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  • Mount Sinai Furthers Its Contessa Partnership To Create Full-Continuum Home-Based Care Agency

    Contessa –  a high-acuity care provider and subsidiary of Amedisys Inc. (Nasdaq: AMED) – has extended its partnership with Mount Sinai Health System.  Under the extension, Mount Sinai South Nassau’s home health agency will now become a part of the two organizations’ existing joint venture. The JV now includes home health, hospital-at-home, SNF-level care at […]

  • Why An Active Public Health Emergency Is Beginning to Hurt, Not Help, Providers

    The public health emergency (PHE) was once considered an oasis of sorts, both for home health agencies and health systems looking to deliver hospital-level care in the home.  But after being active for two and a half years, the length of it – and the continued, but uncertain, prolonging of it – is causing problems […]

  • AccentCare CMO: Bottom-Up Payment Approach Key to Accelerating Hospital-at-Home Adoption

    The hospital-at-home movement has been a striking trend in the home-based care space over the last few years, but it hasn’t been driven by home-based care providers. Health systems and hospitals have been the ones benefiting from increased access to patients’ homes, sometimes partnering with home health or home care providers — and sometimes not. […]

  • Contessa Partners With Memorial Hermann Health System To Deliver Home-Based, Hospital-Level Care

    Contessa Health, an Amedisys Inc. (Nasdaq: AMED) company, has teamed up with Memorial Hermann Health System to provide home-based care services to its patients. Specifically, the partnership will allow Memorial Hermann to deliver acute hospital care, post-hospitalization skilled nursing care and palliative care services in the home setting. This new offering will increase accessibility for […]

  • Matthew’s health care tidbits: Is Covid over for the health care system?

    Each week I’ve been adding a brief tidbits section to the THCB Reader, our weekly newsletter that summarizes the best of THCB that week (Sign up here!). Then I had the brainwave to add them to the blog. They’re short and usually not too sweet! –Matthew Holt I am beginning to wonder, is COVID over? […]

  • Hospital-at-Home Advocates Believe the Model Can Stave Off Staffing Burnout

    Advocates of the hospital-at-home model are continuing to make a strong push for the extension of the Acute Hospital Care at Home waiver. Specifically, hospitals that have taken advantage of the waiver are saying it needs to stick around because it is actively driving both patient and provider satisfaction. “One of the focuses of [the […]

  • Clinician burnout? Switch them to at-home care

    Hospital-at-home advocates often highlight how the care modality improves the patient experience and allows hospitals to better manage capacity. There are other key benefits — such as protecting patients from hospital-acquired infections and improving caregiver’s job satisfaction — that should be brought into the conversation as well, hospital executives say.

  • Report: Rising patient acuity will force hospitals to rethink care delivery models

    The length of stay for adult inpatients is expected to rise by 8% over the next decade, driven by an increase in chronic conditions, according to a report released Tuesday by Vizient. The rise in acuity will exacerbate hospitals’ capacity constraints, so they may need to rethink their care delivery models and make investments in […]

  • How the Amedisys-Contessa Roadmap Has Changed Since the Acquisition Last Year

    When Amedisys Inc. (Nasdaq: AMED) purchased Contessa Health, it touted the acquistion as a future-facing move that would allow the company to care for patients across the continuum.  The company’s leaders knew it would be a near-term drag, and some analysts and home health insiders scratched their heads. Still, Amedisys reiterated the opportunity it saw […]

  • How the EMS Workers Can Supplement the Home-Based Care Workforce

    When Medically Home announced that it had received another round of funding money in January, the $110 million in the form of a strategic investment was led by a diverse group of companies. Kaiser Permanente and the Mayo Clinic were again partakers after they had already made significant investments into Medically Home in the past. […]

  • The Case for Centering Hospital-at-Home Programs Around Home-Based Care Providers

    Though it’s by definition the delivery of high acuity care in the home setting, hospital-at-home programs tend to be operated by and centered around, hospitals. But there are cost benefits to building these programs around home-based care providers, a Health Affairs article published on Tuesday suggests. The research came about as authors from Milliman Inc. […]

  • MidCoast Health System, Resilient Working to Fix Health Care’s ‘Forever Crisis’

    Seniors in rural areas often face more hurdles to gaining access to home-based care, especially in comparison to their urban counterparts. Resilient Healthcare’s recent Rural Health Initiative aims to address this. The program is the latest development for the rapidly growing in-home care provider, which specializes in treating higher-acuity patients. “Rural Health Initiative started when […]

  • Contessa Sees Home-Based Palliative Care as ‘Linchpin’ of Business

    Contessa Health’s leaders see palliative care as the true linchpin of their business and have plans to grow the segment in the near future. Though Amedisys Inc. (Nasdaq: AMED) purchased Contessa last year, it has allowed the company to operate independently, which has enabled Contessa leaders to maintain focus on their own growth trajectory, particularly […]

  • It’s time to rethink chronic care management

    To truly move the needle on healthcare costs and outcomes, we need a more integrated care delivery model. This should fill in the gaps between scheduled appointments and foster more regular connections between healthcare consumers and their providers.

