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After Grand Rounds and Doctor on Demand merged — what’s next?

The combined company, now called Included Health, is selling employers on its integrated virtual care and patient navigation services. Grand Rounds President Robin Glass shared more about what the company has planned next and how it’s setting itself apart from other digital health platforms.

What a platform for employee healthcare management including for mental health should look like

Employers today realize they must give workers choices to support their whole being, including resources to meet their psychological needs. Fortunately, digital health management platforms bring together robust offerings that evolve as health needs change.

In a first, Colorado gets CMS approval to make gender-affirming care an essential health benefit

All individual and small group health plans in Colorado’s Affordable Care Act marketplace must cover a wide range of gender-affirming services, including breast/chest construction and reductions and laser hair removal, starting Jan. 1, 2023.

Survey: 40% of health systems ramping up hiring efforts amid workforce shortage

A majority of organizations (93%) said they are focused on both attracting and retaining top talent, a new survey from Aon shows. They are offering various benefits to do so, including onsite or near-site health clinics for employees.

Vera Whole Health grabs Morgan Health’s interest — and a $50M investment

Morgan Health, JPMorgan Chase’s business unit, has made its first-ever investment in a company that provides a coordinated primary care model. Vera Whole Health operates a network of primary clinics across 10 states, supported by a technology platform.

A founder built a platform after bringing together her daughter’s health records. Now, employers are offering it as a benefit.

B.Well Connected Health, a startup that brings together patients’ health records and helps them navigate their benefits, recently raised $32 million in funding. CEO Kristen Valdes started the company based on her own experience advocating for her daughter.

How a benefits navigation startup for LGBTQ employees won over big companies

Included Health, a benefits navigation startup for LGBTQ+ employees, recently landed two big clients, Walmart and State Farm. CEO Colin Quinn explained the company’s journey so far and why more benefits leaders are paying attention to LGBTQ+ employees’ health needs. 

In another blow to workplace wellness programs, study finds no improvement in health outcomes, cost

A randomized, controlled trial of a workplace wellness program found that it made no significant difference in employees’ health outcomes or cost over three years. But employees did have better self-reported health behaviors, about on par with those who participated in the program for a shorter period of time. 

Inflated savings, hidden costs: How vendors who “carve-out” specialty benefits fail to deliver promised value

In recent years, a number of niche vendors have entered the market, promising significant savings for payers if they “carve-out” specialty pharmacy services from integrated pharmacy benefits management (PBM). While the savings they claim to provide sound undeniably attractive, they are often greatly exaggerated.

Quantifying stress & anxiety: Why corporate wellness programs will play a pivotal role in this paradigm shift

Establishing digital biomarkers which correlate physiological parameters with mental health and wellbeing not only has the potential to provide more reliable tools for guiding diagnosis and evaluating patient outcomes but will also improve our understanding of the pathophysiology of mental disorders

Survey: Large employers want more government action to curb healthcare costs

Executives at large companies feel that the cost of providing employee health benefits will become unsustainable within the next decade, a new survey shows. They want the government to play a bigger role in providing coverage and lowering costs.

Accolade to acquire telehealth startup PlushCare for $450M

Care navigation startup Accolade struck an agreement to buy telehealth startup PlushCare for $450 million. The goal is to support primary care physicians with information about a patient’s health and benefits, CEO Rajeev Singh said. 

In MedCity Pivot podcast, Glen Tullman says other care navigation firms aren’t really taking risks

Livongo’s founder has created a new care navigation venture because he believes that both the experience that people undergo as they look for care and the level of risk that vendors are willing to take when they work with self-insured employers leave much to be desired.

Northwell, Conversa Health join forces to provide employers with Covid-19 screening tool

A subsidiary of Northwell Health has collaborated with the virtual care company to offer businesses a Covid-19 screening tool for their workers. The tool helps identify employees who may have been exposed to the new coronavirus or those showing symptoms of the disease and suggests next steps.

Amazon opens 4 more primary care clinics with Crossover Health

Amazon, which opened a primary care clinic for employees in June, has added four more such clinics — all operated by medical group Crossover Health. The new clinics are based in Texas, but Amazon plans to open more locations in Arizona, Kentucky and Michigan over the next year.

How Bind Benefits’ CEO will use $105M to upend the health insurance market

Insurance startup Bind Benefits just raised $105 million in a Series B funding round to further expand into the fully insured market. CEO Tony Miller sees the company’s health plan product as a way for employers to stay agile while offering insurance in a rapidly changing world.

Startups to improve employee benefits: Video from MedCity INVEST Digital Health

Among the areas of interest for employee benefits startups that presented in our Pitch Perfect contest are: electronic patient care records, behavioral health, caregiver support and substance abuse treatment.

And the winners of INVEST Digital Health Virtual Pitch Perfect contest are…..

The INVEST Digital Health Virtual conference Pitch Perfect competition, from September 21-25, had some intense competition between the healthcare startup participants. Thanks to all the entrepreneurs, judges and sponsors who took part.