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  • 4th Treg Directed Therapies Summit 2022

    Turbocharge the Development of Best-In-Class Treg-Directed Therapies, Maximising Stability and Function to Deliver Safe, Scalable and Efficacious Therapies Globally As Biopharma turn their focus to autoimmune drug development, there has been an explosion of interest and investment into Treg directed therapies. Promising proof-of-concept data and early clinical read outs have fueled further hype, and the industry now […]

  • Diagnostic startups: Time is running out to apply to INVEST Pitch Perfect

    The point of care diagnostics and testing market has climbed dramatically with the rise of the Covid-19 public health crisis. We’re seeking applications for diagnostics startups who would like to take part in INVEST Pitch Perfect Diagnostics 2.0 track at the conference, scheduled to take place March 28-30 in Chicago.

  • LNP Formulation and Process Development in Pharma | April 12-14 2022

    Embrace Technology Innovations to Optimise LNP Formulation, Alternative LNP Raw Materials, Process Control to Achieve Seamless Scale-Up, Compliance & Cost Effectiveness  The inaugural LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit is the industry’s first forum dedicated to bringing together drug developers within the LNP field to share the latest scientific breakthroughs on formulation and process development. Across 3 […]

  • SMi’s 3rd Annual AI in Drug Discovery Conference

    Exploring the Impact of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Drug Development from Discovery to Healthcare SMi Group is proud to present its 3rd Annual AI in Drug Discovery Conference, taking place on the 14th and 15th March 2022 in London, UK. Chaired by: Darren Green, Director of Computational Chemistry, GSK Sponsored by: Optibrium With […]

  • SMi’s 6th Annual Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    SMi’s 6th Annual Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients 9th and 10th May 2022 London, UK Ensuring Risk-Based, Safety-Driven, High-Quality Operation The Global High Potency API/HPAPI Market is projected to reach 37 billion USD by 2027, growing at an ever-increasing CAGR of 8.43%. The expanding production of high potency APIs, along with the increase in […]

  • SMi’s 5th Annual 3D Cell Culture Virtual Conference

    SMi’s 5th Annual 3D Cell Culture Conference Virtual Conference: Online Access Only 9-10 February 2022 Sponsored by: CELLINK, CelVivo, Promega and Newcells Biotech Developing Complex, Translatable and Physiologically-Relevant Cellular Models in vitro Conference Co-Chairs: Stefan Przyborski, Professor of Cell Technology, Durham University and Philip Hewitt, Global Head of Early Investigative Toxicology, Merck 3D Cell […]

  • Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast 2022

    SMi’s 9th Annual Conference Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast Main Conference: April 25 – 26, 2022 | Workshops: April 27, 2022 Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA, USA Sponsors are: SCHOTT, ZEON, Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services, PHC Corporation, POLYPLASTICS- TOPAS, Weiss-Aug Group, Baumann Medical, BD Medical, West Pharmaceutical Services Device innovations, connected delivery and regulatory guidance for […]

  • Parallel Trade 2022

    SMi presents its 16th annual Parallel Trade conference on the 21st and the 22nd March 2022. As the only parallel trade conference in Europe, this event provides the perfect platform for industry experts from both sides of the coin to come together and share perspectives on the practice of parallel trade. The 2022 event will […]

  • Investor insights: Blake Wu of NEA

    In the runup to MedCity INVEST in Chicago, we’re spotlighting the perspectives of investors and what motivates them to invest in startups. If you’re a startup in pharma tech, value-based care and care coordination, diagnostics or remote patient monitoring/smart devices, apply to our Pitch Perfect contest today.

  • SMi’s 10th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology UK Conference

    Website: Sponsored by: CTL-MAT, Ecolab, Microgenetics, Novatek and NPC Chaired by: Di Morris, Clinical Auditor, AstraZeneca Exploring Robust Risk-Based Microbiological Control Strategy SMi’s flagship microbiology conference is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. The conference taking place on 17 and 18 January 2022 in London, UK will bring together microbiology industry experts. Microbiology remains an […]

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Congress (PHARMAP 2022)

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Congress (PHARMAP 2022) is held on June, 20-21, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. The Congress gathers pharmaceutical companies, CMOs and CDMOs, governmental bodies together with pharmaceutical equipment providers and service companies to discuss the manufacturing and packaging processes of the pharmaceutical industry. Among the participating companies are Bayer, Sandoz, Merck, Novartis, Roche, […]

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing And Packaging Congress 2022 Connects Pharma Leaders

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Congress (PHARMAP 2022) covers the current state of the pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging industry. The Congress gathers pharmaceutical companies, CMOs and CDMOs, governmental bodies together with pharmaceutical equipment providers and service companies. It will take place on June, 20-21, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. One of the major challenges for pharmaceutical executives […]

  • Reshaping events in pharma

    Healthcare professional (HCP) engagement experienced significant shifts during the acute phase of the pandemic, as COVID-19 forced a rethink of traditional pharmaceutical sales and marketing practices, including the digitisation of events. With medical conferences and events long a mainstay for pharma-HCP interactions, the pandemic’s travel restrictions, and lockdowns forced these in-person meet-ups to go virtual. […]

