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  • Distributional Cost Effectiveness Analysis: A simple example

    I have written previously about the need for distributional cost-effectiveness analysis (DCEA) which would increase the value of treatments who improve the health for individuals who currently have the worst expected quality-adjusted life expectancy (QALE). I’ve written about this in AJMC and Health Affairs among other places. One key question many individuals may have is […]

  • Steps Health Professionals Can Take to Reduce Inequality in Health Outcomes

    That is the title of an article in AJMC co-authored with Meena Venkatachalam. An excerpt is below: While decision-makers traditionally have ignored the issue of inequality, academic researchers have already developed tools to quantify a treatment’s value from reductions in inequality. Two common methods for doing so are distributional cost effectiveness analysis (DCEA) and multiple-criteria […]

  • Using HEOR Methods to Reduce Health Inequalities

    Join me tomorrow, 9/26, 12:00 PM EDT, as PRECISIONheor’s Jason Shafrin and Meena Venkatachalam discuss their recent blog commentary in the health policy journal Health Affairs on how novel methods of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis can be used to expand traditional value frameworks improve health outcomes for underserved communities. Moderated by Precision’s Kelly Wilder, there will be a live Q&A following the webinar. […]

  • Creating Incentives To Narrow The Gap In Health Outcomes

    That is the title of my recent blog post in Health Affairs with my co-author Meena Venkatachalam. The subtitle is “Expanding Value Assessment To Incorporate Health Inequality“. An excerpt is below: The brutal murder of George Floyd has brought renewed attention to systemic inequality that African Americans and other minorities face in the United States […]