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  • Drugmakers urged to give poorer nations access to more antibiotics

    Antifungals also needed, says study, as drug resistance has increased faster than expected, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa Drugmakers are being urged to make more antibiotics and antifungal drugs available to low- and middle-income countries as drug resistance rises faster than expected globally. Infections that are resistant to drugs can spread rapidly without people’s access to […]

  • Lawmakers warn antibiotic-resistant infections could spur next pandemic

    Lawmakers on Tuesday warned that superbugs – microorganisms that have evolved to resist existing antibiotics – pose a looming public health threat that could spur the next pandemic if left unaddressed.    Calling the coronavirus pandemic a wake-up call for the risk of widespread infections, Sens. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and Todd Young (R-Ind.), along with Reps. […]

  • Probiotics vs. Antibiotics for Autism

    What role do antibiotics play in the development and treatment of autism spectrum disorder? “There are many examples in nature of intestinal microbes altering host behavior. One such example involves the eukaryotic pathogen Toxoplasma gondii when it infects a rodent, causing the animal to lose its innate fear of the odor of bobcat urine.” The […]

  • Topical Aloe Vera Gel for Lichen Planus

    We shouldn’t ever swallow aloe vera, but how does using it topically for a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease compare to steroids? Lichen planus is a chronic autoimmune disease, typically of our moist membranes, such as the inside of our mouth, but it can also affect other body surfaces, like our “skin, hair, nails and genitalia.” […]

  • Sports Drinks Are Neither Safe Nor Effective

    Commercial influences may have corrupted the American College of Sports Medicine’s hydration guidelines. If you had to name the greatest medical advance over the past two centuries, what would you pick? Smallpox vaccine jumped to my mind, then I remembered it was discovered back in the 1700s. The British Medical Journal compiled a list of […]

  • Princeton spinout ArrePath gets $20M to combine AI, imaging in antibiotics R&D

    Anti-infective drug discovery startup ArrePath has launched with $20 million in seed funding to advance the development of molecules that use a dual mechanism to kill bacteria. The Princeton University spinout says its approach could overcome the drug resistance bacteria are developing to currently available products.

  • Drugs have dangerously polluted the world’s rivers, scientists warn

    Pharmaceutical pollution poses ‘global threat to human and environmental health’, major study finds Humanity’s drugs have polluted rivers across the entire world and pose “a global threat to environmental and human health”, according to the most comprehensive study to date. Pharmaceuticals and other biologically active compounds used by humans are known to harm wildlife and […]

  • Are Provoked Urine Challenge Tests for Heavy Metals a Scam?

    Is testing for body burden of heavy metals like mercury with “urine mobilization tests,” “challenge tests,” and “provoked urine tests” just a scam? Environmental risk factors, meaning non-genetic risk factors, may play a significant role in autism. Identical twins who share the same DNA may not share the condition more than half the time. A […]

  • Superbugs – the next big human health threat?

    As more Australians get vaccinated against Covid-19, pharmaceutical companies and researchers are already turning their focus towards what many believe will be the next big public health crisis – superbugs, or antimicrobial resistance. Described by the CSIRO as ‘the biggest human health threat, bar none’, a recent discovery by a team of Australian researchers has […]

  • ViewPoints Article: Over Prescribed Medications and its Impact

    Introduction: “Over-prescription” is defined as the action of prescribing a drug or treatment in greater amount or on more occasions than necessary. Overprescribing, in general in health care, has been a subject of frequent study. For instance, research published in 2018 found that 46% of a half-million outpatient antibiotic prescriptions were written by clinicians without diagnoses of […]

  • More research funding needed to avoid drug-resistant pandemic, warns report

    Smaller firms are developing most antibiotics targeting superbugs but often at risk of bankruptcy Small drugmakers and biotech firms that are developing the bulk of new antibiotics need far more financial support, according to a new report, which warned that without these life-saving medicines there could be a pandemic of drug-resistant infections, worse than Covid-19. […]

  • Nutritional Yeast to Help Prevent Common Childhood Infections

    The amount of beta-glucan fiber in just a dusting of nutritional yeast a day is put to the test in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial for the prevention of common childhood illnesses. In 1989, the late Charles Janeway gave a presentation that was to revolutionize our understanding of the immune system. He proposed that we […]

  • Presumed Safety of Probiotics Questioned

    In certain medical conditions, probiotic supplements may actually make things worse. If you’ve ever made sauerkraut at home, you know you don’t have to add any kind of starter bacteria to get it to ferment, because the lactic acid-producing bacteria are already present on the cabbage leaves themselves out in the field. This suggests that […]

  • Novo Holding launches latest call for antibiotic investment proposals

    With the focus on COVID-19 over the last year it’s easy to forget another deadly pandemic caused by antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which could lead to the most innocuous of infections becoming life threatening. The Novo Holding REPAIR Impact Fund is hoping to change this with its latest call for investment proposals to fight AMR. While […]

  • How to Reduce Your TMAO Levels

    Should we be concerned about high-choline plant foods such as broccoli producing the same toxic TMAO that results from eating high-choline animal foods such as eggs? Choline- and carnitine-rich foods—meat, eggs, and dairy—can be converted by our gut flora into trimethylamine, which in our livers is then turned into TMAO, a toxic compound that may […]

  • Can we warp-speed antibiotic development? 

    Advocates, industry leaders and legislators have come to a consensus about the scope and urgency of the crisis related to inadequate development of antibiotics. They are calling for legislative fixes to protect public health.

  • Where Does the Arsenic in Rice, Mushrooms, and Wine Come From?

    What happens when our crops are grown in soil contaminated with arsenic-based pesticides and arsenic drug-laced chicken manure? When arsenic-containing drugs are fed to chickens, not only does the arsenic grow out into their feathers, which are then fed back to them as a slaughterhouse byproduct, but the arsenic can also get into their tissues […]

  • Why Was Chicken the Primary Source of Arsenic Exposure in Children?

    What was the National Chicken Council’s response to public health authorities calling for the industry to stop feeding arsenic-based drugs to poultry? “Dietary practices influence our exposure to pesticides, toxic heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants, and industrial pollutants….A diet high in fish and other animal products, for example, results in greater exposure to persistent organic compounds […]

  • Kidney Toxins Created by Meat Consumption

    As I discuss in my video How to Treat Heart Failure and Kidney Failure with Diet, one way a diet rich in animal-sourced foods like meat, eggs, and cheese may contribute to heart disease, stroke, and death is through the production of an atherosclerosis-inducing substance called TMAO. With the help of certain gut bacteria, the […]

  • Honey better treatment for coughs and colds than antibiotics, study claims

    Research suggests honey also more effective than many over-the-counter medicines Honey may be better than conventional treatments for coughs, blocked noses and sore throats, researchers have said. The substance is cheap, readily available, and has virtually no side-effects. Doctors can recommend it as a suitable alternative to antibiotics, which are often prescribed for such infections, […]

  • $1 billion antibiotic venture fund launched

    Antibiotic resistance is a problem. One study from Europe found that in 2015 there were 33,110 deaths attributable to antibiotic resistance; accounting for morbidity as well, antibiotic resistance lead to a a decrease of 874,541 disability-adjusted life years. CDC data show that antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungi caused 35,900 deaths in 2019, 12,800 deaths due […]