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How a benefits navigation startup for LGBTQ employees won over big companies

Included Health, a benefits navigation startup for LGBTQ+ employees, recently landed two big clients, Walmart and State Farm. CEO Colin Quinn explained the company’s journey so far and why more benefits leaders are paying attention to LGBTQ+ employees’ health needs. 

In another blow to workplace wellness programs, study finds no improvement in health outcomes, cost

A randomized, controlled trial of a workplace wellness program found that it made no significant difference in employees’ health outcomes or cost over three years. But employees did have better self-reported health behaviors, about on par with those who participated in the program for a shorter period of time. 

Cano Health buys Doctor’s Medical Center for $300M

Senior-focused primary care provider Cano Health acquired Doctor’s Medical Center for $300 million, which adds around 54,000 new members and 18 medical centers to its roster. This is the second major acquisition for Cano Health in less than a month. The company bought University Health Care for $600 million in mid-June.

Report: As ambulatory visits fell in California, kids saw steeper declines than adults

In late March 2020, ambulatory visit volumes fell by more than 50% compared to pre-pandemic levels in California, according to a report by the state’s largest nonprofit health information network. Declines in visits were greater among children and adolescents than adults, which is “concerning,” the CEO of the HIN said.

Cano Health’s $600M acquisition will add 24,000 MA members to its roster

Cano Health, which provides primary care services for seniors, bought Miami-based University Health Care for $600 million. University Health Care serves approximately 24,000 Medicare Advantage members, which will bring Cano Health’s membership to around 143,000.

Truepill becomes a ‘triple threat’ with diagnostics

Truepill, the company operating behind-the-scenes to help digital health companies with pharmacy fulfillment and telehealth visits, has added a third feature: at home testing. CEO Umar Afridi hopes the trio of services will create a seamless experience for most people’s basic health needs.

ChristianaCare added a primary care practice to its cancer center. Here’s why.

When ChristianaCare’s Graham Cancer Center saw that a significant number of its patients did not have a primary care provider, they decided to take action. Now, any patient that doesn’t already have a PCP is connected to one onsite at the cancer center, expanding the care each patient receives.

Building affirming spaces for LGBTQ youth saves lives, according to Trevor Project survey 

Having access to affirming spaces and living with people who respected their pronouns made a big difference in LGBTQ kids’ mental health, according to a survey conducted by the Trevor Project. Youth living with people who respect their pronouns were half as likely to report attempting suicide than those who didn’t. 

Digital health startups saw better-than-expected revenue during the pandemic

According to a survey conducted by Catalyst @ Health 2.0, a whopping 41% of digital health companies said their revenue was above expectations last year. Despite reporting longer sales cycles, most companies still were optimistic about their business prospects going into 2021. 

MedCity Spotlight Video: Fruit Street Health on diabetes and telemedicine [Sponsored]

Although it has focused on diabetes management, Founder and CEO Laurence Girard says that the company is growing its telemedicine services to include virtual primary care support for other chronic conditions such as hypertension, mental health and smoking cessation that pair community and clinical components.

INVEST Pitch Perfect winner spotlight: Oshi builds digital approach for oft-overlooked GI conditions

As awareness grows around GI conditions, startup Oshi Health is building a platform to connect people to teams of clinicians and health coaches to better manage their symptoms. Judges picked the startup as the health services winner for MedCity INVEST’s Pitch Perfect contest. 

Survey: Large employers want more government action to curb healthcare costs

Executives at large companies feel that the cost of providing employee health benefits will become unsustainable within the next decade, a new survey shows. They want the government to play a bigger role in providing coverage and lowering costs.

Accolade to acquire telehealth startup PlushCare for $450M

Care navigation startup Accolade struck an agreement to buy telehealth startup PlushCare for $450 million. The goal is to support primary care physicians with information about a patient’s health and benefits, CEO Rajeev Singh said. 

These health services startups are finalists for MedCity INVEST Pitch Perfect

Representatives from five health services startups will present their companies to three judges, followed by a Q&A. The judges for the health services track include: Cheryl Chang of BlueRun Ventures; Keith Figlioli of LRVHealth, and Steve Tolle of HLM Venture Partners.

Cityblock nets another $192M, plans to expand into maternity and pediatrics

The startup, which provides primary care services to Medicaid patients, plans to use the funds to expand into new states and add maternity and pediatrics services lines. It also recently launched a vaccination site in conjunction with the New York Department of Health.

In adding more conditions, is Onduo becoming a me-too platform of Omada and Livongo?

Verily’s virtual diabetes platform, Onduo, is expanding to support additional conditions and languages, Onduo’s CEO Vindell Washington shared. How will the company differentiate itself among a growing number of multi-condition platforms, such as Livongo and Omada?

Folx raises $25M to expand direct-to-consumer health platform for LGBTQ patients

Folx, a direct-to-consumer health startup for LGBTQ patients, raised $25 million in funding. The company, which launched in December and currently operates in 11 states, plans to use the funds to further expand its footprint and expand into sexual health and family planning services.

Kaiser Permanente tests referring patients to 6 digital mental health tools

The managed care company picked six mental health apps that it made available to its members over the past two years. It recently published a paper showing patients were more likely to download or use digital health tools when referred by a physician.

