Analysis: Care for the unvaccinated may be costing U.S. healthcare system $2.3B

The report, released by Kaiser Family Foundation and the Peterson Center on Healthcare, details the high cost of Covid care for the unvaccinated. In fact, the analysis indicates the figure could be even higher than $2.3 billion, as the authors did not take into account the cost of outpatient treatment for Covid-19.

Are drug prices higher in the US than in other countries?

Conventional wisdom holds that the prices of pharmaceuticals are higher in the US than in other countries. But is that really the case? And if so, by how much? Which price? The question we need to answer is “which price” do you mean? There is the manufacturer wholesale price (i.e., gross price) which is how …

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Survey: 42% of Americans may not go back to in-person care this year

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 vaccine rollout, a significant percentage of Americans say they are planning to delay care in 2021 or are unsure about in-person care, a new survey shows. Virtual visit options, insurance coverage and clear information on Covid-19 safety protocols are some of the factors that will drive provider selection this year.

Drone in your home? Telehealth makeover underway at Univ of Cincinnati

A group of inventors at the University of Cincinnati are developing a drone that can be used to conduct virtual visits in patients’ homes. The technology aims to fill the gap in telehealth delivery among those who do not have access to the necessary devices or have uneven internet connectivity.

Consumer awareness, needs generating shifts in precision medicine landscape  

Healthcare consumers are increasingly aware of specific therapies in development or on the market that can help treat the diseases they or their loved ones may be suffering from — and this growing awareness is changing the precision medicine arena.