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  • State-Based Marketplaces 2.0 Part 2: Engines of Innovation, Competition, and Consumerism

    By ROSEMARIE DAY and DAVID W. JOHNSON Within the current political reality, how can America implement policies that increase access to health insurance while also reducing premium costs and enhancing responsiveness to consumer priorities and needs?  Large-scale healthcare reform appears off-the-table for the Biden Administration. Yet, given the impact of the COVID pandemic on people […]

  • The Vaccine Brawl – A Legal Battle in Process

    By MIKE MAGEE The power to mandate vaccines was litigated and resolved over a century ago. Justice John Marshall Harlin, a favorite of current Chief Justice Roberts, penned the 7 to 2 majority opinion in 1905’s Jacobson v. Massachusetts. Its impact was epic. In 1905, Massachusetts was one of 11 states that required compulsory vaccinations. […]

  • Biden brings plan for prescription drug pricing reform to Congress

    That is the title of an article published in Pharmaceutical Technology today. I am quoted extensively. For instance, President Biden proposes to cap drug prices at genera rates of inflation. The article highlights some limits this would pose to value-based pricing that could evolve over time: Shafrin also says while Biden’s plan to penalise companies […]

  • Biden Should Extend a “Public Option” as a Message to “Health Care Royalists”

    By MIKE MAGEE In this world of political theatrics, with Democratic legislators from Texas forced into exodus to preserve voters’ rights, and Tucker Carlson rantings about Rep. Eric Swalwell riding shirtless on a camel in Qatar streaming relentlessly, Americans can be excused if they missed a substantive and historic news event last week. On Friday, […]

  • Biden’s latest executive order aims to boost healthcare competition

    President Joe Biden has signed a new executive order to tackle anti-competitive behavior across American industries. With regard to healthcare, Biden is directing federal agencies to revise guidelines for hospital mergers, enable people to comparison shop health plans on the ACA marketplaces and work with states to import drugs from Canada.

  • CMS proposed rule aims to boost ACA enrollment, reinstate navigator duties

    A new CMS proposed rule aims to make significant changes to Affordable Care Act marketplaces, including increasing the annual open enrollment period by a month and restoring the duties of navigators who help consumers from underserved populations enroll in plans on the federally facilitated exchange.

  • CMS nixes Medicaid work requirements in Arizona, Indiana

    After scrapping work requirements for Medicaid eligibility in four states, CMS has added Arizona and Indiana to the list. These requirements have long been controversial, facing litigation and strong opposition, but proponents say they incentivize people to find jobs.

  • CMS’ Next Generation ACO Model to end this year

    In a move that ACOs found “disappointing,” CMS has declined to extend the Next Generation ACO Model beyond 2021. Though evaluations have found that the model did not generate net savings for Medicare, proponents argue that the program was successful.

  • “Necessitous Men Are Not Free Men” – Words to Remember

    By MIKE MAGEE In the second half of the 19th century, Emily Dickinson wrote a short poem that could easily have been a forward looking tribute to two American Presidents – one from the 20th, the other the 21st century. Dickinson’s poem “A WORD is dead” is hardly longer than its title. “A WORD is […]

  • Wiping the Sleep From Our Eyes: The Pandemic Plan Trump Ignored

    By MIKE MAGEE When awakening from a long sleep, there is a transition period, when the brain struggles momentarily to become oriented, to “think straight.” When the sleep has extended four years, as with the Trump reign, it takes longer to clear the sleepy lies from your eyes. We are emerging, but it will take […]

  • Biden to reopen ACA marketplaces for 3 months

    The Biden administration established a special enrollment period to give uninsured Americans a chance to sign up for insurance on the markets. Providers and payers applauded the announcement, but it remains to be seen whether the move will encourage people to get insured.

  • Aetna expands gender-affirming surgery coverage

    Aetna will now cover breast augmentation for trans women, signaling hope for increased access to healthcare for the transgender community. The coverage expansion comes after transgender individuals and groups advocated for the change.

  • Biden administration – What can the healthcare industry expect?

    As Joe Biden takes the reins at the White House, pharmaphorum asks experts how his presidential tenure may influence the global healthcare industry. “I think the Biden administration will have only an incremental impact on the healthcare industry as a whole,” said Maxim Jacobs, CFA, managing partner and director of research at Edison Group. “With […]

  • Fauci backs Biden’s plan for 100 million COVID-19 shots

    A promise by president-elect Joe Biden to carry out 100 million coronavirus vaccinations in his first 100 days in power is “absolutely doable”, according to the US leading infectious diseases expert Dr Anthony Fauci. Biden has announced ambitious initiatives to fight COVID-19 ahead of his inauguration, which is due to take place on Wednesday. While […]

  • What Will Shape Joe Biden’s Health Care Agenda?

    I’m thrilled to have health futurist Jeff Goldsmith back on THCB, and given Biden was only confirmed as President-elect this morning, his article on what to expect is extremely timely!–Matthew Holt By  JEFF GOLDSMITH The Trump administration’s health care journey began with a trillion dollar near miss–the failed Repeal and Replacement of ObamaCare- and ended […]

  • Biden’s Nov 9th speech: “Don’t you force me to pass Medicare 4 All”

    By MATTHEW HOLT The new Supreme Court, in all likelihood including just nominated Justice Amy Coney Barrett, will be hearing the California v Texas suit against the ACA on November 10th, seven days after the election. The lower courts have already ruled the ACA unconstitutional. Some hopeful moderates among my Democratic friends seem to believe […]