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  • 3 must-haves when considering a chatbot for healthcare

    Although there is a wide range of healthcare chatbot applications, such as providing medical information and mental health assistance, typical chatbot solutions are often inadequate, leaving both their users and owners frustrated.

  • Italian ‘chatbot’ predicted COVID-19 spikes, says study

    An online tool used by people in Italy to manage their potential exposure to COVID-19 using a simple chat interface has shown that it can spot emerging trends days ahead of the national surveillance system. The decision support system (DSS) – developed by Italian digital health startup Paginemediche – provided a way for people to […]

  • Digital mental health specialist Woebot raises $90m

    Investments in digital health firms are running high at the moment, and a $90 million round for four-year-old Woebot and its artificial intelligence-powered platform for people with mental health ties firmly into that trend. The California-based startup has now raised $114 million from investors, and says it will use the new cash injection to further […]

  • Unsure whether to get a COVID-19 jab? Just ask Vira!

    With COVID-19 vaccine hesitance an increasing concern in the US, researchers at Johns Hopkins have developed a chatbot – called Vira – that aims to explode myths about vaccination. Worried that COVID-19 vaccines have serious side effects that are being covered up, or vaccines are being used to track the population? Or just uncertain whether […]

  • Primary care physicians outperform eight symptom checkers

    In a study that tested eight symptom checkers against seven primary care providers, physicians still outperformed the apps. But between them, there was wide variation in the apps’ accuracy and safety, as well as the conditions they could assess.

  • Would you fall for COVID misinformation? Chatbot can help you find out

    Researchers in the UK have developed a chatbot-enabled website that can train people to detect and counter misinformation on COVID-19 and other topics, using techniques from some of philosophy’s greatest critical thinkers. Earlier this year, the World Health organisation (WHO)  said the world was dealing with an “infodemic” that is accompanying the pandemic and it […]