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  • Aveanna Not Putting ‘Cart Before the Horse’ When Raising Wages

    Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: AVAH) has maintained a disciplined approach to raising wages since it went public. Its gross margins are driven by the difference between the hourly rate it’s paid and the wage it pays its caregivers, like many other home-based care providers. And a company policy has ensured it has kept its […]

  • Home-Based Care Providers Seeing Inflation Force Caregivers to Choose Wages Over Mission

    Strong reimbursement rates for Aveanna’s services in nearly half the states the company operates in have been a welcome change so far this year for the company. Its turnover and retention rates have also been in line with company projections, despite ongoing labor issues. “Although we continue to face near-term caregiver supply constraints like many […]

  • As Part of State Program, Aveanna to Pay Family Caregivers as Employees

    Thanks to a new law passed in Arizona, a major player in the home health space announced this week that it will help train and pay family members who are taking care of their loved ones at home. Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: AVAH) announced Tuesday that it will participate in Arizona’s Family Licensed Health […]

  • Aveanna Using Uber-Like Workforce Model to Manage Caregiver Turnover

    The caregivers at Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: AVAH) and the drivers at Uber (NYSE: UBER) have something in common. Specifically, Aveanna has set up its app to give its private-duty caregivers more autonomy over their work schedule. “While they’re all employees of Aveanna, they sometimes look and feel more like an independent contractor,” Tony […]

  • Enhabit Sale Rumors Raise Questions, Place Potential Buyers at Defining Crossroads

    Earlier this week, a report surfaced claiming that Advent International, Aveanna Healthcare Holdings (Nasdaq: AVAH) and at least a few other companies have “expressed interest” in acquiring Enhabit Home Health & Hospice, the $1.1 billion business currently belonging to Encompass Health Corporation (NYSE: EHC). Executives from the Birmingham, Alabama-based Encompass Health have repeatedly stood behind […]

  • 2022 Executive Forecast: Time to Throw Out the Old Home Health Playbook

    It has never been more challenging to be a home health operator. At the same time, there has never been more upside. That’s the general census of home health executives as 2021 comes to a close. Looking ahead to next year, many believe unprecedented labor struggles are likely to continue, though technology and the use […]

  • ‘It’s Back to Basics’: Home Health Giants Share Staffing Strategies, Growth Goals

    This article is an exclusive feature available as a part of your subscription to HHCN + Basically all of the publicly traded in-home care giants offered internal updates and expectations for the coming year this week during a series of investor presentations. In addition to company-specific plans, the group discussed key policy developments and important […]

  • How Aveanna Has ‘Materially Changed’ Its Business After Going Public

    When Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: AVAH) became a public company earlier this year, it expressed the desire to expand its reach past pediatric home health to seniors. While there were some skeptics within the industry on how feasible that would be, the Atlanta-based company has done an impressive job executing on that strategy thus […]

  • The 4 Forces Shaping Home Health Care in 2022

    Home health operators each year have to adapt on a number of different fronts, from relatively minor coding updates to major payment adjustments. But in addition to the more run-of-the-mill items, providers occasionally have to navigate macro-level forces that literally change the industry itself. At least four such forces will redefine home health care in […]

  • Aveanna Rockets Past M&A Goals, But ‘Choppy’ Labor Market Remains Challenging

    Not so long ago, in-home care providers like Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: AVAH) had to basically beg their payers for rate increases or additional resources. “In the old days, we would literally be calling the payer’s rep, you know, begging for another $2 an hour to get a family home,” Aveanna COO Jeff Shaner […]

  • ‘Bring It On’: Home Health Executives Embrace HHVBP Expansion

    When the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) first released its home health proposed payment rule for 2022, its nationwide expansion of the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) Model was recognized as a potential game-changer for the home health industry. While HHVBP has been heralded for its ability to improve quality of care […]

  • Higher-Acuity Care, Rate Stability and New M&A Priorities: Key Takeaways from the Q2 Earnings Season

    The home health industry is at a pivotal moment, with operators weighing exciting new opportunities while simultaneously working through emerging challenges related to the COVID-19 virus. Amedisys Inc. (Nasdaq: AMED), LHC Group Inc. (Nasdaq: LHCG), Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: AVAH) and other publicly traded providers discussed many of the industry’s biggest developments during their […]

  • Aveanna Applauds 2022 Proposed Payment Rule, Sets Sights on Home Health Growth

    In the wake of going public in the spring, the leadership team at Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: AVAH) has been especially vocal about its appetite for major growth. The company’s leaders echoed this sentiment, highlighting a focus on home health in particular, during its Q2 2021 earnings call on Thursday. “Home health and hospice […]

  • Home Health Veterans Windley, Strange Hoping to Take Aveanna Above and Beyond $2 Billion

    Rod Windley and Tony Strange have been in business with each other for decades. They continue to be partners today as the chairman and CEO, respectively, of Aveanna Healthcare (Nasdaq: AVAH). From The Healthfield Group Inc. and Gentiva Health Services, Kindred at Home’s predecessor, to Aveanna, Windley and Strange have helped build a handful of […]

  • The Home-Based Care Companies That Could Go Public Next

    In-home care tailwinds have only grown stronger during the COVID-19 crisis. That, in turn, is prompting the home health industry itself to change. Initially, much of that change has come in the form of more M&A action and investment, especially from private equity interests. Eventually, though, it will also likely manifest in more activity in […]

  • Aveanna Details Big Plans for Home Health M&A in First Official Earnings Call

    Fresh off of its market debut last month, Aveanna Healthcare Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: AVAH) is throwing its weight behind home health. Since going public, the company has made moves to position itself as a major player within the home health space. Aveanna plans to aggressively pursue home health M&A opportunities, Rod Windley, executive chairman of […]

  • Home Health Providers to Watch in 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the ambitious plans of most home health providers. Now nearly halfway into 2021, many are picking up right where they left off, with a few key players doubling down on innovation and betting big on the future of home-based care. There are plenty “home health providers to watch” as the rest […]

  • Aveanna Files for $100M IPO, Announces Major Expansion Plans

    Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. — a large and rapidly growing in-home care company that historically has specialized in caring for complex pediatric patients — is attempting to go public. The Atlanta-based home health provider announced plans to raise $100 million in an initial public stock offering on Thursday. In its paperwork, Aveanna also revealed an […]