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  • Clinician burnout? Switch them to at-home care

    Hospital-at-home advocates often highlight how the care modality improves the patient experience and allows hospitals to better manage capacity. There are other key benefits — such as protecting patients from hospital-acquired infections and improving caregiver’s job satisfaction — that should be brought into the conversation as well, hospital executives say.

  • Take a Tip from Domino’s

    By KIM BELLARD If you’re already thinking ahead to next Sunday’s Super Bowl, you might be thinking about Domino’s, because, as everyone knows, pizza and football go together like mom and apple pie.  I’m thinking about Domino’s too, but not because I’m planning my order.  It’s about their new program to reward customers who do […]

  • Voice assistant startup Suki raises $55M

    The company is working on a voice assistant to lighten clinicians’ documentation burdens by automating some of that work. It faces competition from large companies like Nuance, which was acquired by Microsoft earlier this year.

  • We are Asking Our Physicians to Do Too Much. It’s No Wonder They are Burnt Out.

    By GAIL PEACE We have heard the phrases “physician fatigue” and “burnout” too often in the last year – and for good reason. Covid-19 has placed an incredible burden on our healthcare providers. However, as healthcare professionals, the stats representing physician burnout are not new for us.   We have seen similar trends and stats for […]

  • As Doctor Burnout Climbs, Can We Save Primary Care?

    By RONALD DIXON Week after week, I hear from colleagues in diverse specialties about how exhausted they are from practicing medicine. It’s no surprise that they are looking for careers outside of medicine. The demands and strain are unsustainable. So it’s also no surprise that a recent survey showed 40% of primary care clinicians are worried that their […]

  • Burnout? Not Even Close!

    By HANS DUVEFELT I am a 68 year old family physician in rural Maine. This morning I read yet another article about physician burnout, this time in The New York Times. (I’m not linking to it, because they have a “paywall”.) I did not end up exactly where and how I expected to be at […]

  • Widespread use of health IT can cause burnout but also help curb it

    In a HIMSS 21 Digital session, panelists detailed the dichotomy of technology advancement for clinicians. Though technology has made it harder for them to disconnect from work leading to burnout, IT tools can also be used to identify pain points and implement solutions to alleviate stress.

  • The Art and Soul of Medicine Exist in the Ordinary

    By HANS DUVEFELT The Art of Medicine is Doing the Ordinary Well Primary care doctors don’t usually operate any sophisticated medical instruments or perform any advanced procedures. But there is still art in what we do. We take care of ordinary ailments in ordinary people and that can be done well or not so well. […]

  • To help tackle healthcare worker burnout, start talking about it

    Healthcare staff are working through immense loss, grief and uncertainty to provide care during the Covid-19 pandemic. As organizations think about how to support their staff, speakers at a MedCity INVEST panel said they must first talk about it openly and provide a safe space for workers to discuss their feelings.