  • mRNA- Based Therapeutics Summit Europe

    We are excited to share the official programme for the hotly anticipated mRNA- Based Therapeutics Summit Europe! Taking place in-person in Berlin, Germany on 25 – 27 January 2022, this is your roadmap to expanding the therapeutic applicability of mRNA- based drugs and vaccines. Check out the official programme here. This meeting will showcase the pioneering work of 25+ European and global leaders across 3 […]

  • Next Generation Kinase Inhibitors Summit

    Turbocharge the Development of the Best-In-Class Kinase Inhibitor Products, to Enhance Specificity, Overcome Resistance to Deliver Safe & Durable Clinical Responses Celebrating 20 years of FDA approval and high efficacy profiles, kinase inhibitors have changed the face of oncology treatment. However, increasing resistance and safety issues limit the success of existing kinase inhibitor classes. The […]

  • 2nd Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development Summit

    Overcome the Challenge of Treating Unmet Medical Needs Caused by Mitochondrial Dysfunction The 2nd annual Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development Summit returns as the only industry-led meeting focused on overcoming the challenge of treating unmet medical needs caused by mitochondrial dysfunction. This forum will specifically focus on targeting mitochondrial dysfunction to develop therapies for chronic diseases caused by mitochondrial DNA […]

  • Who won INVEST Pop Health Pitch Perfect?

    Six healthcare startups took center stage at the conference and presented their approaches to addressing pain points in chronic condition management and population health.

  • A preview of MedCity INVEST 2022: A return to in-person conferences

    INVEST, scheduled for March 28-30, 2022 in Chicago, marks a return to in-person events for MedCity News. The conference, held in partnership with Mid-America Healthcare Investors Network, will spotlight healthcare innovation, investment trends, and share insights from healthcare executives.

  • 14th Annual Pre-Filled Syringes and Drug Devices 2022

    SMi Group’s 14th Annual Conference and Exhibition: Pre-Filled Syringes and Injectable Drug Devices 2022 – 12th – 13th January 2022 Sustainability for Drug Devices Focus Day – 14th January 2022 London, UK For delegate, sponsorship and branding enquiries, contact Alia Malick, Director on +44 (0)20 7827 6168 The Future of Drug Delivery and Combination Product […]

  • Transdermal and Microneedle Drug Delivery

    SMi presents the Inaugural: Transdermal and Microneedle Drug Delivery Conference 24th to 25th January 2022 | London, UK  For delegate, sponsorship and branding enquiries, contact Alia Malick, Director on +44 (0)20 7827 6168  Latest innovations in drug delivery beyond the needle SMi is proud to present the Transdermal and Microneedle Drug Delivery Conference, taking […]

  • TIGIT Therapies 2021

    Arriving at a critical point for TIGIT development, the 2nd Annual TIGIT Therapies Summit is the definitive industry-led event focused on propelling this next-generation inhibitor to clinical use. Enable TIGIT therapies to reach full clinical potential through uniting with 25+ TIGIT experts to discuss: • Refining Fc receptor co-engagement to inform effective drug design • […]

  • 6th Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit Europe

    Decipher Mechanisms of Action, Understand Clinical Data & Ignite Partnership Opportunities to Accelerate Your Microbiome Research Whilst emerging phase 3 data is set to ignite investment and uncover the reality of microbiome-based therapeutics, there remain analytical challenges and translational bottlenecks that the community must come together to overcome, in order to redefine biopharmaceutical treatment and […]

  • RNA Therapeutics 2022

    SMi Group’s 13th Annual Conference: RNA Therapeutics 2022 9th – 10th February 2022 London, UK Sponsored by: BIA Separations & eTheRNA Immunotherapies Bolstering the latest advances and opportunities in RNA-based medicine The RNA therapeutics industry has grown at an exponential rate in recent years, with an increased spotlight following the industry’s leading role in […]

  • Medical Wearables for Biosensors USA Conference 2021

    SMi Group Proudly Presents… Medical Wearables for Biosensors USA Conference 2021 Conference: 25 – 26 October 2021 Virtual Conference: Online Access Only Website: Exploring therapeutic applications of connected on-body devices The global wearable biosensors market is a rapidly expanding industry with increasingly growing potential for applications in healthcare and technological advances. With potential in […]

  • FREE – Gastrointestinal Cancer Drug Development Digital Summit

    The Gastrointestinal Cancer Drug Development Summit is the only biopharma-led conference dedicated to identifying and progressing therapeutic opportunities in targeted and immunotherapies, ADCs, and precision oncology to address the large unmet clinical need in GI cancers. **This meeting is free-to-attend for drug developers, research institutions, and not-for-profit organizations**. Register for your FREE ticket here: […]

  • Next Generation CAR-TCR Summit

    The cell therapy field is showing no signs of slowing down, with huge investment and excitement around next generation products and their clinical validation in solid tumour indications. Formerly CAR-TCR Europe, the new and improved Next Generation CAR-TCR Therapies Summit is now the only industry-dedicated forum focused on the 2.0, next generation innovations in cell therapies. This year, we’ll be specifically focusing […]

  • What’s on the agenda for ENGAGE at HLTH?

