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  • Analysis: How Will The Roadmap for Diagnostic Cardiology Devices Develop?

    Like most healthcare markets, the diagnostic cardiology market has had a bumpy ride in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic saw global revenues for Resting ECG devices increase in 2020, whilst ECG Management Systems, Stress ECG and Traditional Holter ECG solutions saw a market decline. Country lockdowns resulted in reduced cardiology services during the peak of […]

  • ITC Judge Finds Apple Infringed AliveCor Patents

    What You Should Know: – Today, an International Trade Commission (ITC) judge issued an Initial Determination that Apple infringed AliveCor’s valid patented technology – a finding that may result in a limited exclusion order that will prohibit the import of infringing Apple Watches into the United States. – AliveCor initially filed its complaint with the ITC in April 2021, alleging that Apple infringed AliveCor’s patented technology. Based on the judge’s recommendation, the ITC will […]

  • Apple adds medication tracking to iPhone and Apple Watch

    Owners of an iPhone or Apple Watch have a new health feature, an app called Medications, that will help them manage and track their use of medicines. The new tool works as a component of Apple’s Health app and will let users add drugs or other health products like vitamins and supplements to a personal […]

  • What’s The Role of Digital Health in Public Health?

    To a certain extent, the national conversation about the importance of a robust public health system has been happening for the last couple of years in the context of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. And yet, rather than discussing how the system can be strengthened and expanded, we’ve instead largely limited it to what the […]

  • Cardiologs’ AI Dramatically Reduces Inconclusive Apple Watch ECGs

    What You Should Know: – Cardiologs, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) cardiology diagnostics, today announced the results of a new clinical study that showed Cardiologs’ deep learning AI dramatically reduces inconclusive results returned by the latest Apple Watch ECG companion app (Apple ECG 2.0) while maintaining performance (sensitivity and specificity).  – The study included […]

  • Google seeks FDA nod for passive AFib detection with Fitbit

    Tech giant Google has filed for FDA approval to use its Fitbit wearable to help detect atrial fibrillation (AFib), a common heart abnormality that raises the risk of heart attack, stroke and sudden death. Fitbit is already approved by the FDA to provide electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring of heart rhythms, and in 2020 its Sense Smartwatch […]

  • Are Apple’s healthcare ambitions too broad?

    Apple pledged to make a giant impact in the healthcare industry, but Susan Lang, founder and CEO of XIL Health, says its focus on changing healthcare as a whole is an issue.  Total healthcare spending in the US increased substantially in 2020 and accounted for 19.7% of the nation’s gross domestic product. Before the pandemic, […]

  • AliveCor seeks ban on import of Apple Watches

    The digital health company filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission last week, seeking a ban on the import of the Apple Watch. AliveCor cited copyright violations related to Apple’s ECG feature as the reason for seeking the ban. 

  • COVID Exposed The Dire Need for Real-Time Healthcare Data Sharing

    Birju Shah, Head of Product for Uber Health & Communities Nick Jordan, Founder and CEO, Narrative In a world where technology and Big Data can provide us with instantaneous access to our banking transactions, and our financial information and credit reports can be retrieved with a few keystrokes when applying for a mortgage — trying to […]

  • DrChrono’s Open FHIR API Enables Patients to Transfer Records to Apple Health

    What You Should Know: – DrChrono announces today that its open FHIR API is now live enabling its patient members to securely transfer their available health records out of DrChrono into the Apple Health app on the iPhone so their medical information is consolidated and always with them. – The Health Records feature is part […]

  • Top 5 Business Opportunities for Digital Health Companies in 2021. Where Is The Money?

    Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Managing Director of R2G For many companies, 2020 has been a devastating year due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the same can be said for the digital health sector, the pandemic has also paved a way for unexpected and extraordinary business opportunities in 2021. In 2020, Digital health start-ups and […]

  • Biogen and Apple Collaborate to Launch Virtual Study on Cognitive Decline

    Shots: Biogen and Apple collaborated to evaluate the role of Apple Watch and iPhone in monitoring cognitive performance and screening for the decline in cognitive health including mild cognitive impairment (MCI) The study will initiate in late 2021 and will enroll participants including young and aging adults with a range of cognitive performance The study […]

  • #Healthin2Point00, Episode 166 | $100 million, scandal, & more

    Today on Health in 2 Point 00, we have scandal, drama, intrigue, $100 million and murder! Wait, no; not murder. On Episode 166, we catch up on more deals before Jess gets carried away again. The $100 million goes to Carbon Health in a Series C, which is another Bay Area-based primary care startup; they’re […]