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  • Why You Should Not Abandon Traditional Media Advertising (& What to Do Instead)

    The pendulum has swung dramatically from traditional to digital media marketing in the healthcare marketing industry over recent years. Digital ad spending surpassed traditional media spending in 2019 and is expected to exceed two-thirds of total media spending by 2023.  Healthcare audiences live and communicate in a digital world. Understandably, healthcare organizations and the agencies […]

  • Major Healthcare Consumerism Shifts You Need to Embrace Now for Marketing

    Healthcare consumerism isn’t just “coming.” It’s already here.  What’s more, healthcare consumerism means big changes for healthcare organizations and officially ushers in a new era of the patient experience.   Are you modernizing your business to meet your patients’ changing needs and expectations? If not, you’re already falling behind. In today’s blog post, I share some […]

  • How to Build a Fruitful Partnership with Your Healthcare Marketing Agency

    Building a cohesive marketing strategy that supports your long-term business goals takes collaboration, time, and expertise—not to mention continuous oversight and optimization.  Hiring a marketing agency is an excellent option, especially when you need specialized expertise or simply don’t have the necessary resources available.  The challenge? Not every agency-client relationship is fruitful. And some can […]

  • Best of 2021: 14 Insights from Healthcare Marketing Experts

    As 2021 comes to a close, we have a gift for you — a roundup of the best advice on our blog from this past year. It’s been a pleasure working with and interviewing so many experienced marketing professionals. Whether colleagues or team members, these experts are the people who bring this blog to life […]

  • How to Measure and Optimize Healthcare Content Performance

    As a leader of a healthcare organization, you’re focused on achieving your business goals.  So how does content fit in? Ideally, it should support your primary goals.  Today’s best content marketing is aligned with business goals and drives profitable action. What’s more, marketing teams can demonstrate how content contributes to business goals.  If the business […]

  • Branding Checklist for Multilocation Providers: 7 Things to Consider Before You Start

    While branding can be difficult for virtually any type of organization, it’s often especially challenging for multilocation healthcare providers. We know this from experience. You see, most of our clients are multilocation healthcare businesses. We have worked with health systems, hospitals, practices, retail locations, urgent cares, ASCs, addiction treatment centers, and long-term care facilities. When […]

  • 3 Tips to Building a Living Brand that Endures Online

    How does a healthcare brand stay relevant in the digital age? How do you expand your reach and increase engagement on social media? And, how do you remain relevant to new generations of customers — all while staying true to your brand identity? Spoiler: You don’t do it by compromising who you are.  The only […]

  • Build Your Brand With Live and Virtual Healthcare Events

    Live events can be a core part of the marketing strategy for healthcare systems, hospitals and multilocation practices. But, as we all know, the last few years have challenged how we market and serve our clients — especially when it comes to live events.  I was recently invited to co-lead a webinar about events with […]

  • How to Build a Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy: A 10-Step Guide

    When done correctly, healthcare content can build trust and turn people into lifelong supporters of your brand. At the same time, creating superior health or wellness content can be challenging. It should always be engaging, informative, technically accurate, and compliant. The difficulty only increases when you want to produce amazing content regularly and within budget.  […]

  • 5 Steps to Creating a Breakthrough Healthcare Brand with Low Consumer Awareness

    Imagine being a health system marketing executive from a world in which your brand is highly recognized. Now, imagine transitioning into a world where people have low awareness of your brand and the type of care you provide. Johnny Smith, Vice President of Marketing Services at Encompass Health How do you build brand awareness for […]

  • How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Paid Search Mistakes in Healthcare

    Paid search is a powerful tool for healthcare marketers. Unlike organic SEO, paid search advertising (also known as pay-per-click or PPC) allows healthcare brands to attract patients and communities by instantly bringing a site to the top of the search results. So, why is the pay-off for PPC falling short for so many? This is […]

  • 6 Key Healthcare Trends Emerging from the Pandemic

    We know the pandemic has spawned new healthcare trends. And often, our business is in a unique position to observe and analyze these trends in real-time. With clients across the full spectrum of healthcare, we monitor how providers and other healthcare organizations are affected by COVID-19 and what they’re doing to evolve and survive. Employee […]

  • Healthcare Marketing to Seniors: How to Create and Distribute on-Target Messaging

    Is your “marketing to seniors” an audience turn-off? Are you inadvertently alienating the mature audience that you want to attract? Many people get genuinely upset—insulted, really—for a simple reason. This audience doesn’t like being included in the advertiser’s image of a “mature audience.” It seems to portray them as nearly over-the-hill, which is strongly contrary […]

  • A CEO’s Guide to Hospital Marketing Strategies: 7 Wins You Should Expect from Your Investment

    Hospital and health system CEOs must lead their teams to successfully deal with innumerable daily challenges. And we understand that there’s more than marketing on your mind. CEOs are responsible for delivering excellent healthcare to communities, patient experience, patient safety, physician relations, reimbursements, donors, employee relations, treating COVID-19 patients, vaccine distribution, capital investments, maintaining and […]

  • How to Create a Strong Hospital Brand that Attracts the Modern Consumer

    Healthcare consumerism has changed the way we do marketing for hospitals. Why? Because the patient is now the modern consumer. They demand more, and this demand has caused hospitals to develop consumer-friendly services and processes. While the previous patient was fine waiting in line, today’s consumer wants it now. The patient of the past took […]

  • How to Prepare for Google’s Upcoming User Experience Update

    Your website plays an important role in the overall patient experience, especially in the age of COVID-19. As important as interactions with staff, a website is where patients access health information, communicate with healthcare providers, and even make appointments. Google knows this, which is why user experience has always been a part of SEO best […]

