Category: Chatbot in Healthcare

  • Therapeutic Alliance: Building Relationships With AI Therapy Chatbots

    What You Should Know: – Can we build relationships with AI therapy bots as well as we can with other human beings? This research says yes.  – A recent peer-reviewed study in Frontiers of  Wysa, an advanced conversational AI for mental health, shows people develop an emotional bond with its chatbot in much the same […]

  • Chatbots in Healthcare: A More Humanized, Patient-Oriented Approach

    Bent Philipson, Founder of Philosophy Care The adoption of chatbots and virtual assistants, coupled with the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, has revolutionized the healthcare industry. In many ways, chatbots have become ubiquitous, providing a more optimized user experience through digital means. The healthcare industry has already benefited immensely from this technology, […]

  • Northwell Health Offers COVID-19 Screening Chat for NY Schools and Employers

    What You Should Know: – Northwell Health announced that its Northwell Direct unit, which works with large employers, will be offering Conversa HealthCheck to screen employees, customers, students, and visitors. – HealthCheck is a quick, chat-based electronic screening for symptoms and signs of exposure to COVID-19. If cleared, users receive a digital “badge” that allows […]

  • 4 Areas Driving AI Adoption in Hospital Operations and Patient Safety

    Renee Yao, Global Healthcare AI Startups Lead at NVIDIA COVID-19 has put a tremendous burden on hospitals, and the clinicians, nurses, and medical staff who make them run.  Many hospitals have suffered financially as they did not anticipate the severity of the disease. The extended duration of patient stays in ICUs, the need for more […]

  • Memorial Health Deploys Chatbots to Virtualize Waiting Room Experience

    What You Should Know: – Memorial Health System selects LifeLink Conversational AI technology to virtualize the waiting room experience for patients – Mobile chatbots to automate intake for telehealth and in-person visits, while maintaining COVID-19 social distancing and safety protocols. Memorial Health System , a community-based, not-for-profit corporation serving the people and communities of central Illinois through […]