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  • COVID-19 and Racial Disparities: Transforming the Health of Businesses

    Margarita Alegría, PhD, Chief of the Disparities Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital American businesses and their leadership are at a crossroads. COVID-19 has forced us all to re-evaluate how we work and live, while the current protest movements have placed a spotlight on the systemic injustices non-white workers face both in and out of […]

  • #Healthin2Point00, Episode 166 | $100 million, scandal, & more

    Today on Health in 2 Point 00, we have scandal, drama, intrigue, $100 million and murder! Wait, no; not murder. On Episode 166, we catch up on more deals before Jess gets carried away again. The $100 million goes to Carbon Health in a Series C, which is another Bay Area-based primary care startup; they’re […]

  • Buoy Health Raises $37.5M to Expand AI-Powered Healthcare Navigation Platform

    What You Should Know: – Buoy Health raises $37.5 million in Series C funding to expand it’s AI-powered healthcare navigation platform, bringing its total raised to date at $66.5M. – Buoy will use the proceeds to further build out its IP with respect to artificial intelligence and other technologies, as well as grow the Buoy […]