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  • Mr. Hashim from Canada Underwent Male Breast Reduction in Turkey

    Introduction Mr. Hashim Sadiq, a 35-year-old Canadian, desired Male Breast Reduction surgery for cosmetic reasons. He went online and searched for the best available resource regarding the procedure wherein he was directed towards MediGence, which had an enticing package for Male Breast Reduction. He reached out to them by submitting a question to their website. […]

  • Ms. Saleh Underwent BMT in BLK MAX Hospital, India

    Introduction Hafsat Ibrahim Saleh, a 25-year-old from Nigeria was suffering from sickle cell disease. The medical symptoms included episodes of pain (pain crises), anaemia, unexplained numbness, tiredness and fatigue. Hafsat opted to travel to India for the surgery with her sister and mother. On the internet, she looked for a health consultant and came upon […]