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  • Why On-Site Search Should Be A Priority for Healthcare

    Madison Miner, CEO & Founder of WompHealth Healthcare websites are dependably complicated. From finding providers to searching for locations, customers are forced to dig around a growing bevy of care options. To simplify the customer experience, a modern approach to onsite search is needed. The rigid search tools of old are just that – outdated. Customers expect to effortlessly find what […]

  • Solv CEO Diversifies Cap Table, Adds 75 Female Investors as Part of $45M Series C

    Heather Fernandez, CEO & co-founder at Solv Health What You Should Know: – Today,  Heather Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of healthcare on-demand app Solv Health shared her diversity plans for bringing on more women and first-time investors to the Cap Table as part of the company’s $45M Series C round. As a Filipino-Iranian woman, Heather […]

  • How the Life Sciences Industry Can Boost Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

    Although it is well established that diversity improves outcomes and drives excellence, implementing diversity lags behind in many industries, including life sciences and healthcare.  Diversity is lacking across the entire field, from academic research to clinical work, composition of the workforce, and medical practice. This leads to worse health outcomes and fewer professional opportunities for […]