  • CEO Kuldeep Singh Rajput on Biofourmis’ huge Series D raise

    You may have thought the days of huge digital health rounds were over. Not quite yet! CEO Kuldeep Singh Rajput talks with Matthew Holt about Biofourmis’ $300m Series D raise. They’re in the business of sensors, digital therapeutics and chronic specialty care (cardiology/oncology) and hospital at home. And as if that wasn’t enough, they have […]

  • How Resilient Healthcare Cracked the High-Acuity Care at Home Code

    Unlike some of the newer higher-acuity care in the home models that have launched in recent years, Resilient Healthcare was formed out of personal experience – not from pandemic-related challenges. In part, that’s why Resilient CEO Jackleen Samuel and her team were ready for the overarching shift that is now underway. Among its services, the […]

  • Bill Aiming to Significantly Extend the Acute Hospital Care at Home Waiver Introduced

    A bill that would extend the Acute Hospital Care at Home waiver has finally been introduced. Dubbed the “Hospital Inpatient Services Modernization Act,” the bill is sponsored by Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Tim Scott (R-S.C.), as well as Reps. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) and Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.). The bill would extend the waivers that have […]

  • The Next Frontiers for Home-Based Care Operators

    Right now, there are three sections of home-based care that I see as core components to the concept: home health, hospice and personal care.  There are companies that offer one, two or all three services in some spots. But there’s a growing group of home-based care providers that are hellbent on building out the “three […]

  • Medically Home Looking to Unlock Hospital-at-Home Model’s Untapped Potential

    The hospital-at-home model has finally gained momentum in the U.S. One of the beneficiaries – and drivers – of that is Medically Home. The company had already raised $64 million before two health care titans, Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente, tacked on an extra $100 million to its funding total through a strategic investment in […]

  • Medically Home Looks to Expand Business Model After Landing $110M Strategic Investment

    The hospital-at-home enabler Medically Home announced Monday that it was on the receiving end of another strategic investment, this one totaling $110 million. The Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente made a $100 million investment into Medically Home in May of 2021. Before that, the company had raised $64 million. The most recent investment was led […]

  • These 8 Deals from 2021 Will Shape the Future of Home-Based Care

    With all eyes focused on the home, it’s no exaggeration to say there were dozens of blockbuster in-home care acquisitions last year. But while all transactions directly impact the buyers and sellers, only a handful help shape the trajectory of an entire market. As I started to think about my own home health and home […]

  • The Top 10 Home Health Care News Stories of 2021

    The public health emergency continued to have an impact on home-based care providers in 2021. It didn’t define the year, however. As the top Home Health Care News stories of 2021 suggest, this year was about so much more than the COVID-19 crisis. Even more than the pandemic, the past 12 months have been about […]

  • DispatchHealth Teams Up with UCI Health to Offer Acute-Level Home-Based Care

    DispatchHealth has teamed with UCI Health to provide same-day in-home medical care throughout Orange County, California. “This partnership truly aligns with the expectations of UCI Health’s community,” Sara Crate, chief commercial officer at DispatchHealth, told Home Health Care News. “It solves the access challenges of at-risk and often homebound patients.” Denver-based DispatchHealth offers advanced-level home-based […]

  • Hospital at home: How to partner, not compete

    Expanding care services, adding specialty programs and supporting hospital-at-home programs can only improve upon the patient experience and the opportunities of home care, which will serve as a catalyst in the shift toward suitable care in the community.

  • Healing at Home: Answering the $30,000 Question

    By DAWN CARTER If you’ve been working remotely for the past year, would a $30,000 raise entice you back into the office? In a recent survey of 3,000 workers at dozens of large US companies, the vast majority of respondents said they would forego the hefty raise if they could keep working in their pajamas. […]

  • The Home health landrush: Getting ahead in a complex market

    Few people question whether care delivery will continue to migrate out of the hospital into new settings such as the home. The better question is, what services – specifically – will migrate to the home, and what innovations are necessary to support these migrations?