Holy Name to Offer Needle-Free Blood Draws for Inpatients, First Hospital in NJ

What You Should Know:

Holy Name Medical Center announced that it is the first hospital in New Jersey among a growing number of health systems nationwide to offer needle-free blood draws for inpatients using the PIVO™ device from Velano Vascular.

– As part of this effort, Holy Name is deploying a new telepresence technology, also provided by Velano, to train staff virtually on the PIVO procedure in accordance with COVID-19 safety protocols.

– By adopting this new standard of care known as One-Stick Hospitalization, Holy Name is again leading the charge for better medicine and building on a number of other recent landmark achievements.

– With this procedure, Holy Name staff can extract high quality blood draws easily and humanely from patients’ indwelling IV lines without requiring additional needle sticks, resulting in a safer, better experience.

– To train staff on proper use of Velano’s technology, Holy Name has deployed Velano Vascular’s virtual training platform. The company’s remotely piloted trainers enable Holy Name staff to receive real-time, bedside training from Velano nurse educators while limiting in-person interaction and exposure during the pandemic.

PIVO: Needle-Free Blood Draw Device

PIVO is a needle-free, single-use, sterile device that temporarily attaches to a peripheral IV catheter to collect a fresh venous sample. Using the existing PIV line as a conduit to the vein, a flexible, internal flow tube is advanced through the PIV, beyond the catheter tip, and into the vessel to collect a blood sample. This flow tube is designed to extend beyond the suboptimal draw conditions around the IV to reach vessel locations where blood flow is optimal for aspiration. Once blood collection is complete, the device is retracted, removed from the PIV, and discarded.

PIVO Benefits for Hospitals & Patients

For hospitals that want to reduce painful blood collection ‘sticks’, preserve patient’s veins, and minimize reliance on central lines for blood draws, PIVO is a revolutionary vascular access device that expands the use of peripheral lines for high-quality blood draws.  PIVO provides significant, measurable value in patient experience, organizational risk, operating efficiencies, and overall quality of care.