    MedCity News has collaborated with HLTH to present a patient engagement track as part of the HLTH conference from October 17-20, fittingly called ENGAGE at HLTH. Check out the panel discussions for this exciting track.

  • 3rd Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit

    Discover the Intricacies of Inflammasome Regulation, Leverage Inflammasome Proteins as Biomarkers & Accelerate Novel Inflammasome Therapeutics into Proof-Of-Concept Clinical Trials & Beyond Built with Ventus Therapeutics, Inflammasome Therapeutics, Merck & more, the Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit returns for its third year as the only industry-dedicated forum to discover the intricacies of inflammasome regulation and accelerate novel […]

  • 4th RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit – Digital Event

    The 4th RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit is returning once again this December, to reunite the largest community of thought leaders and experts in biology, chemistry and RNA therapeutics to discuss cutting-edge small molecule strategies capable of interacting with and modulating RNA with improved specificity, selectivity and drug-like properties. Join the leading RNA small molecule forum […]

  • 5th Antifibrotic Drug Development Summit -AFDD-

    The 5th Antifibrotic Drug Development Summit (AFDD) will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to progress early-stage candidates and avoid late-stage failures, know the studies that show early signs of efficacy and surrogate indication opportunities, and evaluate interacting mechanisms for new targets and biomarkers. This unique cross-organ, cross-disease discussion forum will host the transferrable insights […]

  • 2nd Applied Biocatalysis Summit 2021

    Advancing Sustainable, Streamlined Small Molecules, API and Fine Chemical Production using Enzyme Engineering & Scalable Industrial Biotransformations Attending the 2nd Applied Biocatalysis Summit is the perfect opportunity to understand the most recent developments in enzyme-catalyzed processes, computational technologies, and cutting-edge methodologies in biocatalytic cascade reactions to help the API and chemical industries apply biocatalysis more […]

  • INVEST Digital Health preview: The role of digital twins in life sciences

    INVEST Digital Health kicks off today and runs through September 23. Held in a virtual format due to Covid-19, the healthcare conference brings together innovative investors across the healthcare spectrum, prominent industry players and the most promising digital health startups. Register today!

  • AI as Business Leverage in Pharma & Life Sciences

    If there was an AI solution in the Life Sciences field, able to represent a real opportunity in terms of Customer Engagement and Digital Transformation, and if some of the most important players in the industry already had it, would you like to have the opportunity to listen to them?    This and other trend […]

  • PM Society Digital Awards 2021

    2021 marks the 12th year of the PM Society’s Digital Awards where we recognise the best in digital creativity, innovation and effectiveness from across the healthcare industry.  We pride ourselves on highlighting the best programmes, projects and campaigns across a broad range of digital activities. We are delighted to see a record number of entries […]

  • 16th Park Annual by Sahlgrenska Science Park

    Nordic Health Innovation: From realisation to business A virtual life science event with thought-provoking presentations, unexpected angles, future trends and pioneering ideas. The Nordic region is scoring high on international innovation rankings year after year. But is there a Nordic way of creating innovation? And what is required to take ideas from the Eureka moment […]

  • INVEST Digital Health Preview: Mapping the Digital Future of Pharma

    INVEST Digital Health is set for September 20-23, and held in collaboration with Medical Alley. The healthcare conference, held in a virtual format due to Covid-19, brings together innovative investors across the healthcare spectrum, prominent industry players and the most promising digital health startups.

  • INVEST Digital Health Preview: The State of Home Health

    INVEST Digital Health is set for September 20-23, and held in collaboration with Medical Alley. It brings together innovative investors across the healthcare spectrum, prominent industry players and the most promising digital health startups.

  • The silver linings at HIMSS 21

    Much like COVID-19 forced us all to slow down, to have more meaningful conversations and collaborations, so, too, did HIMSS21.

  • INVEST Digital Health preview: Big Tech Unplugged

    INVEST Digital Health is scheduled for September 20-23, and held in collaboration with Medical Alley. It brings together innovative investors across the healthcare spectrum, prominent industry players and the most promising digital health startups. It will be virtual due to Covid-19.

  • American Conference Institute’s Premiere Conference on Life Sciences Antitrust

    * Pay-for-Delay Lawsuits * * Price Fixing Investigations * * M&A Scrutiny in the U.S. and Abroad * * New Antitrust Enforcement Policies * Now more than ever, life sciences companies must remain abreast of the emerging enforcement trends as well as the government’s antitrust analysis for evaluating anticompetitive behavior. As we proceed through 2021, […]

  • Insights+ Key Biosimilars Events of June 2021

    Biosimilars are developed to be highly similar versions of approved biologics in terms of safety, purity, and potency Biosimilars are expected to be a cost-effective alternative to the high-priced branded biologics, offering significant and much-needed cost savings to both payers and the patients During the month of Jun, Celltrion launched Remsima SC (biosimilar, infliximab) for […]

  • 4th Annual MarketsandMarkets Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Virtual Congress

