Category: Clinical Communication

  • How Patient Movement Benefits from Standardized Acuity Scoring

    Dr. Martin Sellberg, Co-Founder of Motient Nurses and providers typically assess patient acuity and volume at the beginning of their shift, whether formally or informally. Managers use patient acuity to balance nursing assignments, and nursing staff uses it to determine which patient care action should be prioritized next. Taking a standardized approach to acuity assessments […]

  • Gaps in Clinical Communication, Document Exchange Lead to Gaps in Care

    John Harrison, Chief Commercial Officer of Concord Technologies Communication problems and inadequate information flow are two of the most common root causes of medical errors. The potential for miscommunication and faulty exchange of information in healthcare is substantial.  Consider: patient information is dispersed among multiple providers and payers along the continuum of care. Electronic Health […]

  • Vocera Acquires Secure Communications Platform EASE Applications

    What You Should Know: – Today Vocera Communications acquires EASE Applications, a provider of a secure communication platform and mobile application that delivers updates, messages to patients’ loved ones, during surgeries and at other times. – The Orlando-based EASE offers a cloud-based service that is built to improve the patient experience by enabling friends and family […]