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  • Herd immunity is nice – but what about me?

    Shahrokh Shabahang discusses why we need a personalised approach to COVID-19 immunity testing. To-date, the battle against COVID-19 has been waged largely in the field of public health, using a series of binary, black-and-white thresholds to measure progress. The number of positive cases per 100,000 people, yes/no results on PCR tests, absence or presence of […]

  • ViewPoints Article: Adjunctive Nutraceutical Therapies Supporting Immunity in COVID-19

    Nutraceuticals such as active phytochemicals, functional foods, and dietary supplements have medicinal properties and a variety of health benefits. The Indian subcontinent has been renowned for a home to various medicinal plant species because of climate conditions. These medicinal plant species have a novel role in managing multiple illnesses, including viral respiratory diseases, through immune […]

  • Insights+ KOL Articles: The New Normal and Covid-19 Vaccine Development

    Since the virus outbreak in China, all eyes are on the most awaited Covid-19 vaccine offering a glimmer of hope. Abide by social distancing, wearing a mask, and frequent hand washing – until we have a vaccine. This new mantra amidst all misery has created hope in the hearts of many. We have to accept […]

  • COVID herd immunity: At hand or forever elusive?

    By MICHEL ACCAD, MD With cases of COVID-19 either disappeared or rapidly diminishing from places like Wuhan, Italy, New York, and Sweden, many voices are speculating that herd immunity may have been reached in those areas and that it may be at hand in the remaining parts of the world that are still struggling with the […]