    Event description: Our 4th Annual MarketsandMarkets Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Virtual Congress-US Edition to be held on 28th June – 1st July 2021 would address the challenges and future directions in IO research. The congress aims to bring academicians, researchers, and scientists from research institute pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies to discuss the latest updates in […]

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Congress 2021

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Congress (PHARMAP 2021) will be held on the 28th – 29th of June, 2021 at the BGS online platform. CIOs and directors of pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, research and manufacturing directors, clinicians, IT project managers, heads from manufacturing and packaging pharma technology companies will gather to discuss the Manufacturing and Packaging […]

  • Pharma Supply Chain Conference Virtual

    Join us for an interactive, one-day digital event, where VPs, Directors and Heads of Supply Chain and Logistics come together to share their experiences, brainstorm challenges and take advantage of new opportunities in the global pharma supply chain industry. Helping you transform, redefine and innovate your supply chain strategy during these unprecedented times and beyond. […]

  • Prostate Cancer Drug Development Summit

    The inaugural Prostate Cancer Drug Development Summit is the only industry-led meeting uniting large pharma, biotech and pioneering academics with the ambitious objective of accelerating the clinical development of safe and effective therapies to treat prostate cancer. With sessions on both early and advanced stages of prostate cancer (Non-Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer (nmCRPC) and Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC), this is a conversation not […]

  • PM Society Training: Essentials of Pharmaceutical Marketing

    Who will benefit? New and aspiring marketers and those wanting to refresh their marketing thinking and be fitter to handle today’s healthcare environment. Topics covered Overview of pharmaceutical marketing Pharmaceutical marketing strategy concepts and tools Effective market and competitor analysis Increasing impact through effective segmentation & targeting Building competitive advantage through creative product positioning The […]

  • Partnerships in pharma: exploring intersections across molecules and software

    Earlier this year, Healthware Group and Plexus Ventures formed an alliance to structure deals for the pharmaceutical industry in the development and commercialization of Digital Therapeutic (DTx) products. Given the increased attention and growth seen in the market, both companies are leveraging their expertise to become go-to partners for life sciences companies looking to incorporate DTx into their pipelines. Healthware […]

  • 12th Summit on Biosimilars & Innovator Biologics

    June 22 – 23, 2021 (EDT) | Virtual Conference The American Conference Institute invites you to attend the Virtual 12th Summit on Biosimilars & Innovator Biologics on June 22-23, 2021! Gain government and industry insights on the Innovator and Biosimilars Marketplace from the U.S. FTC, U.S. FDA, USPTO, and leading In-House Counsel. As the number of FDA-approved […]

  • 3rd Annual Blood-Brain Barrier Summit

    The 3rd Annual Blood-Brain Barrier Summit is dedicated to helping drug developers enhance drug delivery across the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) to enable effective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. Now in its third year, this digital forum is the industry’s definitive blood-brain barrier conference, focused exclusively on evaluating innovative approaches to tackling the single biggest challenge for […]

  • The winners of INVEST Pitch Perfect are…..

    The finalists across health IT, biopharma, medical devices, diagnostics, and health services tracks were judged on criteria that included: completeness of overall plan, business idea, market opportunity, revenue model, and founder(s) experience.

  • Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Drug Development Summit

    The Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Drug Development Summit is the definitive industry-led forum for drug development in the largest solid tumor indication. This is a strategic conference designed to bring drug development teams together to address critical challenges surrounding therapeutic potency, tumor resistance and relapse and expanding the clinical utility of targeted and immuno-therapies, either in combination or […]

  • 2nd Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders Europe

    Returning digitally in 2021, the 2nd Annual Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders Europe meeting will possibly be your last chance to attend a European meeting without the airmiles! Focusing on the industry’s challenges of developing and delivering gene therapies to the CNS and bringing fresh faces and emerging companies into the conversation, this is not one to miss […]

  • World Orphan Drug Congress USA Virtual 2021

    On Wednesday, April 28th, the World Orphan Drug Congress USA is being held online for free! The conference brings together pharma, biotechs, government, payers, investors and patient/patient advocates in the rare disease space to discuss the latest developments that will lead to the future of orphan drug development. We are thrilled to announce some amazing speakers […]

  • 2nd Gene Therapy Immunogenicity

    The 2nd Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit is the industry’s definitive forum enabling you to better modulate, measure and predict immune response to your gene therapy candidate. In the context of ever-increasing gene therapy clinical activity and uncertainty around immunogenicity challenges, the Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit will unite large pharma and innovative biotechs to ensure that you’re up to speed on […]

  • STING & TLR Targeting Therapies Summit

    This is the definitive drug development forum for research teams to investigate how to modulate the cGAS-STING and Toll-like receptor (7/8/9) pathways both as monotherapies and as adjuvants in combinatorial approaches. This meeting comes at a critical point for the cancer immunotherapy field, as researchers look to increase patient response rates and the efficacy on checkpoint inhibitors in several […]

  • A preview of the INVEST Precision Medicine conference June 9-11

    The conference highlights the intersections of technology and life sciences through the prism of precision medicine. The topics at the conference span pediatric innovation in precision medicine, how tech companies are addressing clinical trial challenges, supply chain management, and more.

