry billions of dollars in drug development costs and bring life-saving treatments to market at least six months faster. – Mission Bio’s Tapestri Platform, the first single-cell […]

  • CVS Health Adds 1,000 COVID-19 Rapid-Result Testing at Retail Pharmacy Locations

    What You Should Know: – CVS Health announced plans to expand COVID-19 testing services by offering rapid-result testing at select CVS Pharmacy locations and through the company’s return to work COVID-19 testing solution, Return Ready. – Rapid-result tests can help to slow the spread of the virus, especially when combined with other preventive measures including […]

  • Medidata Acquires Digital Biomarker Business of MC10 / Clinical Trials & Wearable Sensors

    What You Should Know: – Clinical trials technology company Medidata has acquired the digital biomarker business of MC10. – MC10’s offerings will bring novel clinical analytics and biosensor capabilities to Medidata’s existing technology solutions, enhancing Medidata’s capabilities to integrate data from wearable sensors – including clinical grade metrics – in clinical trials. – With this […]

  • Press Ganey Acquires, Acquires Majority Stake in Binary Fountain

    What You Should Know: – Press Ganey advances the healthcare consumerism movement with acquisitions of and a majority stake in Binary Fountain. – Expanded technology platform enables industry-leading management of providers’ online brand and seamless Web-wide patient acquisition and loyalty strategies. Press Ganey today announced the expansion of its market-leading health care consumerism platform […]

  • How Low-Code Solutions Reduce Headaches for Healthcare CIOs

    Ruby Raley, VP of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Axway Twenty years ago, technology consultants started advising CIOs to build less. That’s when the movement towards Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) began.  Today, there are many shops, especially those in small and medium-sized organizations, with few programmers who build new applications from scratch.   Yes, they […]

  • Complimentary trend analysis report: Emerging trends in pancreatic cancer research

    Pancreatic cancer sadly remains one of the most deadly cancers in existence, partly because it often goes undiagnosed until it has already metastasized. Finding new and better therapies to fight pancreatic cancer means accelerating the research. A new report just released from Elsevier’s Professional Services Group, titled Text mining to identify emerging trends in the […]

  • J.P. Morgan on the state of life sciences and strategies to fuel innovation [Sponsored]

    In an interview, Peter Meath, J.P. Morgan’s co-head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Middle Market Banking & Specialized Industries, says the Covid-19 pandemic has cast a bright light on the life sciences industry with startups raising venture funding at record levels as the virus has transformed the way people usually do business in the sector. 

  • Insights begin with clean, reusable data

    Good data practices lead to better research outcomes. To learn more about why clean, reusable data is critical to R&D, take a look at this helpful new infographic that demonstrates how Entellect is centered around the importance of reusable data, irrespective of scientific domain.

  • KPMG Launches COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Donor Matching Solution

    What You Should Know: – KPMG offers its data & analytics capabilities to address emerging challenges tied to matching recovered patients with those in clinical trials to receive convalescent plasma. – KPMG’s capabilities can make the plasma donation process easier and more efficient by automating the complex tasks and logistics associated with the data collection, qualification […]

  • UK Cancer Diagnostics Startup Biofidelity Raises $12M

    What You Should Know: – UK-based Biofidelity raises $12 million in Series A funding to accelerate the launch of disruptive cancer diagnostic technology. – The funding will be used to bring technology to market, enabling a dramatic simplification of precision genetic testing to ensure many more cancer patients receive optimal diagnosis and therapy. Biofidelity Ltd, a […]

  • emids Acquires Payer IT Consulting Firm FlexTech

    What You Should Know: – emids – a leader in digital engineering and transformation solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industries – today announced the acquisition of Nevada-based FlexTech, a payer IT consulting firm recognized by KLAS as a category leader. – The FlexTech deal will drive expanded channel partnership opportunities for emids among […]

  • Castor Raises $12M to Advance COVID-19 Research Through Clinical Trial and Data Automation

    What You Should Know: – Castor raises $12M in Series A funding to further their support for COVID-19 research through clinical trial and data automation. – With 4,000 live studies and 2,000,000 enrolled patients across 90 countries, Castor will use the funding to further invest in enabling patient-centric, data-powered clinical trials. Castor, a Hoboken, New […]

  • THREAD Lands $50M for Decentralized Clinical Trial Research Platform

    What You Should Know: – THREAD receives an additional $50 million capital commitment from Water Street and JLL Partners to expand its decentralized clinical trial research platform – THREAD is an innovative technology and service provider that increases participant engagement by enabling pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations to remotely capture data from participants and sites […]

  • Bayer, Verizon Partner to Build Next-Gen Global Network Infrastructure

    What You Should Know: – Bayer announced that it has chosen Verizon Business to build a next-gen global network infrastructure to support the pharmaceutical giant’s global business operations.  – Verizon will enhance Bayer’s existing network capabilities to enable easier and more cost-effective network management and will deploy next-generation network technologies, such as software-defined networking (SDN), to further improve resilience, flexibility, […]

