Category: CHIP

  • CMS’s Strategic Vision for Medicaid And CHIP

    Where does the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services see Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) heading in the future. Based on a Health Affairs commentary from Brooks-LaSure and Tsai, the three key priority areas are (1) coverage and access, (2) equity, and (3) innovation and whole-person care. I review each of these […]

  • CMS to fund 60 ACA navigator orgs next year

    CMS will provide $80 million to 60 organizations that train ACA navigators — who help consumers find coverage on the federally funded marketplaces — in the 2022 plan year, up from 30 organizations that received $10 million this year.

  • Job losses, federal regulations drove Medicaid enrollment to a historic high

    Enrollment in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program has reached a record high, with 80 million now covered through these programs. The spike was largely driven by the economic downturn brought on by the pandemic and a federal requirement that prevents states from removing people from the programs until the public health crisis is […]

  • Trump Plan May Set Clock Ticking on Many Health Rules — Setting Off Alarms

    The Trump administration wants to require the Department of Health and Human Services to review most of its regulations by 2023 — and automatically void those not assessed in time. A proposed rule would require HHS to analyze within 24 months about 2,400 regulations — rules that affect tens of millions of Americans on everything […]