Category: Brain Tumor in India

  • Elizabeth from Ghana Visited India for Brain Tumor Surgery

    Introduction 7 years old Elizabeth Agyemang, from Ghana, was suffering from a brain tumor. The medical symptoms included pain and discomfort, occasional seizures, and vomiting. Her father was searching the internet for a health consultant when he came across MediGence. He also found MediGence’s health plans to be fairly comprehensive and reasonably priced. He submitted […]

  • Patient Testimonial | Juliana Adu Underwent Hydrocephalus and Brain Tumor in India

    Introduction 29-year-old Juliana Adu from Ghana was suffering from Hydrocephalus and Brain Tumor. Due to this disease she had been ailing from, she was in a lot of pain and her head felt heavy, she had frequent headaches and occasional unconsciousness. She was on the lookout for solutions to this very serious and critical illness […]