Category: Black Lives Matter

  • Report: State of Black Mental Health Before and After George Floyd’s Death

    What You Should Know: – Hurdle, a Washington D.C.-based digital mental health company, announced the publication of a white paper on Black mental health before and after George Floyd’s death. – Co-authored by leading mental health researchers Dr. Harold “Woody” Neighbors, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan School of Public Health, and Dr. Norma L. Day-Vines, Associate Dean […]

  • Why Cancer Registries are Part of America’s Fight for Racial Equality

    Warren A Whyte, Ph.D., VP Scientific Partnerships at ConcertAI According to a 2019 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, one in 1,000 Black males can expect to die at the hands of the police. Black males were also 2.5 times more likely to die during an encounter with police than white […]

  • COVID-19 Pandemic Further Exposes Systemic Racism…

    Michael A Greely, Co-Founder & General Partner at Flare Capital Partners This will be ugly and sad. Racism has cost this country $16 trillion over the last twenty years according to a recent Citigroup report. Much of this loss ($13 trillion) was attributed to discriminatory lending practices and the 6.1 million fewer jobs created as a […]

  • Creating Incentives To Narrow The Gap In Health Outcomes

    That is the title of my recent blog post in Health Affairs with my co-author Meena Venkatachalam. The subtitle is “Expanding Value Assessment To Incorporate Health Inequality“. An excerpt is below: The brutal murder of George Floyd has brought renewed attention to systemic inequality that African Americans and other minorities face in the United States […]