Eli Lilly’s P-tau217 Blood Test Demonstrate High Accuracy in Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease


  • The study involved 1402 patients across 3 cohorts: a) 81 patients in Arizona (34 with AD and 47 without), b) 699 in Sweden (301 with no cognitive impairment, 178 with mild cognitive impairment, 121 with AD dementia and 99 with other neurodegenerative diseases) and c) 622 in Colombia (365 with E280A mutations and 257 noncarriers)
  • Results:  P-tau217 accurately identified AD from other neurodegenerative diseases in both 1&2 cohort while in 3rd cohort P-tau217 was elevated in mutation carriers’ blood for 20yrs.before anticipated symptom onset and was associated with memory performance, published in JAMA
  • P-tau217 is better than blood-based biomarkers or MRI but did not perform significantly better than cerebrospinal fluid- or PET-based tau biomarkers. Moreover, the test has the potential together with digital tools for checking memory performance like smartphone apps, to improve the diagnosis of AD

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