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  • Can Automation Drive Health System Outcomes?

    Pranay Kapadia, Co-founder and CEO at Notable The United States spends about $1 trillion per year on healthcare administration. 95% of healthcare workforce growth since 1990 has been administrative. But adding administrative staff hasn’t helped health systems stay on top of the increase in manual work queues, and it certainly hasn’t been improving outcomes for […]

  • Healthcare Can Save $16.3B Automating Administrative Transactions, Report Finds

    What You Should Know: – Each year, the US healthcare industry spends $39 billion on 9 administrative transactions, according to a new report from CAQH. – The 2020 CAQH Index also uncovered that by automating these transactions, the industry could save $16.3 billion annually–a 42% cost reduction. CAQH, released the eighth annual report measuring the […]

  • How Automation is Key to the Future of Healthcare Operations

    Giri Rajaiah, Executive Leader, Vice President, Healthcare & Life Sciences, DISYS As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. A similar correlation is seen in the quest to leverage innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to address key problems facing the healthcare industry. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought the immense pressure the U.S. healthcare […]