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  • Provider perspectives on the state of patient access

    Providers know they need to improve their digital front door to withstand the financial impact of COVID-19, but change can feel risky, especially with so much uncertainty. Experian Health’s recent patient access survey offers a glimpse of what patients hope the digital front door will look like in 2021 and beyond. But what do providers […]

  • Q&A: Engaging patient segments with convenient, secure scheduling solutions

    Read the previous blog post in this Q&A series on segmenting patient populations for the COVID-19 vaccine. There are a lot of unknowns in the COVID-19 vaccine management process, which makes the rollout and administration of this vaccine even more challenging. Many providers are in the dark about how many vaccines they will get, they […]

  • Supercharge your COVID-19 vaccine management plan with digital solutions

    If President Biden’s two trillion-dollar stimulus package is approved by Congress, support will include funding for a national vaccination program. While the arrival of the vaccine is an immense relief, the logistics for rolling it out across the country present a major challenge. Even at a rate of one million shots administered per day, it […]

  • How to close gaps in care with automated patient outreach

    Scheduling an appointment shouldn’t be complicated. Yet too often, patients are left to figure out their next move alone, with just a single phone number to call. Frustrated and confused, patients may drop out of the scheduling process entirely or miss the appointments they’ve already booked. Missed appointments can lead to critical gaps in care, […]

  • How health plans can close more gaps in care with digital scheduling

    Four in ten Americans live with multiple chronic conditions. For these individuals, life is punctuated with physician appointments, visits to the pharmacy and referrals to different specialists. Their care should be coordinated with orchestral precision, but the reality is somewhat less harmonious. Snail-paced scheduling systems, poor communication and mismatched patient records can lead to a […]

  • Improving patient intake during COVID-19 starts with patient experience upgrades

    Despite the majority of elective procedures being up and running again, patients are still keeping their distance. Nearly half of Americans say they or a family member have delayed care since the beginning of the pandemic, while visits to the emergency room and calls to 911 have dropped significantly. Patients are avoiding care, but it’s […]

  • Fast track the path to closing gaps in care

    The rates for closing gaps in care are some of the most widely used, quantitative metrics to measure quality, allocate incentives, and control costs. Unfortunately, health plans face numerous obstacles closing gaps in care, from social determinants of health to inconsistent coordination of care, and don’t always have a care gap closure program in place. […]