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  • BrightStar CEO Shelly Sun: Data Will ‘Separate Us From the Pack’

    Non-medical home care providers know they provide significant value to their clients. The issue many have had in the past is proving that value to others, whether it be potential partners or even seniors’ families. To change that, companies have begun to invest considerable money and resources into extracting data from the work they do. […]

  • Part B Home Health Episodes Increased Dramatically in 2020

    The demographic profile of home health users continues to skew older, with the vast majority of individuals also having three or more chronic conditions. The setting users found themselves prior to starting home health services additionally continues to skew toward the broader community. That’s according to the 2021 Home Health Chartbook, released earlier this month […]

  • ‘This Is What Patients Want’: Home-Based Care Model Lowers Total Cost of Care by 44%

    A new report from Washington, D.C.-based health care consulting firm Avalere Health is shining a brighter light on home-based care and its ability to drastically lower total cost of care. Released Tuesday, the report takes a comprehensive look at Hartford, Connecticut-based CareCentrix, a health-at-home solutions company that manages care for 17.5 million members through its […]

  • MA Beneficiaries See Nearly 20% Fewer Home Health Days Than Traditional Medicare Peers

    Under the Trump administration, federal health care policymakers have long been vocal about the ability of Medicare Advantage (MA) to lower costs and improve outcomes among vulnerable populations. A recent report from the Washington, D.C.-based Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) and consulting firm Avalere Health is now putting hard numbers on that claim, particularly around home […]

  • Home Health Patient Demographics Continue to Shift

    Individual and clinical characteristics of home health patients continue to shift, reflective of both America’s aging population and providers’ ability to handle more acute cases. That’s according to the latest Home Health Chartbook, an annual overview of the home health landscape put together by the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation and Avalere Health. […]

  • Home Health Agencies Carving Out Bigger Role in US Economy

    The home health industry continues to carve out a bigger role in the overall U.S. economy, with agencies creating more jobs and paying more in wages than ever before. Overall, home health agencies created more than 2.22 million jobs in 2019, employing more than 1.51 million workers in the process. That workforce took home more […]

  • Hospital Discharges to Home Health Bounce Back, SNF Volumes Remain Down

    At the height of the COVID-19 emergency, in-patient hospital volumes fell, with skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and home health providers experiencing similar downturns. While home health providers began to see a turnaround in June, the same can’t be said for SNFs. That’s according to a recent Avalere Health study examining discharge destinations recorded on in-patient […]

  • The Need for Measuring Clinician-Patient Cost-of-Care Conversations

    By MORENIKE AYOVAUGHAN, NELLY GANESAN, EMMY GANOS, and JOSH SEIDMAN It is no surprise that beyond COVID-19 health risks, the pandemic has also caused significant disruption to the lives of everyone in America. It has caused exacerbating financial pressures and ongoing job losses. An estimated 42 million people have lost their job since March 2020, […]