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  • Can Cotton Face Masks Provide Better Enough Protection Against COVID-19?

    The times before the coronavirus hit us, cloth and cotton masks were used as the most effective face protection by the general public. They were quite successful as they also support comfortable breathing. But, the effectiveness of Cotton Face Masks in these Coronavirus times, is still under debate. With the fancier and better options like […]

  • Tips on How to Improve Your Eyesight?

    Our Eyes serves as a window to see this world and all the beautiful things in it. We have often heard this phrase or something around it. It is so very true. And the person who have a weaker eyesight knows true value of this phase. Not only they have to deal with that, but […]

  • Face Mask with Shield: For A Better Protection from COVID-19

    With Coronavirus showing no signs of mercy, it is now up to us people to further enhance our protection against the COVID-19. While earlier, face masks were seen as the go-to for the coronavirus protection, there is now a need for stronger protection. Which leads to the higher demand of Face Mask with Shield. Face […]

  • Contactless Hand Sanitizer: How it helps in Preventing Coronavirus Spread?

    Apart from nose and mouth, hands also play a major role in spreading the COVID-19 infection. The moment your hands touched the contaminated surface, it picks on the virus present on that surface and from there, the virus can easily enter the nose and mouth. Even though sanitizing your hands is the key, using a […]

  • The Role of Personal Protection Kit (PPE) Against Coronavirus

    Even though the treatment of COVID-19 is still not a successful attempt, the various efforts made all around the world led to the development of different products that allow protection against coronavirus. And among those successful efforts is the one: Personal Protection Kit Against Coronavirus or Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Kit. The equipment’s in the […]

  • Cloth Face Mask: Do They Really Work?

    The Surgical grade N95 respirators are considered one of the best against Covid-19 infection. And with their limited supply and higher demand, they are now reserved for health workers or people who are at higher risk. All of this led to the use of cloth face mask. But there is a lot of confusion about […]

  • Castor Oil Benefits and Uses for Skin and Hair

    No doubt that the world knows Castor oil as a powerful and effective laxative. But there is more to this light yellow coloured magic oil, than being a laxative. Whether it is to moisturize the skin or condition the hair, there are many castor oil benefits for skin and hair. So, keep reading to find […]