  • 9th PREDiCT: Tumor Models Cell Therapy Summit

    With high stakes to satisfy unmet patient needs, cell therapy is a promising but challenging field of oncology. There is a crucial need to progress candidates from bench to bedside. With that in mind, I am delighted to share the official agenda and speaker faculty for the 9th PREDiCT: Tumor Models Cell Therapy Summit. Taking place as […]

  • 3rd Cell Engager Summit

    With that in mind, the 3rd Cell Engager Summit (June 30 – July 1) is the only industry-led meeting focused on developing multi-specific cell engaging therapies in solid tumor indications, and accelerating early discovery innovation into the clinic. With over 32 world-class speakers set to share their ground-breaking insights, this is a learning and networking experience you won’t want to […]

  • FHCA (Florida Health Care Association)

    Florida Health Care Association hosts the premier conference for long-term care professionals in the state. As our attendees continue to serve on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority remains on keeping everyone safe while still providing vital information and education on emerging long-term care topics and trends.

  • Cell-Mediated Therapies for Infectious Disease Summit

    In the fight against emerging coronavirus variants and spike mutations, the need for long-lasting immunity is greater than ever. This is why the time is now to look beyond antibodies and capitalize on the long-term immune response of T cell therapies. The Cell-Mediated Therapies for Infectious Disease Summit is the first and only meeting focused on novel […]

  • BCMA Targeted Therapies Summit

    Built with thought leaders from Seattle Genetics, Precision Biosciences and Kite Pharma, the inaugural industry-focused BCMA Targeted Therapies Summit will share the field’s cutting-edge and aggressive scientific advances of BCMA therapies within multiple myeloma. This summit is the first of its kind, uniting thought leaders in BCMA therapeutics drug development to discuss their challenges and […]

  • Epigenetic Therapeutic Targets Summit

    Join the Epigenetic Therapeutic Targets Summit – the only virtual summit dedicated to the clinical translation and optimization of therapeutic candidates targeting epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression. Hear the latest clinical advancements in therapeutic interventions targeting all areas of epigenetic machinery, including DNA methylation, histone post-translational modifications, chromatin remodelling and non-coding RNAs, with case studies […]

  • Insights+ Key Biosimilars Events of February 2021

    Biosimilars are developed to be highly similar versions of approved biologics in terms of safety, purity, and potency Biosimilars are expected to be a cost-effective alternative to the high-priced branded biologics, offering significant and much-needed cost savings to both payers and the patients During the month of Feb, Biocon collaborated with CHAI to expand access […]

  • Genetic Vaccine Development for Infectious Diseases Summit

    The COVID-19 pandemic brought life-changing disruptions to people around the world and has turned the typical vaccine R&D process on its head. A combination of urgent need, unprecedented investments, and advances in genetic engineering has allowed what was once mere speculation to become not only our reality, but our future. With pandemic vaccines now launching […]

  • Drug Delivery Devices Symposium

    Drug Delivery Devices Symposium 10 March 2021 | GMT (UTC+0) We have the distinct privilege of unveiling Oxford Global’s Drug Delivery Devices Symposium, taking place on the 10th of March, 2021. Free Passes Now Available: This one-of-a-kind event brings together global leaders in the Drug Delivery Technology and Medical Devices field for an intensive one-day […]

  • 6th Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit

    Close the Clinical Gap, Discover the Next Generation of Microbiome-based Therapeutics, and Establish New Partnerships to Accelerate Your Research The most comprehensive forum for microbiome drug developers, the Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit returns for its sixth iteration! We will continue to unite forward-thinking researchers from the biopharmaceutical and academic communities to pursue the causal role of […]

  • 2nd TCR-based Therapies Summit

    The 2nd TCR-based Therapies Summit is the leading industry-focused meeting dedicated to supercharging the expanded TCR repertoire through enhanced target specificity, density and binding affinity for solid tumor indications. Join this exclusive community online to virtually network and learn from the leading experts in pharma, biotech and academia, as we discuss how to how to overcome on-target […]

  • Multi-Functional Cell Therapies Summit

    Advance Cutting-Edge Research and Development with Next-Generation Cell Therapies, to Deliver Best-in-Class Products to Patients in Need Cell therapies hold life-saving potential for patients, and the race is on to develop a best-in-class, living, ‘thinking’ drugs. Relapse rates and barriers to solid tumor efficacy mean the cell therapy industry must innovate, now more than ever. […]

  • Triple Negative Breast Cancer Drug Development Digital Summit

    Improving the Safety, Efficacy & Predictability of Monotherapy & Combinatorial Therapies to Fast-track the Discovery & Development of TNBC Treatments to Reach Patients in Need This is the primary industry platform specifically dedicated to providing you insight into the latest developments of safe and efficacious blockbuster therapies to treat triple negative breast cancer. Breast cancer […]

  • 3rd Microbiome Movement – Maternal & Infant Health Summit

    Harness the Maternal-Infant Microbiome, Establish New Mechanisms of Action, and Develop Breakthrough Health Products that Proactively Prevent Disease Risk Returning for another year, the 3rd Microbiome Movement – Maternal & Infant Health Summit will unite industry and academics in the exploration of preventative and therapeutic treatment of the microbiome during pregnancy and early life. The […]

  • What is the MedCity INVEST Pitch Perfect experience like?

