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  • The No Surprises Act: How Payers Can Stay Compliant

    Michael Gardner, Chief Strategy Officer at Virsys12 As the healthcare system continues to evolve to adopt a more patient-centric approach, surprise billing has become a topic discussed by consumers and policymakers. Surprise billing can occur when a patient unknowingly receives care from providers that are outside their network. This can result in balance billing, the […]

  • 3 Senior Living Providers Merge to Form Curana Health

    What You Should Know: – Three leading organizations that provide healthcare services to senior living communities – Elite Patient Care, Provider Health Services, and AllyAlign Health – have joined forces to form Curana Health. Curana Health’s mission is to improve the health, happiness, and dignity of senior living residents. The Curana Health ACO is a value-based […]

  • How the Life Sciences Industry Can Boost Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

    Although it is well established that diversity improves outcomes and drives excellence, implementing diversity lags behind in many industries, including life sciences and healthcare.  Diversity is lacking across the entire field, from academic research to clinical work, composition of the workforce, and medical practice. This leads to worse health outcomes and fewer professional opportunities for […]

  • When Automation Meets Empathy: Intelligent Virtual Assistants for Healthcare

    Nate Treloar, COO & Co-Founder at Orbita Advances in conversational artificial intelligence are transforming basic chatbots into intelligent virtual assistants that provide comfort and utility for healthcare consumers and the healthcare organizations that serve them.   Most consumers have their minds made up about automated phone agents, and not too many people like them. Who […]

  • Suki Secures $55M for Voice-Enabled Clinical Assistants to Relive Physician Burnout

    What You Should Know: – Suki raises $55M in Series C funding to expand its AI-enabled, voice-enabled clinical assistants to relieve physician burnout. – Suki will use this funding to make strategic investments that will lead to an expansion of its user base through new and existing partnerships with leading health systems and medical groups […]

  • Why the Digital-First, Patient-Centered Care is Critical to Healthcare

    Michael D. Robinson Vice President, Healthcare North America at VMware In the turmoil of one of the hardest years the healthcare industry has experienced, many healthcare organizations innovated nearly overnight, transforming bedside tablets into virtual care providers and parking garages into field hospitals. Through the help of agile, flexible technology, healthcare has empowered providers to […]

  • 3 Barriers Stalling AI Adoption in Revenue Cycle Management

    Kenya Smith, Healthcare Solution Marketing Manager at ABBYY AI technology is quickly evolving and already surpassing human decision-making in certain instances; sometimes, in ways, we can’t explain. While many are alarmed by this, AI is producing some of the most effective and dramatic results in business today.  Adoption of AI in healthcare is growing, but […]

  • How Artificial Intelligence Is Making Senior Care More Human

    Bent Philipson, Founder of Philosophy Care When it comes to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) in particular and long-term care in general, a human-centered and empathetic approach is not only necessary, it’s obligatory. Putting the needs, constraints, and perspectives of patients first enhances the level of care we’re able to provide.  Perhaps ironically, it is the […]

  • LinkedIn Launches Support to Accelerate COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

    What You Should Know: – LinkedIn announces it will utilize its platform to connect healthcare professionals to COVID-19 vaccination distribution volunteer and paid support opportunities with a goal of helping to slow the spread of COVID-19. – Starting today, healthcare organizations, pharmacies and governments that have hiring needs in direct support of vaccine distribution can […]

  • ECRI Institute: Top 10 Health Technology Hazards to Watch in 2021

    What You Should Know: – ECRI Institute identified the complexity of managing medical devices with COVID-19 emergency use authorization as the number one technology hazard in its Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2021 report. ECRI Institute’s Top 10 Health Technology Hazards, now in its 14th year, identifies top health technology concerns that warrant attention from healthcare leaders. The […]

  • Can AI Pave the Path to Reducing Physician Burnout?

    Abboud Chaballout, Founder of Diagnoss The timing couldn’t be more critical for us to start making serious headway to reduce the growing problem of burnout among America’s physicians. In 2018, physician burnout was already at an alarming 42%, but that number is growing as COVID-19 cases surge around the country.  While we are at a hopeful place […]

  • Pair Team Emerges Out of Stealth with $2.7M to Automate Primary Care Operations

    What You Should Know: – San Francisco-based digital health startup Pair Team emerges out of stealth with $2.7M in seed funding backed by Kleiner Perkins, Craft Ventures, & YC. – Pair Team provides both a remote team and AI that automates workflows, provides infrastructure & improves medical practices — efficiencies and billing as you’d expect, […]

  • Remote Medical Documentation Startup Augmedix Closes $25M, Reverse Merger with Malo Holding

    What You Should Know: – Augmedix closes $25 million in private placement funding and completion of a reverse merger transaction with Malo Holdings Corp. – Following the transaction, the merged entity will be named “Augmedix, Inc.”, and will continue the historic and innovative business of Augmedix.  Augmedix, a company specializing in providing remote medical documentation […]

  • Intermountain to Deploy AI-Powered Digital Assistants Across Clinically Integrated Network

    What You Should Know: – Intermountain Healthcare announced it will scale Notable’s AI-driven platform across the health system’s clinically integrated network to support thousands of providers, automate administrative workflows, streamline the check-in experience for patients, and simplify provider follow-up. – The Notable Platform uses intelligent automation to identify and engage more patients in need of […]

  • Collective Health Appoints Max Mancini as New Chief Technology Officer

    Max Mancini, CTO at Collective Health What You Should Know: – Collective Health appoints Max Mancini as its new Chief Technology Officer. – Mancini, who previously held senior roles at Apple and eBay, will lead the company’s exceptional engineering team- overseeing the architecture, design and scaling of Collective Health’s core platform and suite of products […]

  • Cerner Integrates Nuances Virtual Assistant Platform with Millennium EHR to Reduce Physician Burnout

    What You Should Know: – Cerner expands its AI collaboration with Nuance to provide joint customers with more advanced natural language virtual assistant technology to navigate electronic health records (EHRs) using just their voice, giving clinicians more time to spend with patients and less time with a computer. – As part of the expanded collaboration, Nuance will offer Cerner deeply […]

  • Virtually or In-Person, Automation Improves The Healthcare Experience

    Muthu Alagappan, MD, Medical Director at Notable Health The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented shift in the way consumers view and access a variety of goods and services—and healthcare is no exception. Recent studies show that many patients, including vulnerable populations like those living with cancer, are delaying recommended care and procedures—and will continue to do so for at least several […]

  • Same-Day Pharmacy Delivery NowRx Raises $20M to Expand into Additional Territories

    What You Should Know: – Same day pharmacy delivery startup NowRx raises $20 Million in Series B funding to expand into new U.S. territories and accelerate its technology roadmap, transforming the way consumers get their prescriptions.  – NowRx’s competitive advantage is its proprietary pharmacy management system, which leverages AI and robotics to fill and deliver prescriptions in record time, […]