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Illumina’s Grail buyout beats deadline, but legal and regulatory hurdles remain

In closing its Grail acquisition before U.S. and European regulators sign off, Illumina is taking a chance the deal will pass regulatory muster. It’s a potentially pricey gambit, as Illumina could face fines for its early action and there are no assurances that regulators will agree that the deal is not anticompetitive.

Biotech startup using AI to take guesswork out of cancer drug selection raises $70M

Xilis is developing technology that creates a living model of a patient’s tumor, then applies artificial intelligence to determine the best drug or drug combinations to treat the cancer. Clinical trials are planned to test this precision medicine approach and the biotech startup has raised $70 million to fund its research.

Illumina’s $7.1B Grail buyout is challenged by FTC on competitive grounds

The Federal Trade Commission is opposing Illumina’s proposed $7.1 billion Grail acquisition, arguing that it will reduce competition for multi-cancer early detection tests. Illumina disagrees with the regulator’s position and will oppose the FTC’s challenge.

Health Innovators: Owlstone Medical’s Billy Boyle on breath biopsy technology

In the latest episode of our Health Innovators series, Paul Tunnah speaks to Billy Boyle, co-founder and CEO of Owlstone Medical, one of the UK’s most promising diagnostic startups. The Cambridge, UK-based company is on a mission to save 100,000 lives and $1.5bn in healthcare costs with its breath biopsy platform for early detection of …

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Trial results extend add to uses for Exact Sciences test

The genomic test, known as Oncotype DX, can help predict whether women with certain forms of breast cancer will benefit from chemotherapy — and those who won’t. The latest trial results extend the test’s reach.

UK Cancer Diagnostics Startup Biofidelity Raises $12M

What You Should Know: – UK-based Biofidelity raises $12 million in Series A funding to accelerate the launch of disruptive cancer diagnostic technology. – The funding will be used to bring technology to market, enabling a dramatic simplification of precision genetic testing to ensure many more cancer patients receive optimal diagnosis and therapy. Biofidelity Ltd, a …

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