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  • Why Finding a Home Health Provider to Acquire Has Become Tougher

    When Coltala Holdings acquired a stake in Choice Health at Home in June, its co-founders – Ralph Manning and Edward Crawford – were ecstatic. After all, the Dallas-based private equity firm was looking to enter into the home health industry, but wasn’t sure it would be able to. Its confidence in finding the right provider […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #50: Ralph Manning and Edward Crawford of Coltala Holdings

    The 49th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! For this episode of Disrupt, Home Health Care News sat down with Coltala Holdings co-founders Ralph Manning and Edward Crawford to chat about getting into the home health sector in 2021 through the acquisition of Choice Health at Home. Dallas, Texas-based Coltala Holdings is a […]

  • PE Investment Strategies in Home-Based Care Becoming More Long-Term

    It’s no secret that private equity is shaping the present and future of home-based care in the United States. It appears to me that in-home care is also rubbing off on PE, however, with multiple examples of the idea coming this week. Sign up for HHCN + to read this exclusive content. Individual Membership $400 […]