Could the answer to misaligned payer incentives be a futures market for health interventions?

Payer incentives are often not aligned with implementing interventions that will benefit patient health the most in the long term. Enter Nobil, which aims to create a healthcare futures market that invests in interventions with the greatest impact over time.

THCB Gang Episode 23 LIVE 8/27 1PM/4PM ET!

Episode 23 of “The THCB Gang” will be live-streamed on Thursday, August 27th! Tune in below! Joining Matthew Holt (@boltyboy) today are some of our regulars: health futurist Ian Morrison (@seccurve), WTF Health Host Jessica DaMassa (@jessdamassa), health care consultant Daniel O’Neill (@dp_oneill), and a few more! The conversation will revolve around the recent investments …

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