  • Moderna Leverages AWS Cloud Platform to Develop New Class of Vaccines and Therapeutics

    What You Should Know: – Moderna, Inc., a biotechnology company pioneering a new class of messenger RNA (mRNA) medicines, has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider, as well as its standard for analytics and machine learning workloads. – By building and scaling its operations on AWS, Moderna is able to quickly design research […]

  • Talis Awarded $25M NIH Contract for Point-of-Care COVID-19 Testing

    What You Should Know: – Today, Talis Biomedical Corporation announced it has been awarded a $25M contract from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as part of Phase 2 of its Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) initiative as well as another $100 million in additional financing.   – The new funding will be used to […]

  • Super-Spreading of COVID-19 Co-Infections Reveals a Deadly Diagnostics Gap

    Oliver Schacht, PhD, CEO of OpGen Secondary bacterial or fungal co-infections in COVID-19 patients have received inadequate attention from the public. For most, co-infections pose little to no risk according to reports that an estimated 8% of patients are found to experience this during hospital admission – a relatively low number compared to the global impact of the […]

  • W2O Acquires Discern Health to Strengthen Value-Based Care Capabilities

    What You Should Know: – W2O announced today the acquisition of Discern Health, a leading healthcare consultancy based in Washington, DC, and Baltimore, to strengthen its strategic capabilities in assisting clients with critical healthcare policy trends and value-based reimbursement models. – Discern Health brings experts with decades of experience in quality, health care measurement, and payment […]

  • Virtual Behavioral Health Could Reduce Costs, Improve Patient Outcomes, Report Finds

    What You Should Know: – A new Accenture report called “Breakthrough Behavioral Health Access: Think Virtual” finds that the use of virtual behavioral health could expand care for more than 53 million Americans facing these conditions. – Demand for behavioral health specialists significantly outweighs current availability; in addition to severe wait times of 25 days […]

  • Activ Surgical Raises $15M Advance Autonomous and Collaborative Surgery

    What You Should Know: – Digital surgery pioneer Activ Surgical raises $15M in funding led by ARTIS Ventures to accelerate U.S. commercialization and European expansion efforts for its ActiveEdge platform, which enables existing surgical systems, from scopes to robots, to visualize, characterize and track tissue, in real-time beyond today’s human capability.  – ActivSight, is an […]

  • Paige Lands Additional $15M for AI-Native Digital Pathology Ecosystem

    What You Should Know: – Paige secures an additional $15M from Goldman Sachs for a total Series B funding round of $70M for its AI-native digital pathology ecosystem. – The company’s continued product portfolio of innovation in telepathology and digital diagnostics accelerated by further investment. Paige, an NYC-based leader in computational pathology transforming the diagnosis […]

  • COVID-19 Has Permanently Shifted Patient Behavior Towards Virtual Care

    What You Should Know: – The COVID-19 crisis has significantly impacted the patient care paradigm, and the ripple effects have altered patient behaviors and expectations, requiring a significant change in how life sciences companies engage with and support patients – Accenture surveyed 2700 patients about changes in care during COVID-19 and found a major shift […]

  • Scripps Research, Repurpose.AI Partner to Develop COVID-19 Therapeutics

    What You Should Know: – Repurpose.AI, has partnered with Scripps Research to discover drug candidates that may be repurposed to treat COVID-19.  – The partnership will leverage Repurpose.AI’s ActivPred AI Drug Discovery Platform, an unbiased drug, target, and disease agnostic digital chemistry engine, to discover drug candidates to treat COVID-19.  Scripps Research is teaming up […]

  • New Lighthouse Initiative to Provide De-identified Patient Data for VIRUS COVID-19 Registry

    What You Should Know: – PointClickCare introduces the Lighthouse initiative, which will provide de‐identified data on COVID‐19 diagnosed patients, including demographics, vitals, medications and health‐related outcomes, in order to better understand health outcomes post‐ICU.  – Comprehensive data sets are especially critical tools in responding to crises like the current COVID-19 pandemic, and this initiative is one example of PointClickCare’s efforts to […]

  • Cleveland Clinic Florida Opens Florida Research and Innovation Center

    What You Should Know: – Cleveland Clinic Florida opens Florida Research and Innovation Center that will advance innovative translational research, focused on immuno-oncology and infectious diseases, including COVID-19. – The 107,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art research facility features modern laboratory space, biosafety level 3 facilities for work with infectious agents, and office space for support services on eight […]

  • Propeller Health, Novartis Co-Package Asthma Medication in Europe for Prescription

    What You Should Know: – Propeller Health announced it will co-package a new asthma medication from Novartis, which was approved by the European Commission this week for use in the EU. – Enerzair® Breezhaler® plus Propeller Health sensor is the first asthma medication to be co-packaged and co-prescribed with a digital health platform. – Propeller’s […]