Category: antibody testing

  • COVID-19 neutralising antibody tests – an integrated approach

    Nina Garrett, R&D director at Abingdon Health discusses the key role antibody testing is playing in the pandemic and how an integrated approach with vaccines could help life resume. Millions of tests for COVID-19 are taken worldwide every day, as they become an increasingly important tool for our return to normality. Testing programmes have been […]

  • Herd immunity is nice – but what about me?

    Shahrokh Shabahang discusses why we need a personalised approach to COVID-19 immunity testing. To-date, the battle against COVID-19 has been waged largely in the field of public health, using a series of binary, black-and-white thresholds to measure progress. The number of positive cases per 100,000 people, yes/no results on PCR tests, absence or presence of […]