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  • 10 tips for cultivating wellbeing

    What is wellbeing? I would describe wellbeing as the holistic experience of feeling energised, comfortable, connected and inspired. Our personal wellbeing is cultivated by all the unconditionally kind, wise and compassionate choices we make to nurture our health and happiness. These choices encompass our thoughts and our actions, our self-talk and our speech, the foods […]

  • Tune into trust to achieve peace of mind and clarify your goals

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life before you found the spiritual path… I’ve always had a strong sense of my own intuition, ever since I was young; however, at the time, I didn’t realise how listening to my intuition would support my career. When I left high school, I went straight […]

  • Natural remedies to soothe sun-damaged skin

    Vitamin E The topical application of vitamin E has been used clinically to treat sunburn and scar tissue and is commonly used to assist in wound healing of abrasions, burns and stretch marks. Pierce a capsule containing pure vitamin E and use the oil directly on the skin.   Potatoes   With its starch-based compounds, […]