One-fifth of U.S. healthcare employees told to bring their own PPE to work, survey shows

Companies across U.S. industries are working to ensure safety from Covid-19 in their workplaces amid dwindling finances. Personal protective equipment is a crucial part of safety protocols, but more than a quarter of U.S. businesses — including a sizable share of healthcare companies — ask their employees to bring their own.

What’s needed to make consumerization of healthcare work for patients? [Sponsored]

As healthcare systems strive to recover from losses due to the pandemic, patient acquisition and retention have never been more urgent, and patient experience has never been more critical. A new guide from Bright.MD offers a digital checklist on how to improve the patient experience.

Reimaging population health at INVEST Pop Health Virtual: Register today

MedCity News is partnering with the New Orleans Business Alliance to host the executive summit November 16-18. It focuses on population health and highlights where innovation and investment are occurring in the field.

Which healthcare startups will present at Pitch Perfect for INVEST Pop Health Virtual?

The healthcare startups targeting chronic conditions and population health presenting at INVEST Pop Health November 16-18 span prescription drug delivery to addressing social isolation.

DispatchHealth adds to evidence backing safety, efficacy of hospital-at-home programs

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and a growing interest in at-home care, DispatchHealth has published new data showing that its hospital-at-home program did not result in unexpected deaths, serious adverse events or patients being subsequently admitted to a skilled nursing facility.

Transforming the patient experience to enable informed healthcare decisions [Sponsored]

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on healthcare delivery, in many ways it has underscored the need for a healthcare system that can help patients easily navigate healthcare concerns as well as price transparency.

How to tackle the mental health crisis that will come with a second Covid-19 wave

To prepare for this next wave, healthcare systems and community mental health organizations must find ways to scale resources to efficiently screen patients for behavioral health conditions, match them with the right resources and then monitor their progress over time

Startups focused on chronic conditions and value-based care: Video from MedCity INVEST Digital Health

Finalists in the Pitch Perfect contest track, chronic disease management and value-based care, span virtual care for patients with neurological disorders and family caregivers, digital therapeutics for adolescent mental health, and personalized nutrition coaching to address chronic disease risk.

How the value of innovation will be redefined in 2021

While payers and policymakers took a more narrow-minded perspective on innovation value in 2020, the year 2021 will bring an increased focus on a treatment’s societal value, how innovation interacts with digital technologies, and whether new innovations are able to reduce existing health outcome inequalities.

Addressing behavioral health challenges for patients and employees: Video from MedCity INVEST Digital Health

In the latest video installment from INVEST Digital Health Virtual, a panel looks at behavioral health from the loneliness epidemic, workplace stress, and other challenges and the innovative tools developed to address these needs.

We’ve failed in chronic care management It’s time to change course.

In rearchitecting the system by training every care provider in every specialty, and enable lower-cost providers and communities, we will provide a new model of care where a physician isn’t the person who helps us when we’re sick — they help us be healthy.

And the winners of INVEST Digital Health Virtual Pitch Perfect contest are…..

The INVEST Digital Health Virtual conference Pitch Perfect competition, from September 21-25, had some intense competition between the healthcare startup participants. Thanks to all the entrepreneurs, judges and sponsors who took part.

Bodyport raises $11.2M, strikes partnership with Brigham and Women’s

Bodyport, a startup developing a scale intended to detect early signs of cardiovascular disease, raised $11.2 million in series A funding. The San Francisco-based company also struck a partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Blackstone’s $4.7B acquisition of Ancestry raises privacy questions

Ancestry, which grew from a genealogy tracking tool to offering DNA tests for a number of healthconditions, reached a deal to be acquired by Blackstone for $4.7 billion. But privacy advocates have raised concerns over the deal — namely, what would happen to users’ health data?

Primary care startup Oak Street Health goes public for $328M

Oak Street Health, which operates primary care centers for Medicare patients, went public on Thursday for $328 million. Its capitation payment model has helped the company continue on where many clinics have struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mount Sinai spinoff launches virtual trial network with the American Gastroenterological Association

Rx.Health, a Mount Sinai spinoff that stitches together digital healthcare tools, struck a partnership with the American Gastroenterological Association to create a virtual trial network. The company hopes to expand the toolkit to other patient registries in the future.

Secrets to Pop Health Management success: Take a leap of faith, be strategic, and collaborate

Population health management advocates need to demonstrate how redefining care management by adopting a holistic viewpoint to include what’s happening outside the hospital will help systems influence health at scale and improve care at a lower cost.

Two years after reset, Withings turns focus to remote patient monitoring with $60M raise

After Withings co-founder Eric Carreel bought the connected device company back from Nokia two years ago, the company has charted a more clinical course. With $60 million in new funding, Withings plans to build out a remote monitoring program for its medical devices.

Who won the MedCity INVEST Pitch Perfect competition?

Healthcare startups across health services, health IT, medical devices, biopharma and diagnostics tracks took part in the week-long competition at the conference July 20-24. Here are the winners for the five tracks.

How four healthcare executives are planning for the future of digital health

Executives with Kaiser Permanente, Houston Methodist, Providence St. Joseph Health and Highmark Health shared their thoughts on the future of digital health and how they used technology to care for their patients at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for Day 1 of MedCity INVEST virtual

Our annual INVEST conference, where investors and startups meet, kicks off today as a virtual event. Chris Coburn, chief innovation officer of Mass General Brigham, is a featured speaker and startups in the area of health services will present in the first track of our INVEST Pitch Perfect contest.