    The INVEST Pitch Perfect contest is part of our INVEST conference April 19-23, which will be hosted online due to Covid-19, and includes five tracks for startups: biopharma, medical devices, diagnostics, health IT and health services. Read more on how to apply.

  • Gene Therapy Comparability

    The inaugural Gene Therapy Comparability Summit is the only industry dedicated meeting to ensuring your manufacturing processes are effective and comparable at every stage of development, supporting a seamless transition to the larger scales required for commercialization. This meeting will unite large pharma and innovative biotechs including Pfizer, Biogen, BioMarin and Takeda as they share best practices, lessons learned and analytical […]

  • Gene Therapy for Muscular Disorders

    With clinical holds lifting there has been more investment and clinical progress in the gene therapy for muscular disorders space than ever before, yet the consequences of toxicity are not a distant memory. Despite the successes, there are still withstanding challenges for gene therapy developers targeting the muscle when it comes to optimizing delivery and […]

  • Bio Integrates 2021 (Digital)

    Making new connections is vital to helping the biotech industry continue their journey. Bio Integrates creates these opportunities and provides attendees with significant opportunities to learn from and interact with our growing community, to enhance both current and future needs. Our debate-led format provides our attendees with the opportunity to hear from and ask questions […]

  • Insights+ Exclusive: Key Takeaways from the Webinar on HEOR/ HTA: The Evolving Role in the Indian Healthcare Ecosystem

    Intellimed Healthcare Solutions organized an online webinar on “Health Economics and Outcomes Research/ Health Technology Assessment: The evolving role in the Indian Healthcare Ecosystem” on 15th January 2021. The objective was to gain insights into the current scenario and the need for HEOR/HTA in India. Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) is a growing field […]

  • 2nd Manufacturing Assets & Facility Management in Pharma (MAFM) Summit

    Twenty-twenty has demonstrated the need for a 24/7, reliable manufacturing environment. Emulating on the first edition in 2020, the 2nd Manufacturing Assets & Facility Management in Pharma (MAFM) Summit will return in May, dedicated to aiding Engineering, Maintenance & Manufacturing Facilities leaders to collaborate. This exclusive, industry-led community will enable you to reduce COGs and maximize efficiency over just 3 days! Join this cutting-edge discussion with 80+ senior colleagues, including J&J, AstraZeneca, Merck KGaA to advance your […]

  • Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) Drug Development Summit

    Network with over 50 other industry pioneers including Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Genentech, Vicore, and AnaMar to hear first-hand how the latest scientific research is innovating and upgrading ILD therapeutics at this trailblazing new meeting. The 1st Interstitial Lung Disease Drug Development Summit is a ground-breaking new conference dedicated to helping you drive forward the development of effective therapies for chronic […]

  • Exclusive Webinar: Health Economics & Outcomes Research /Health Technology Assessment: The evolving role in the Indian Healthcare Ecosystem

    Intellimed in collaboration with alpha MD & IMPA along with PharmaShots as the media partner is gladly organizing a webinar on “Health Economics & Outcomes Research /Health Technology Assessment: The evolving role in the Indian Healthcare Ecosystem” The objective of the webinar is to discuss the need for affordable healthcare in India and the role […]

  • Medical Writing Landscape Advancement Summit | Virtual

    The Lincoln Health Network is excited to announce our 2nd Medical Writing Landscape Advancement Summit, March 3-4, 2021. Join us virtually, on the LHN virtual event platform to improve your medical writing strategies by understanding evolving regulatory protocols and submission guidelines, and learn how to improve quality and content optimizations. Visit our website for our […]

  • 9th Annual Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit

    The 9th Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit is the industry’s definitive and unrivalled forum focused on revealing hot and promising pockets of innovation in drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases and combating translational challenges by shining a light on pioneering companies leading the way to meet this dire medical need. Building on the success of last year’s meeting, this […]

  • Operationalize: Expanded Access Programs Summit

    Say Goodbye to the Worry & Uncertainty of Setting Up & Managing an Expanded Access Program This inaugural Operationalize: Expanded Access Programs digital event is here to bring you solutions. Dealing with a diverse and confusing global regulatory landscape, on top of an increasing number of access requests from patients, is no easy feat for people working in […]

  • 5th Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit Europe 2021

    As the first microbiome-based therapeutic steps closer to market approval, the scientific community continue to demonstrate the functional role of the human microbiome as a novel source of therapeutic, biomarker and diagnostic development. Despite this progress, the vast potential to develop effective treatments that target the human microbiome is still limited by the complex challenges […]

  • Coming up on Day 2 of MedCity INVEST Precision Medicine

    The second day of INVEST Precision Medicine includes presentations by healthcare companies in the Health IT track of the Pitch Perfect startup pitch contest, a panel discussion on interoperability and a panel discussion on building a bioinnovation hub. Register today!