  • Google E-A-T and Healthcare Content: How to Deliver the Quality Google Demands

    Did you know that Google demands exceptionally high standards from healthcare websites? Due to the potential consequences of misinformation, the search engine expects sites in the medical and health fields to produce content that demonstrates especially high levels of “expertise, authority, and trustworthiness” (E-A-T). If you’re a doctor, hospital, or medical organization, you understand and […]

  • These 7 Technical SEO Problems Can Cripple Your Website’s Visibility on Google

    Technical SEO mistakes can throttle the effectiveness of your healthcare website and its visibility on Google. What’s more, technical missteps can often invisibly impair the health of your entire website, not just a few pages. Over the years, we’ve conducted hundreds if not thousands of technical SEO audits and in-depth analyses. We’ve observed many commonalities […]

  • [Podcast] The Art of Human Care

    Hassan Tetteh, MD, author of“The Art of Human Care.” I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Hassan Tetteh, a US navy captain, associate professor of surgery of the uniformed services at the University of Health Sciences and adjunct faculty of Howard University College of Medicine. He was also a Robert Wood Johnson Health […]

  • Is COVID the Rx for the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Reputation?

    Darlene Dobry, Strategic Advisor, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring the world’s economies, healthcare systems, and communities to their knees, the Pharma industry appears to be the shining hope to help us return to a new normal. Could the industry’s response to this global public health crisis be the Rx […]

  • Why You Should Demand a Team of Healthcare Marketing Specialists

    Typical healthcare marketing specialists? We recently received an inquiry from the Marketing Director for a 40-location, single-specialty medical practice in the Midwest. Even though it was after hours, I was available so I took the call. Michelle (not her real name) and I hit it off immediately. She told me about her demanding job and […]

  • [Podcast] How Cleveland Clinic Helps Employers Create a Safer Workplace During COVID-19

    Dr. Jim Merlino, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, Cleveland Clinic Despite having entered the US eight months ago, COVID-19 remains a topic enshrouded in confusion, conflicting information, hyperbole, and even conspiracy theories. Everyone, informed or not, seems to have an opinion about the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, health systems, hospitals, and medical providers are  uniquely qualified to […]

  • Why Healthcare Should Care about OTT Advertising

    Connected TV, also called over-the-top media streaming, describes a new frontier for ad targeting and marketing campaigns. These terms are relatively new for businesses of all sizes, and healthcare organizations in particular have been slow to act on its opportunities. That’s why it’s a better time than ever for healthcare marketers to consider OTT marketing […]

  • [Podcast] How to Find and Select the Ideal Healthcare Marketing Agency: 8 Smart Steps

    Ed Bennett, Founder, MarTech.Health What’s the best way to choose a healthcare marketing agency? While I (Stewart) have plenty of ideas about the process of picking the best healthcare marketing agency for your hospital, medical practice, or healthcare network, I thought it would be valuable to ask my friend and venerable colleague, Ed Bennett, to share […]

  • How Are Healthcare Consumers Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

    COVID-19: The New Normal for Healthcare Consumers A “new normal” is emerging in healthcare for both providers and patients. Healthcare industry leaders and medical marketing professionals constantly struggle to keep pace with changes. We all have the challenge of adjusting to pandemic demands and shifting consumer attitudes. Some questions are emerging: What do healthcare patients […]

  • Healthcare Success hires new senior executive to lead creative development and execution

    The Healthcare-Focused Marketing Firm Welcomes Executive Creative Director Dana Callow IRVINE, Calif., April 24, 2020 – Adding to the recent expansion of its leadership team, full-service healthcare marketing and advertising agency Healthcare Success is proud to announce the hiring of Executive Creative Director Dana Callow. Dana Callow, Healthcare Success:Executive Creative Director A seasoned marketing professional, […]

  • Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Webinar: How to Adjust Now and After COVID

     We have never seen an addiction treatment marketing landscape as the one that continues to evolve due to COVID-19. Stewart Gandolf, CEO, Healthcare Success Kathy Gaughran, Senior Healthcare Marketing Strategist, Healthcare Success While some substance abuse and behavioral health centers are withdrawing from marketing, others are increasing their budgets to take advantage of the […]

  • Webinar: How to Rebuild Your Medical Practice Now and After COVID-19

    The following webinar was sponsored by the American Osteopathic Association and took place Thursday, May 7. Almost every osteopathic practice has experienced financial loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many are reeling. Fortunately, there are many marketing and communications strategies you and your team can implement to help protect your practice now and prepare […]

  • Vein Practice Marketing Strategies to Implement Now

    Marketing Strategies to Implement Now For Your Vein Practice A Webinar Sponsored by the American Vein and Lymphatic Society COVID-19 has caused massive economic disruption to virtually every kind of business, including vein practices. Which marketing strategies should you begin now, and which should you implement in the coming months as the crisis slowly subsides? […]

  • Telemedicine & Telehealth Emerge as Medical Marketing Opportunities During COVID

    March 17, 2020, may well be remembered as the day the telemedicine revolution finally took off. Telemedicine and Telehealth‘s adoption, fast-tracked by Coronavirus/COVID, will create profound changes in how healthcare services are provided — while also spawning new healthcare marketing opportunities. Telemedicine & Telehealth: Innovation & Opportunities Earlier last month, in the interest of public safety, […]

  • COVID Healthcare Marketing Questions: Pause, Pivot, or Push Forward

    COVID Healthcare Marketing Webinar COVID-19 has changed the healthcare industry quicker in the last two weeks than in the last 50 years. With medical practices temporarily shutting down and elective procedures put on hold, what should healthcare networks and healthcare specialists do with their marketing campaigns‘ strategies? Stewart Gandolf, CEO, Healthcare Success Aaron Clifford, SVP […]