After losing his sister to cancer, a former Apple exec wants to make it easier for patients to get their health records

Anil Sethi was the director of health records at Apple until his sister was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, and given weeks to live. After traveling with her to different doctors across the country, and helping carry her records, Sethi created his own company to pull together harder-to-find records, such as scans and pathology reports. 

#Healthin2Point00, Episode 205 | Groups, Collective Health, Oura Ring & Ciitizen buys Stella

Today on Health in 2 Point 00, it’s time for the silliness to end, and for Jess DaMassa and I to take digital health deals seriously. Groups gets $60 million from a bunch of famous investors. Oura, they of the tracking ring used by the NBA, gets $100m, and TPA substitute Collective Health gets a …

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Some proposed HIPAA changes could inadvertently expose the data it’s supposed to protect

The government’s proposed changes to HIPAA aim to provide guardrails against data breaches and misuse, but some of the modifications may not work as intended. Three healthcare experts delved into the ways in which certain proposals could provide inappropriate access to health data during a recent panel discussion.

Compliance with HIPAA may offer some clues on how providers will fare with new info blocking rules

Despite a 20-year head start, providers still fall short of HIPAA requirements around fulfilling patient requests for their medical records. In light of the federal information blocking rules, providers should first examine their compliance with HIPAA and then address the new demands imposed by the recently enacted regulations.