  • Which startups will present at MedCity INVEST Precision Medicine Pitch Perfect?

    Among the areas of interest for companies presenting at Pitch Perfect at INVEST Precision Medicine are clinical stroke detection, making medical research more inclusive, using technology to accelerate the pace of clinical trials, developing more patient friendly drug delivery systems for reconstitutable drugs, and more.

  • 4th Antigen Specific Immune Tolerance Summit

    The 4th Antigen Specific Immune Tolerance Digital Summit (ASIT) brings together industry representatives from the fields of autoimmunity, allergy, immuno-oncology and transplantation to tackle the complexities behind autoimmune disorders head on. With momentum building for antigen specific immunotherapies, ASIT 2021 will be the only antigen-specific summit offering thought-leading content to drive the field towards a more precise and ethical antigen-specific […]

  • Cytokine-Based Cancer Immunotherapies Summit

    The renewed interest in the anti-tumor properties of cytokines has led to an increase in the number of clinical trials that explore the safety and efficacy of cytokine-based drugs, not only as single agents, but also in combination with other immunomodulatory drugs. Therapeutically targeting of soluble immune modulators in the tumor microenvironment (TME) has been […]

  • PARP & DDR Inhibitors Summit 2021

    Developing Inhibitors of Specific DDR Targets, in Monotherapy or in Combination, to Treat Predictable & Identifiable DDR-Defective Cancer Indications PARP & DDR therapeutics are exploding thanks to numerous novel next generation synthetic lethal targets reaching an inflection point. The PARP & DDR Inhibitors Summit is your only industry focused meeting dedicated to bringing DDR therapeutics […]

  • Insights+ Key Biosimilars Events of November 2020

    Biosimilars are developed to be highly similar versions of approved biologics in terms of safety, purity, and potency. Biosimilars are expected to be a cost-effective alternative to the high-priced branded biologics, offering significant and much-needed cost savings to both payers and the patients. Hence, the providers are more likely to adopt biosimilars as a “reference […]

  • Online Live Team Pharma Forecasting Training Now Available

    Working remotely can have its challenges, why not get together for a fun and rewarding learning experience and refresh your forecasting skills? Following the success of J+D Forecasting’s face to face training, the content has been redesigned to make it suitable for live, online audiences.  There are two types of courses, type one is tailored […]

  • AI Driven Repositioning and Repurposing Summit 2021

    Despite advances in science and technology, denovo drug development has been a costly and time-consuming process over the past decades. Given these circumstances, drug repositioning and repurposing has appeared as an alternative tool to accelerate drug development processes by seeking new indications for approved/shelved drugs rather than discovering de novo drug compounds. The newest computational […]

  • 2nd Gene Therapy for Blood Disorders

    2020 has been an exciting year for gene therapies targeting blood disorders. Despite FDA’s recent rejection of BioMarin’s hemophilia gene therapy program, the clinical landscape is progressing quickly with Pfizer and Sangamo kicking off their phase 3 and bluebird bio receiving European approval for their beta-thalassemia candidate. With pipelines advancing and emerging companies joining the […]

  • Gene Therapy Medical Affairs

    The inaugural Gene Therapy Medical Affairs Summit is dedicated to exploring the pivotal internal and external role that Medical Affairs plays in delivering gene therapies to patients. Industry pioneers from leading pharma and biotech companies at various stages of development and commercialization including Novartis Gene Therapy, Orchard Therapeutics & Bluebird Bio will share how to engage effectively with internal clinical and commercial teams as well as external HCPs, […]

  • TGFB for Immuno-Oncology Drug Development Summit

    Are you interested in finding the next breakthrough in immuno-oncology preclinical or clinical development? Recent scientific, clinical breakthroughs and high-profile industry deals have reignited the race to find the next blockbuster TGF-ß inhibitor for immuno-oncology applications. As such, the TGFß for Immuno-Oncology Drug Development Summit (January 26-28) is the ONLY industry-focused meeting dedicated to pharma, biotech, and academia who […]

  • Clinical Document World | Virtual 2021

    Join us at our 2nd Clinical Document World Virtual event on January 19-21, 2021, alongside your TMF, clinical quality, document management, and clinical professionals to explore a strategic clinical process and ensure a complete Document Management Process.  This interactive event will include thought-provoking sessions from a variety of different life science professionals, each followed by […]

  • Welcome to the CAR-TCR Summit Europe 2021

    Accelerate the Bench to Bedside Development of Novel CAR Immunotherapies for Safe, Effective & Affordable Advanced Therapies With CAR-TCR therapies on the cusp of achieving global approval, there are still many bottlenecks that are preventing this from becoming the ‘sell-out’ therapy that the field had hoped for. The CAR-TCR Summit Europe (16th-18th February 2021) will unravel […]

  • The precision medicine conference you don’t want to miss

    The summit gathers directors through the C-suite from across life science and healthcare sectors to discuss new developments in precision medicine, investment trends, and how health IT, diagnostics and biopharma technology are being used to improve outcomes.

