Category: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

  • 4 ways AI can transform clinical trials

    We cannot simply accept that testing new drugs will continue to be a slow and expensive process. AI has the potential to disrupt the current approach to clinical trials — from patient recruitment to adherence monitoring and data collection – and it is time to seize these opportunities.

  • How to overcome AI’s healthcare headwinds

    AI has already shown tremendous promise for everything from automating patient communication and non-clinical administrative tasks to reducing physician burnout. But realizing that promise more broadly requires AI developers to establish trust with their healthcare users.

  • Nuance Acquires Ambient AI Assistant for Physicians Platform Saykara

    What You Should Know: – Nuance acquires ambient AI healthcare voice assistant Saykara, Inc. to bring complementary AI technology and engineering talent to conversational AI and ambient clinical intelligence market leader. – Kara’s AI-powered healthcare voice assistant can be used during a physician-patient encounter without any voice commands, promising to eliminate up to 100% of […]

  • Advancing Healthcare Delivery via Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence have demonstrated intelligent behavior through their ability to learn, communicate with its users and solve complex problems using highly sophisticated algorithms. AI-driven technologies have continued to evolve rapidly, with several industries increasingly deploying such solutions across key aspects of value chain. Furthermore, AI is also made with same idea of making tasks simpler […]

  • AI predicts better kidney care

    AI models offer an early look into who might develop kidney disease, who would benefit from early intervention, and the risk of further complications without a change in course. However, it is worth taking a close look to ensure any bias or gaps are addressed.  

  • M&A: Centene to Acquire AI Healthcare Analytics Platform Apixio

    What You Should Know: – Centene Corporation acquires AI healthcare analytics platform Apixio to additional data and AI capability to technology portfolio. – Apixio will remain an operationally independent entity as part of Centene’s Health Care Enterprises group to continue bringing value to its clients and the industry. Centene Corporation, today announced it has signed […]

  • Johnson & Johnson Innovation Launches 3 Collaborations to Advance Healthcare in China

    Front row (left to right): Jian Chen, Vice President, Xian Janssen Pharmaceuticals; Dan Wang, Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific; Sharona Tao, Leader, Communications & Public Affairs, Johnson & Johnson China; Jennifer Yang, Head, Lung Cancer Initiative China, Johnson & Johnson Back row (left to right): Alex Zhavoronkov, Founder & CEO, Insilico Medicine; Li […]

  • Innovaccer Launches AI-Enabled Patient Relationship Management Solution

    What You Should Know: – Innovaccer launches its artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled patient relationship management solution to streamline communication between patients and their care teams. – The solution enables providers and member teams to move beyond treating illness to facilitating proactive care by building productive, long-term relationships with patients. Innovaccer, Inc., a San Francisco, CA-based healthcare […]