EHRs Are Workarounds, Rerouting the Way Physicians Work

By HANS DUVEFELT IT GUY: Hey, Doc, don’t make up workarounds, use the EHR the way it was designed. DOCTOR: Listen, your whole EHR is a workaround itself – around the way medicine is practiced. – Hans Duvefelt, MD This was a tweet I posted a while ago. I expected it to either go viral …

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Interoperability now needs to go beyond EHRs to include the larger digital health ecosystem

The next step in the evolution of interoperability will involve examining data flows in digital healthcare, according to panelists at the American Telemedicine Association’s annual conference. This includes looking into how data sharing will support telehealth, remote patient monitoring and programs involving wearables.

Epic v Cerner v Meditech v Allscripts: Who is winning Canada’s EHR Battle?

Meditech continues to hold the largest EMR market share in Canada, but it is losing customers — mostly to Epic, which has seen a rapid rise in popularity, a new KLAS report shows. The report delves into market share data and customer satisfaction insights to assess EMR vendors’ positions in the Canadian market.