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  • How to Structure Your Healthcare Call Center for Success

    In the healthcare industry, growth happens because of a positive and meaningful patient experience. Yes, digital marketing and advertising help bring people in, but patient satisfaction develops after that first phone call. Patients are real people who need effective communication during every stage of the patient journey. When ethical marketing efforts convince potential customers to […]

  • Success at a glance: call center scheduling

    The manual process for fielding scheduling calls isn’t an easy one. Calls can take up to 20 minutes, and call center agents may have to comb through binders or spreadsheets of provider calendars and scheduling rules to book a single appointment. As a result, call center staff may only be able to place a handful […]

  • Success at a glance: improved collections, part two

    While all hospitals and health systems will no doubt encounter revenue-specific challenges related to the pandemic, a solid foundation and targeted approach for improved collections can help speed up the road to recovery. In fact, it was Sanford Health’s unique approach to increasing patient collections that allowed it to both optimize collections during the pandemic […]