A Pakistan National Underwent Kidney Transplant in Turkey

Mr Fareed Khan, a 40-year-old Pakistan national, was suffering from polycystic kidney disease and was looking to get a kidney transplant. Mr Fareed decided that the best treatment for him would be available abroad and decided to pursue overseas surgery options. He came across MediGence and one of his relatives contacted us by sending an enquiry form.

At MediGence, our case manager got in touch with them and received all his records and after seeing all the documents, the best possible hospital and doctor was carefully selected keeping Mr Fareed’s financial constraint in mind. Mr Fareed decided that Medicana Camlica Hospital, Istanbul -Turkey and Dr. Murat Tuncer (nephrologist) Dr. Volkan Turunc (surgeon) would be the best fit for him.

Mr Fareed travelled to Istanbul on the 23rd August 2020. He was accompanied by a related donor, as well as an family member who served as an attendant for them.

After reaching the hospital, the patient’s medical records were assessed by the doctors and experts at the hospital. The pre-transplantation tests for the patient and the donor initiated the same day of the arrival.

Mr Fareed was told that his kidney was not functioning properly, and a transplant needed to be done at the earliest. Once all the tests were completed, their case was passed by the ethics committee in Turkey for transplantation and thereafter, the surgery was carried out. The procedure was a success and he gradually started to recover. He stayed for around 30 days in the country and was able to make a full recovery. He spent around 12 days in the hospital after the surgery so that he could recover properly.

MediGence assisted them throughout their journey, from selecting the accommodation options to booking appointments and scheduling the surgery. Mr Fareed was impressed with the medical treatment he received at the Medicana Camlica Hospital, Istanbul -Turkey. He was also very satisfied with the hospital staff and the clinical team.

He thanked MediGence for their vital role in helping him treat his condition and receiving the best treatment. Apart from receiving expert help in selecting the doctor, hospital and country to get the transplant done, he was also provided with many additional facilities such as filing visa applications, Hospital Transfer Co-ordination, Airport Pick-up Co-ordination, Hospital Appointment Co-ordination and Follow-up visits as well.

Team MediGence wishes Mr Fareed a very happy and healthy future.

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A Trinidad and Tobago Patient Underwent Kidney Transplant in Turkey

Desiree has been a renal patient for many years. She underwent the first renal transplantation more than a decade ago and now since her creatinine levels had started to increase again, the local doctors in Trinidad and Tobago suggested that it is time to go for another kidney transplant.

She came to India in early 2019 for a kidney transplant surgery, however, it was not performed since she had antibodies against her sisters’ blood type and it was discovered during the pre-transplantation work-up. So the team in India suggested her plasmapheresis, which she was not very keen to opt for due to the difference in the cost and also the associated risks.

She contacted MediGence while she was there in India to known what options she has abroad and if she can be listed in the kidney exchange program in any of the countries. The team reached back to her to understand her requirement and know more about the clinical status. They recommended her Turkey for the kidney exchange program, however, the family decided to return to Trinidad at the time and decide later.

Desiree contacted the team again after a few months after having made up their mind to proceed ahead and get re-evaluation done to see if the antibody levels have changed or if she needs to be on the kidney exchange program along with her sister.

She had decided to explore options from Turkey and therefore, the team consulted nephrology and kidney transplant teams across different hospitals and she decided to proceed ahead with Istinye University LIV Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

The team did explain to her that she and her sister will be subjected to investigations, after which it will be decided whether they can proceed ahead with transplantation or some additional treatment is required before that.

They arrived in Turkey and were picked up and accommodated by the hospital team, The round of investigations began and the doctors realized that the level of antibodies had gone down significantly and that she would only need one or two sessions of plasmapheresis and then they can proceed with transplantation.

She and her family were completely satisfied with the opinion as well as the recommendations of the team and they decided to go ahead with it.

The kidney transplant was carried out about two weeks after their arrival and she continued to recover and get better afterward with each passing day. Post-operative tests were conducted every other day to see that everything is okay and that she has accepted the organ from her sister.

Desiree and her family were completely satisfied and happy with the overall clinical guidance and services provided by MediGence as well as the hospital.

Team MediGence wishes him a very happy and healthy future.

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