  • Join the Frontiers Health 2020 Global Hybrid Conference

    Frontiers Health has emerged over the last years as one of the premier global events on digital health and innovation in healthcare. In the last five years, the conference has turned into a unique platform for deal making, networking and learning in the industry and has been repeatedly defined as a home to the digital […]

  • How is population health innovation unfolding in Louisiana? [Sponsored]

    With the annual INVEST Population Health virtual conference coming up November 16-18, here’s a look at our collaboration partner New Orleans Business Alliance. It plays a vital role in helping to stimulate the local economy by supporting the development and advancement of the healthcare and biotech infrastructure.

  • Pharma Middle East Virtual Congress (Dec 07 – 08, 2020)

    Pharma Middle East Virtual Congress (PPMC2020) layout many new ideas to resolve the most important problems related to the health and wellbeing of humanity. With all the scientific experts and professionals around the world focused on novel trends and advanced strategies emerging in the areas of pharma & chemistry, it provides unique learning and career-building […]

  • Don’t miss our patient engagement conference ENGAGE at HLTH Oct. 15

    Patient engagement and experience were coming into focus as part of the overall transformation of healthcare, but the advent of Covid-19 has thrust it to the forefront. Hear from patients, providers, retailers, tech disruptors and others about why patient engagement is paramount.

  • Product Complaints & Recalls Virtual Summit

    By having an effective complaint management system, life science organizations have a better chance to ward off inspections by using the appropriate guidelines and regulations. Monitoring complaint trends over time and having a complaint program improves the customer’s experience with your products. Part of the process is being ready for anything, while a recall is […]

  • The COVID-19 Effect: How Pharma Can Adapt to the Evolving Patient Experience

    Patient experiences are evolving. How can pharma keep up?By listening to the people who are navigating this new landscape everyday. Integrating personal experiences and patient-reported data, this one-day virtual event features real-time conversations between people living with chronic conditions and Health Union industry experts. Tune in to any or all of the sessions based on your interests and […]

  • 2nd RNA Editing Summit 2020

    Visit our website: The only industry-led meeting showcasing the recent development of RNA editing mechanisms and dedicated to realizing the research and therapeutics opportunity of RNA editing as quickly as possible. The Primary Industry Platform Solely Dedicated to the Tech Transfer, Translation & Commercialization of Exploding RNA Editing Approaches & Applications As CRISPR genome […]

  • AI-ML Drug Discovery & Development Summit 2021

    Visit our website: R&D & Clinical Processes for the Future: Accurate, Efficient & Cost-Effective The AI-ML: Drug Discovery and Development Summit is the industry’s definitive guide to translating the wealth of tech available to successfully implement a working and practically effective drug discovery and development platform. Designed with leading AI experts from R&D and […]

  • TIGIT Therapies Digital Summit

    The TIGIT checkpoint has gained much attention in recent years due to the number of roles it plays in several malignancies. TIGIT’s diverse function in multiple cell types has made it a lucrative immunotherapy candidate, with an increasing number of candidates being investigated in pre-clinical and clinical settings. As evidence of TIGIT’s clinical potential builds, the TIGIT Therapies […]

  • Patient-to-Patient Supply for Cell Immunotherapies Summit

    Achieving Standardization & Operational Excellence in Vein-to-Vein Supply As an increasing number of candidates enter the clinic and promise to be a mainstay in the future of cancer treatment, cell therapies pose unique supply chain challenges. From temperature and time sensitivity, to patient-facing delivery and chain of identity, these supply chain challenges must be overcome […]

  • 2nd Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit

    Harnessing the Potential of Macrophage Therapies Using Small Molecule, Antibody & Cell Therapy based Approaches for Oncology and Beyond The $4.9 billion acquisition of Forty Seven by Gilead is an example of the explosive excitement and investment into macrophage-directed therapies, utilizing CD47 checkpoint blockades, repolarization approaches and engineered macrophages, that we have witnessed in recent […]

  • Why MedCity News should be your go-to advertising partner

    MedCity News has the most engaged healthcare business audience in the industry. We can collaborate with you to develop customized content or provide a platform for your business to present sponsored thought leadership content highlighting from executives in healthcare and life sciences.

  • Important factors to consider when working with CRFs

    What’s the background on CRFs? A traditional paper case report form is known as a CRF (or paper CRF). An electronic case report form (eCRF) is the same as a CRF, except that it’s electronic. Both abbreviations tend to be used interchangeably, and are also referred to as forms. CRFs and eCRFs are used for […]

  • Who won the MedCity INVEST Pitch Perfect competition?

    Healthcare startups across health services, health IT, medical devices, biopharma and diagnostics tracks took part in the week-long competition at the conference July 20-24. Here are the winners for the five tracks.

  • Here’s what’s on the agenda for Day 1 of MedCity INVEST virtual

    Our annual INVEST conference, where investors and startups meet, kicks off today as a virtual event. Chris Coburn, chief innovation officer of Mass General Brigham, is a featured speaker and startups in the area of health services will present in the first track of our INVEST Pitch Perfect contest.