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  • When It Comes to Digital Health, Experience Is Everything

    Aniket Singh Rajput, Founder and CEO of Neuroglee Thanks to COVID-19 and numerous other factors, the adoption of digital health technologies used by patients in the home has skyrocketed. Accenture reported in 2021, for example, that remote patient monitoring technology adoption tripled among patients. Whether it is streaming video telehealth appointments with a provider, a […]

  • BestLife Holdings Raises $50M+ Portfolio Expansion with Cenegenics

    Kristy Berry (left) and Carly Stockdale (right) What You Should Know: – BestLife Holdings, a portfolio of personalized preventative healthcare and age management solutions, announces its formation with a combined equity round of over $50M. Notable investors have partnered with BestLife including PrimeTime Partners’ founders, Abby Levy, the co-founder of Thrive Global with Arianna Huffington, […]

  • Mayo Clinic Partners with VUNO to Develop AI-Driven Precision Oncology Solutions

    What You Should Know: – Mayo Clinic has signed a research agreement with VUNO, a global medical artificial intelligence (AI) company to develop advanced AI-driven precision oncology solutions to deliver precision oncology care. – Through this research agreement, VUNO will establish a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to develop innovative AI and machine learning solutions for […]

  • Labcorp & Medidata to Co-Develop Digital Biomarkers & Expand Decentralized Clinical Trials

    What You Should Know: - Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, today announced that Labcorp, a leading global life sciences company, has selected Medidata’s technology platform to extend their 14-year partnership, the foundation of their initiative to co-develop digital biomarkers and expand the use and functionality of decentralized clinical trials. Labcorp Drug Development has developed its offerings on Medidata technologies, starting with Rave EDC (electronic data capture), Coder and […]

  • VivoSense Raises $25M for Wearable Sensor Biomarkers to Advance Clinical Trials

    What You Should Know: – VivoSense, an agile end-to-end scientific solutions company developing novel digital endpoints from wearable sensor data raises $25 Million in Series A funding. – The financing will accelerate the development of novel digital biomarkers and improve digital clinical outcome assessments. VivoSense will also use this financing to expand and refine its informatics platform […]

  • Why Mainstream Precision Medicine Hinges on Healthcare HPC Storage

    Adam Marko, Director of Life Science Solutions at Panasas The healthcare industry is experiencing a data deluge, and it shows no sign of slowing down. In 2020, estimates reported that healthcare data comprised a staggering 30% of the world’s total data volume; projections for 2025 bump that number up to 36%, a growth rate outpacing […]

  • Tempus Launches Pathology-Driven AI Platform

    What You Should Know: – Tempus, a provider of artificial intelligence and precision medicine, today announced the launch of Edge, an innovative platform that allows pathologists to access developing AI models intended to identify specimens with potentially actionable biomarkers using a single hematoxylin and eosin stain (H&E) slide. – With access to over 50 petabytes of de-identified […]

  • EarliTec Diagnostics Raises $19.5M to Advance Autism Diagnosis and Treatment in Children

    What You Should Know: – EarliTec Dx, a digital health company developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic products for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and early childhood vulnerabilities, today announced a $19.5 million financing led by Bernie Marcus, with participation from the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA). – This round of financing will be used to […]

  • Sonde Health Launches Vocal Biomarker Tech to Monitor Mental Health and Well-Being

    What You Should Know:  – Sonde Health has unveiled Sonde Mental Fitness, a voice-enabled mental health detection and monitoring technology that uses a brief voice sample to evaluate mental well-being. Available as an application programming interface (API) for health systems, employers, and wellness service providers, Sonde Mental Fitness is an easy and affordable way for […]

  • To Advance Health Equity, Put Real-World Cancer Data to Work

    Dr. Miller, Medical Director of CancerLinQ LLC Despite decades of scientific progress against cancer, access to treatment remains highly unequal. Some of the reasons — like institutional racism and poverty — are a reflection of our broader society. Other inequities may go unrecognized but are no less damaging. People with underlying health conditions, for example, […]

  • 30 Executives Share Top Healthcare Predictions & Trends to Watch in 2021

    As we close out the year, we asked several healthcare executives to share their predictions and trends for 2021. Kimberly Powell, Vice President & General Manager, NVIDIA Healthcare Federated Learning: The clinical community will increase their use of federated learning approaches to build robust AI models across various institutions, geographies, patient demographics, and medical scanners. The sensitivity and […]

  • Mayo Clinic Launches Vocal Biomarker Study for Pulmonary Hypertension Detection

    What You Should Know: – Mayo Clinic announced a collaboration with Vocalis Health to to research and develop new voice-based tools for screening, detecting and monitoring patient health, beginning with a study to identify vocal biomarkers to detect pulmonary hypertension (PH). – The clinical validation study will utilize Vocalis Health’s proprietary software, which can operate […]

  • Medidata Acquires Digital Biomarker Business of MC10 / Clinical Trials & Wearable Sensors

    What You Should Know: – Clinical trials technology company Medidata has acquired the digital biomarker business of MC10. – MC10’s offerings will bring novel clinical analytics and biosensor capabilities to Medidata’s existing technology solutions, enhancing Medidata’s capabilities to integrate data from wearable sensors – including clinical grade metrics – in clinical trials. – With this […]

  • Sonde Health Acquires NeuroLex Lab’s Voice-Based Survey Platform

    What You Should Know: – Sonde Health acquires NeuroLex Laboratories, Inc. to forms one of the world’s preeminent biobanks focused on vocal biomarkers. – NeuroLex’s core product, SurveyLex, makes it easy to create and distribute voice surveys in less than a minute as URL links through web browsers. Sonde Health, a Boston-based digital vocal biomarker […]

  • 4 Ways Businesses Will Adapt Their Healthcare Landscape

    Dr. Donald Brown, CEO and founder of LifeOmic The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, from how we work to how we get our health care. The crisis has put the creativity of many small businesses to the test after being forced to move operations online once social distancing became the norm. […]