Study: Resilience, emotional support key to helping healthcare workers fight stress

Along with daily surveys, a research team from Mount Sinai used Apple Watches to measure how stress impacted healthcare workers’ bodies and pinpointed the characteristics that were associated with lower stress levels over time.

As Doctor Burnout Climbs, Can We Save Primary Care?

By RONALD DIXON Week after week, I hear from colleagues in diverse specialties about how exhausted they are from practicing medicine. It’s no surprise that they are looking for careers outside of medicine. The demands and strain are unsustainable. So it’s also no surprise that a recent survey showed 40% of primary care clinicians are worried that their …

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Widespread use of health IT can cause burnout but also help curb it

In a HIMSS 21 Digital session, panelists detailed the dichotomy of technology advancement for clinicians. Though technology has made it harder for them to disconnect from work leading to burnout, IT tools can also be used to identify pain points and implement solutions to alleviate stress.

The Art and Soul of Medicine Exist in the Ordinary

By HANS DUVEFELT The Art of Medicine is Doing the Ordinary Well Primary care doctors don’t usually operate any sophisticated medical instruments or perform any advanced procedures. But there is still art in what we do. We take care of ordinary ailments in ordinary people and that can be done well or not so well. …

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To help tackle healthcare worker burnout, start talking about it

Healthcare staff are working through immense loss, grief and uncertainty to provide care during the Covid-19 pandemic. As organizations think about how to support their staff, speakers at a MedCity INVEST panel said they must first talk about it openly and provide a safe space for workers to discuss their feelings.