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  • Mr. Jacob from Tanzania Underwent Full Body Health Check-Up in Turkey

    Introduction Mr. Bernardo Jacob is a jovial and full-of-life 42-year-old whose primary motivation for traveling from Tanzania to Turkey was to ensure that all his health parameters are good. He opted to come to Medicana Camlica Hospital for this specific reason, as it is a haven of excellent healthcare for all. He chose Turkey not […]

  • Patient Testimonial | Sitaram Reddy got a Health Check-Up in American Hospital, Dubai

    Introduction Sitaram Reddy from Congo had episodes of headache, back pain, and neck pain and he wanted to consult a good neurologist for his neuro problems. He also wanted to undergo a complete health check-up. While searching for a health consultant on the internet where he came across MediGence. Mr. Sitaram found MediGence’s health package […]